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Local Live – Kentucky Nightmare


Kentucky Nightmare is back with a new album showcasing the rock quartet’s raw power, energy, and beauty. Since 2004 the band has survived numerous personnel lineup changes but the one constant has always been singer-songwriter Simon Moore, who can often be found busking the streets of Bloomington and Evansville. The new album “In The House Facing South” was recorded at Battletapes in Nashville and will be released May 19. Simon P. Moore on lead vocals and guitar, Chris Brubeck on guitar and vocals, Casey Reuter on bass and vocals, Kyle Collins on drums and vocals.

1) The Tiff In E (Part 1)
2) …And Halfassery
3) Inanticipation
4) Emma
5) Caroline & I
6) You & I

Hosted by Chad Robert
Engineered by Dan Withered and Jim Lang
Produced by Frankie Ferrell
Executive Producer is Jim Manion

Originally aired on May 11, 2013.

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