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Activate! – All-Options Pregnancy Resource Center: Camille Vanden Dries


Air date: 10/23/2017

Camille Vanden Dries’ commitment to the Talkline at All-Options Pregnancy Resource Center is inspiring. Camille is able to balance a full time job and time with her kids, and still keeps her commitment to women facing difficult pregnancy situations. Callers need a compassionate ear, and Camille is happy to comfort and listen for as long as it takes. She has spoken to 40-50 callers from across the U.S., and her calls frequently last over 90 minutes. Her commitment to each caller is inspirational. Camille’s energy and kindness help break stigma and judgement with each moment she spends on the phone with a caller. She is truly making a difference in each caller’s life by being a positive, kind, and listening ear.

All-Options Pregnancy Resource Center

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