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Local Live – Kimmie Knapp and Johnny Profane


Kimmie Knapp and Johnny Profane have been a duo for the last five years. In their own words, they “… mix Oldskool Folk & Country with punk & rock, club — sometimes a little samba. We make real music about real, adult lives.” Their multi-genre approach was certainly evident in their performance. Their lyrics were humorous and, in addition to the genres listed in the quotation, their music contained hints of R&B, pop, 60s rock, and protest.

1.) Trailer Trash
2.) Bob & Tom
3.) Sipping Bad Coffee
4.) Don’t Kiss Me (While I’m Sleeping)
5.) Requiem
6.) Hug a Tree

Originally Aired: 5/10/17
Engineers: Jim Lang, Ilze Akerbergs, Kate Welch, Dan Withered

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