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Consumer watchdog series exposing scams in south central Indiana
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Better Beware – Latest Scam News


Bad news and good – a headsup on a new wrinkle in the email spam game, a look at some of the current cons, and a couple of examples to prove that sometimes, the bad guys get caught!

Better Beware! – Password!


Staying safe online requires passwords — probably many of them — and the problem of choosing and remembering good ones is getting worse and worse. Here are some things to think about and try.

Better Beware! – Fraud Increasing


The explosion of con games puts us all in the front lines against fraud, and these days we’re seeing an increase in “old school” methods like telephone scams. Here’s an overview, and some basic reminders.

Better Beware – Weight Loss


Two-thirds of American adults (and way too many kids) need to lose weight, and there are more scammers working this field than perhaps any other. So called “miracle” products are ALL phony!

Better Beware! – Wedding Scams


’tis the season for Makin’ Whoopee – and fraudsters are all over the wedding industry these days, now that the average nuptials cost over 25 grand. If you’re planning to get hitched, don’t get taken!

Better Beware! – Phony Phone Tactics


Scammers who call on the phone demanding money deserve anything they get – so here’s some ideas on how to turn the tables on ‘em!

Better Beware! – Bogus Debt Collectors


Anson Shupe’s unexpected death was a shock to us all. Here’s his final column, just as he wrote it, giving some good advice on how to deal with scammers who threaten you if you don’t pay them money you don’t really owe.

Better Beware – Fake Surveys


Scammers are trying to get your personal info by tricking you into filling out a “customer service” survey, or some other questionnaire. These chances to give your feedback are often very useful – but here’s how to spot the phony ones.

Better Beware! – Title Impostors


Sophisticated scammers have been targeting realtors, and tricking home-buyers into sending major payments to them — instead of to the title company.

Better Beware! – Car Wraps


A lovely little scam going the rounds offers to pay suckers for putting advertising on their cars. But it ends up working the other way around!

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