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Consumer watchdog series exposing scams in south central Indiana
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Bloomington Beware! – Data Breaches


Target, Michael’s, AOL, EBay, Jimmy John’s — there’s been a massive data breach discovered every month this year. Here’s some perspective on the situation and some things we can all do about it.

Bloomington Beware! – Support Our Swindlers?


A couple of fake military charities based in Indiana have been busted, and the sad story points up both the importance of supporting our troops and their families, and the urgent need to know who you’re giving your money to.

Bloomington Beware! – Donnelly Report


Sen. Joe Donnelly released a pretty frightening report on how Americans over 50 are particularly juicy targets for swindlers. Help spread the word to reverse this trend and keep our parents and grandparents safe!

Bloomington Beware! – Latest and Not So Greatest


Scams are everywhere these days! We’ll never be able to completely keep up, but here’s a list of some of the newer ones going around…and around…and around…

Bloomington Beware! – Back to School

Our annual warning about the local population explosion, and a tipoff to college students that the sharks are out there, smelling — not blood, but their (and their parents’) money!

Bloomington Beware! – Drowning In Passwords


How can anyone remember all the usernames and passwords we need these days? Perhaps the answer has been with us all along!

Bloomington Beware! – ID Theft Apathy


Identity theft is not just increasing, it’s exploding…and people are starting to think it’s inevitable. That’s not true. The facts are getting to be pretty terrifying, but there ARE things you can do to protect your name, your money, your family, and your future.

Bloomington Beware! – New Wrinkles


Fraudsters are always coming up with new ways to rip you off, and here are some of the weirdest and scariest scams that have popped up recently.

Bloomington Beware! – Vacation Scams


Going away to have some fun? Don’t let a dream vacation become a nightmare. Here are some tips on the latest ways fraudsters are trying to separate you from your money when you’re traveling.

Bloomington Beware! – RFID


Radio Frequency ID is now coming into use in America, and a woman in Georgia has already had her identity stolen…just by hugging a stranger. Here’s what we know about the danger, and what you can do about it.

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