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Local Live – Doozie – December 13, 2017

 Doozie plays sleepy power-pop that is heavily influenced by ’90s-era music of the same ilk. They have written a few songs of aggressive, self-reflective music that will help you exercise your own demons, with promises of more to come. Doozie is Christina Vines (Vocals/Guitar), Devin Silvers (Bass), Andrew Slater (Drums), and Jason Cotton (Guitar).
1.) bad taste
2.) i guess
3.) gutted
4.) untitled
5.) look
6.) total mess
Host: Frankie Ferrell
Engineers: Jim Lang, Dan Withered, Ilze Akerbergs, Hannah Bunnell
Executive Producer: Jim Manion
Co-Producers: Frankie Ferrell and Jar Turner

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