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Firehouse Sessions – Marisa Anderson


Guitarist Marisa Anderson played live on WFHB on May 18, 2016, before her show at The Bishop that night. Since then, her new album “Into the Light” has been released to critical acclaim from NPR Music and others. “She’s meshed folk, bluegrass and blues ideas together to create something closer to self-portrait than tradition, with hands-on
scholarship digging for old songs and adapting them to her own roughed up style. Her experiments are in mood more than technique, wandering through familiar patterns to create an unfamiliar whole. She has a knack for resolving fretboard tangle and tinges of noise with melodies that are as direct as a Stephen Foster standard.”

– Dusted Magazine

Interview Host: Cynthia Brubaker
Engineers: Jim Lang, Ilze Akersberg
Firehouse Session Co-ordinating Producer: Christine Brackenhoff

Originally recorded on May 18th, 2016.

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