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Local Live on WFHB 4-23-08: Sheasby Matiure and The Mbira Queens


WFHB Music presents this archival session in memory of Dr. Sheasby Matiure, who passed away on November 10, 2016, in Zimbabwe. Full obituary below. RIP, Sheasby. —————————————————————— It is with heavy hearts that we share the passing of Dr. Sheasby Matiure on November 10, 2016 in Harare, Zimbabwe. Sheasby was an incredibly talented musician, educator and scholar in both North …

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Anna & Elizabeth: WFHB Lotus Live from Blockhouse Studios September 17, 2016


Multi-instrumentalist Anna Roberts-Gevalt and ballad-singer Elizabeth LaPrelle honor Appalachian artistry with a repertoire collected from archives, elder musicians, and their contemporaries among the old-time renaissance in the U.S. In haunting ballads, lilting lullabies, and songs of grace and redemption, the duo showcases arresting vocal harmonies that seem both very old yet fresh and raw.  Roberts-Gevalt and LaPrelle also create and …

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Femina: WFHB Lotus Live from Blockhouse Studios September 16, 2016


This trio of Patagonian women write and sing diverse songs in exquisite harmony to deliver an unforgettable theatrical stage performance. Hailing from the tiny mountain town of San Martin de los Andes, Fémina is made up of two sisters and their best childhood friend: Sofia “Toti” Trucco (vocals, guitar, ronroco), Clara “Wewi” Trucco (vocals, percussion), and Clara Miglioli (vocals, guitar). They mix …

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Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker : WFHB Lotus Live from Blockhouse Studios September 16, 2016


Double BBC Folk Award nominees Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker infuse ageless stories of love and loss with their exquisite command of many instruments.  Josienne was born in Sussex and Ben, in Evesham; it was after studying in London, and utterly by chance, that they met in July 2009. Together they have resolutely forged their own path through traditional music. …

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Local Live – Daisy Chain


Daisy Chain is R&B fueled synth-pop that comes to whimsical, dreamy life with the vocal harmonies of Biz Strother (synth), Kenzie Main, and Chelsea Sherman. The other links, Chuck Roldan (drums) and Gerard Pannekoek (bass), complete the Chain before performing as Interpol for a Halloween cover show. 1. Baby Blue 2. Woman of My Word 3. Kitchen 4. Say to …

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Local Live – Hoot Von Woot


Hoot Von Woot performs on Local Live as the third presidential debate plays out across television screens nationwide. Their blend of psychedelic Americana brings an optimistic and light-hearted perspective to a sometimes strange society. 1. At Every Show 2. Pic of the Moon 3. Papaw Needs His Acid 4. Forbidden 5. FYI 6. One Man’s Trash Originally Aired 10/19/16 

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Rocky Dawuni: WFHB Lotus Live from Blockhouse Studios September 16, 2016


The Afro Roots sound of Ghanaian musician and social activist Rocky Dawuni has been influenced by the soulful music of Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti and the positive messages and deep grooves of Bob Marley. Rocky’s songs straddle musical boundaries between Africa, the Caribbean and the U.S. Infectious grooves pair with stirring anthems meant to unite generations, and cultures. Songs performed: “Jammin’ Nation”, …

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Baladino: WFHB Lotus Live from Blockhouse Studios September 15, 2016


The Israeli band Baladino offers fresh, authentic interpretations of unique Mediterranean music and tradition rooted in Ladino culture, singing in a Spanish-Jewish dialect spoken by Sephardic Jews. Singer Yael Badah. Badah’s collection of Ladino songs, many of which belonged to her ancestors, form the core of Baladino’s repertoire. Tradition is a departure point for the musicians, who often improvise Mediterranean-Gypsy …

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Firehouse Sessions – Syd Straw and Don Piper


For this special on-location session, the WFHB microphones landed in an Airstream trailer owned by the hosts of Syd and Don’s October house concert in Indianapolis. The session was overseen by Syd’s manager/dog, Carol Burnett, who makes an appearance mid-session. Songs performed: “When My Ship Comes In”, “Million Miles”, “Think Too Hard” Recorded and Produced by Jim Manion: October 1, …

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Local Live – Dave Stewart


Dave Stewart injured his hand and was unable to play guitar as planned for this session. However, he brought some early recordings from musical sessions with his family and discussed the delightful process of writing, creating and performing music with his son and daughter. We spun tunes from these early recordings and Stephanie interviewed Dave with an enlightened insight into …

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