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Local Live – Huckleberry Funk


Huckelberry Funk consists of Dexter Clardy (lead singer), Mike Gronsky (guitar), Alex Dura (keys, saxophone), Brennan Johns (keys, horns), Matt McConahay (bass), Lex Lindsey (drums). The band is a high-powered funk, rock, and soul band based in Bloomington, Indiana. Fresh on the scene, their dynamic live shows have earned them a reputation as one of the most exciting and entertaining up-and-coming live performances in the Midwest, drawing attention from premiere acts like The Main Squeeze and NOLA favorites Water Seed. Featuring powerhouse vocals, face-melting guitar solos, a crisp, East coast-style horn section, and rock-solid grooves, they deliver an explosive live musical experience that leaves audiences wanting more of that sweet Huckleberry Funk!

Originally Aired: 9/27/17
Engineers: Jim Lang, Ilze Akerbergs, Kate Welch, Dan Withered

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