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Activate! – LIFEDesigns: Vonnie Peischl


Air date: 10/02/2017

Initially fueled by her son’s utilization of services, Vonnie Peischl’s long-standing involvement at LIFEDesigns has been instrumental in improving their visibility and development efforts. Vonnie’s perspective as a devoted parent is highly valued – from small committee meetings to representing LIFEDesigns to the general community. Vonnie’s talent for fundraising has produced some of the most successful events in town—especially the Week of Chocolate. Her hard and smart work is matched by a disposition exuding kindness, humility, and optimism. Simply put, Vonnie’s contributions have been transformative for the LIFEDesigns community.




Great Glass Pumpkin Patch – Oct 14

Reality Store® at Tri-North Middle School

Nonprofit Board Certificate Seminar

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