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Firehouse Sessions – Glen Hansard


Irish singer-songwriter and bandleader Glen Hansard stopped by for a very special Firehouse Session before a sold-out show at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater. He is best-known for his work with The Frames and the Swell Season, as well as his lead role in the musical film Once, which won the Oscar for Best Original Song. Next month, Hansard releases a tribute EP for late Bloomington musician Jason Molina, and he spoke emotionally about his friendship with Molina and performed the Songs:Ohia song “Hold On, Magnolia.”

1. “Hold On, Magnolia” (Songs:Ohia cover)
2. “Paying My Way”

Hosted and Produced by Katie Moulton
Engineers: Jim Lang, Dan Withered
Executive Producer is Jim Manion

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