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Activate! – Monroe County Humane Assoc. Low-Cost Clinic: Levi Brock


Air date: 09/11/2017

Indiana University student Levi Brock intends to be a Veterinarian. Lucky for him, he was able to get real life experience this summer as a volunteer with the Monroe County Humane Association’s low-cost Nonprofit Veterinary Clinic. Clinic volunteers at the Monroe County Humane Association allow Bloomington residents to access medical care for their pets at affordable rates. Many clients would not be able to pay for the services they receive at the clinic. Being a part of a clinic that provides access to affordable pet medical care for those in need, gave him experience in all of the important roles required in any veterinary practice. At any given time, at least 50% of the clinic team is comprised of volunteers, filling administrative, sanitary, and professional tasks.

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