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Daily Local News – August 21, 2013


Tomorrow the Monroe County Election Board will hear a proposal on a new system of voting for Monroe County residents; One of the last property owners that is still refusing to pay Monroe County’s stormwater fee is the federal government; The Bloomington Utilities Department put forward a budget August 19th asking for a $900,000 increase in spending next year; The Indianapolis to Chicago Amtrak line could be cut from daily service to just three days a week, pending a decision by the Indiana Legislature.

Art with Heart For Local Veterans
Elder Heart is the creation of former special forces Green Beret Magnus Johnson, who found himself apathetic and disconnected when he came to Indiana after eight years of military service. It was through working with Nashville Artist Jim Connor the Johnson began to feel connected  to civilian life once again, and he is now offering a similar outlet to other veterans and community members through the creation of public art through Elder Heart. Johnson speaks with WFHB News Director Alycin Bektesh about the purpose of his organization, and the difficult transition between soldier and civilian, that results in more than eight thousand veteran suicides a year, for today’s daily local news feature, courtesy of Interchange.

Getting bonked on the head is a classic joke in movies and cartoons, but in real life it’s not funny. New research shows concussions are far more common, and much more dangerous, than we used to think.

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