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Activate! – IU Health Bloomington Cuddler Program: Susan Ashburn


Air date: 11/6/2017

Susan Ashburn’s commitment to the Cuddler Program at IU Health Bloomington has helped establish a pool of well-trained and reliable volunteers. Babies born addicted to drugs experience extreme pain and distress in their first days, and their mothers, experiencing the same unbearable withdrawal, are unable to be with them through recovery. The Cuddler Program allows volunteers to hold and comfort these babies, offering them connection, love, and security that they truly need in the first days of their lives. Susan has been smart about formalizing the volunteer training process and organizing volunteers to meet the diverse needs of the Cuddler Program. Susan’s efforts have been formative for the program, and her continued involvement is critical to maintaining the high quality care that community members can offer these babies.

IU Health Bloomington Cuddler Program

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