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Activate! – Monroe County United Ministries: Valerie Merriam


Air date: 10/09/2017

Valerie Merriam’s work with the food pantry at Monroe County United Ministries has been nothing short of foundational. Her tenure, efforts, and experience is second to none. Through more than a decade of institutional change, Valerie has been a constant, carrying forward programmatic and institutional knowledge that continues to inform their staff. Her service is almost immeasurable, as the role she fills is equal parts manager, advisor, and program specialist. Valerie spends about ten hours each week supervising the pantry’s structure and services. Through its dynamic and changing volunteer base, Valerie ensures that the food pantry is reliable and helpful to families. Valerie’s commitment allows the pantry to serve 2,500 Monroe County families each year.

Monroe County United Ministries

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