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Consumer watchdog series exposing scams in south central Indiana
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Bloomington Beware! – Viva Las Vegas


A new edition of our consumer watchdog segment Bloomington Beware!

Bloomington Beware! – Military Maneuvers


People in the service, and their families, and their friends — and now, a lot of ordinary civillians as well — are at serious risk from nasty, savvy, and highly targeted scams. If you’re military, beware — and whether you are or not, help spread the word.

Bloomington Beware! – Publish And Perish


Authors — especially academics who need to publish — are being hit by fake publicists who promise all kinds of publicity and book-sales. Then they take the money and run!

Bloomington Beware! – Curiosity


Our weekly consumer watchdog segment Bloomington Beware!

Bloomington Beware! – Your ID in Danger!


Now it’s LIKELY — not just possible — that your identity has been stolen. A data breach involving Experian (the credit-reporting firm), plus the really scary “Heartbleed” problem with overall internet security, have changed everything. Here’s why you need to change ALL your passwords.

Bloomington Beware! – Tax Scams Part 2


The top scams to watch out for, according to the IRS: the ones most likely to hit you this year. Fraudsters have victimized hundreds of thousands of Americans. Don’t be next!

Bloomington Beware! – Tax Scams Part 1


Every year, some people try to avoid paying at least some of the taxes they owe. It’s always been stupid, and it’s getting stupider every year. Here’s how NOT to get in trouble with the gummint.

Bloomington Beware! – Telephone Danger


The telephone is now the most popular way for scammers to find you. Here are the biggest scams, and how to hang up on ‘em.

Bloomington Beware! – Microsoft Scams


Nineteenth-century technology can trump Twenty-first-century tech if you let a telephone caller convince you he’s working for Microsoft. It could cost you thousands!

Bloomington Beware! – Homeless Phone Scam


Scammers have reached a new low, by victimizing the neediest people – the homeless. So far, this frightening scheme is apparently NOT illegal — so it’s up to you to help spread the warning.

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