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Activate! – Pantry 279: Cindy Chavez


Air date: 09/25/2017

Cindy Chavez was inspired by her daughters’ concern for a fellow schoolmate who did not have enough food to get through the weekend. They came to her and suggested that they could be a part of the solution. Her first answer was no. How could she take on this task? But after reconsidering, she decided to honor her daughters’ optimism. She considered herself a guide to making their wish that no classmate would go hungry a reality. It took two years and a lot of planning and collaboration to get Pantry 279 off of the ground. Today the pantry serves nearly 3100 people per month. Thanks to their hard work, thousands of individuals know that food and a helping hand are just around the corner from where they live, work and worship.

Pantry 279

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