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90% of Syringe Exchange Participants Based in Southern Indiana

Five Indiana counties have established syringe-exchange programs, also known as SEPs, following a change in Indiana law last year. The State Department of Health reports that while Fayette, Madison, and Wayne counties have SEP programs; the vast majority of participants, nearly 90 percent, are in Scott and Monroe Counties. That’s according to a story by Indiana Public Media. Scott County was the first to establish a syringe exchange program last year in response to an HIV epidemic. They have since supplied approximately 277,000 syringes and collected 263,000. Monroe County supplied 63,000 needles and collected 40,000. Both counties use mobile exchanges that also provide hygiene supplies. However, some programs reportedly have trouble gaining community trust and securing support money. Though SEP programs are legal by state law, the state is forbidden from funding them.


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