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Local Live – Pushing Daisy’s – January 17, 2018


Inspired by Phish, The Greatful Dead and other seminal jam bands, Pushing Daisy’s combines the musical minds of Max Heyob (guitar/vocals), Tony Stinett (drums), Mark Stinett (bass), Chris Willsey (percussion/vocals), Cole Swany (keyboard) and Chuck Wilson (guitar). During this performance they filled the studio with energy as they warmed up for their gig at the Players Pub the next night. They play 6 songs and discuss their songwriting process, musical backgrounds and what’s next for the band. You can find more information on their website.

1.) The Man in the Grey Sweater
2.) Louise Lane
3.) Dance Slowly
4.) Sunny Day
5.) Chicaf

Host: Jessie Grubb
Engineers: Hannah Bunnell, Jim Lang, Kate Welch, Dan Withered
Executive Producer: Jim Manion
Co-Producers: Jessie Grubb and Jar Turner

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