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Consumer watchdog series exposing scams in south central Indiana
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Better Beware! – Bogus Debt Collectors


Anson Shupe’s unexpected death was a shock to us all. Here’s his final column, just as he wrote it, giving some good advice on how to deal with scammers who threaten you if you don’t pay them money you don’t really owe.

Better Beware – Fake Surveys


Scammers are trying to get your personal info by tricking you into filling out a “customer service” survey, or some other questionnaire. These chances to give your feedback are often very useful – but here’s how to spot the phony ones.

Better Beware! – Title Impostors


Sophisticated scammers have been targeting realtors, and tricking home-buyers into sending major payments to them — instead of to the title company.

Better Beware! – Car Wraps


A lovely little scam going the rounds offers to pay suckers for putting advertising on their cars. But it ends up working the other way around!

Better Beware! – Stealing Kids’ Identities


There’s a growing epidemic of children having their identites stolen — and not knowing about it for many years. Most parents aren’t aware of this danger, but there are ways to protect your little ones.

Better Beware! – Tax Time


Tax scams are bigger and nastier than ever, and some of the most likely victims won’t get warned unless YOU tell them! Here’s a quick look at the worst dangers.

Better Beware! – Fake Service Dogs


Some selfish people are claiming their pets are service dogs, to get them into places pets aren’t allowed. And some businesses are selling fake certificates to help this fraud!

Better Beware! – Videogame Malware


Ransomware – one of the nastiest cyber-attacks ever – is now hitting videogames. Want to have to cough up $500 to continue playing World of Warcraft? Watch out!

Better Beware! – Kids and Plumbing


BB got hit by two ripoffs last week: a scary email about sexual criminals “in your neighborhood” and a preposterous pitch for insurance on your water pipe. Thanks to the gonifs themselves for the research help!

Better Beware! – State of Deception


A warning from Indiana’s Secretary of State about fraudulent business letters which appear to come from her office!

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