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Eco Report – May 16, 2019


Monroe County Commissioners are voicing concern about the impact of two logging projects, near Lake Monroe; The Indiana Dunes are America’s newest National Park; Air pollution is an issue in almost all of our national parks; Over 180 have approved a United Nations agreement to limit plastic pollution, but the U.S. isn’t among them.

Sycamore Land Trust’s Abby Henkel tells Eco Report’s Jan Walker about the Scarlet Oak Woods.

WFHB’s Norm Holy speaks with Goose Pond Property Manager, Travis Stoelting, about the natural wetland area, 20 minutes south west of Bloomington.

Sheryl Mitchell talks about the sand-loving Hog Nose Snake.

This week’s headlines were written by Norm Holy, Linda Greene, Sarah Vaughan, and Wes Martin.
Today’s feature was produced by Norm Holy
Get Out And Hike was produced by Jan Walker.
Julianna Dailey compiled our events calendar.
Wes Martin engineered today’s show.
The script was edited by Andrew Brown, Kalynn Huffman-Brower and Sarah Vaughn.
Executive producer is Wes Martin.
Our Anchors are Julianna Dailey and Tod Wicks.


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