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Local Live

A weekly showcase of south central Indiana’s eclectic music scene. The producer for Local Live can be reached at locallive@wfhb.org or find out the latest information about Local Live on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/spot.firehouse.

Local Live – Minus World

Local post-punk band Minus World stops by the WFHB studio to play music from their latest and upcoming releases, as well as talk about podcasts and other music projects. Minus World: Greg Moore (guitar, vocals), Greg Simpson (drums, vocals), Jared Coyle (bass) Songs: 1. The Srivner 2. Absolute Zero 3. Marvin the Martian 4. New Rock Beach  

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Local Live – Johnny Bennett

Back in town after months in London, seasoned troubadour Johnny Bennett stops by WFHB to perfom songs from his upcoming album and offer advise on life in the music industry. 1. Fireflies 2. Baby I’m in Love with You 3. Worth Anything 4. Miss Tenderbell 5. The Second Floor Local Live was recorded and engineered by Jim Lang Produced by …

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Local Live – Adult Tooth

Adult Tooth, consisting of local songwriter Dan Stevenson paired up with Andy Shaw (in his last Bloomington performance), debut a few tunes from their upcoming release Actual Hell. 1. Four Seasons 2. Robert’s Western World 3. Actual Hell 4. Memorial Day 5. Nova Scotia Local Live was recorded and engineered by Jim Lang Produced by Nicole O’Neal Post-production by Jar …

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