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Local Live – The Stone Parachutes


The Stone Parachutes’ are a multi-genre band. Their music spans rock, pop, blues, and many others. While the band has been playing together for only a few months, they have had a number of gigs – The Players Pub, Upland Brewery, Tin Roof (Indianapolis), and Stable Studios Open Jam. The band members are Connor Andrei- bass, John Donlon- Drums, Lilly Meister- Acoustic guitar and Vocals, and Thomas Petry- lead guitar and vocals. Lilly has also had a number of gigs as a solo singer-songwriter. They invite listeners to visit their websites: Facebook: The Stone Parachutes; and Instagram: thestoneparachutes.

1.) I’ll Be There
2.) Castaway
3.) Nicotine Love
4.) Lifeline
5.) Heavy on My Mind

Originally Aired: 5/24/17
Engineers: Jim Lang, Ilze Akerbergs, Kate Welch, Dan Withered

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