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Phone: 812-323-1200
News Department: 812-202-NEWS (812-202-6397)
Music Tracking: 812-200-0332
Fax: 812-323-0320

Mailing Address
108 W Fourth St
Bloomington, IN 47404

WFHB Calendars – calendars@wfhb.org
Time-sensitive events for artists and community groups

The Events Calendar is a public service provided by WFHB. The calendar runs at 20 minutes after the hour beginning at 7:20 AM on weekdays and 8:20 AM on weekends excluding certain hours during syndicated programming. The Events Calendar runs 8-10 times each day. All calendar submissions will be accepted, but must be submitted one week in advance in order to ensure event inclusion. WFHB reserves the right to limit the number of calendar submissions broadcast on the air.

Public Service Announcements
Informational announcements for non-profit groups

For public service announcement inquiries, please contact manager@wfhb.org.

Want to become a DJ or volunteer?

Email volunteer@wfhb.org for more information.

General Manager: Jar Turner (manager@wfhb.org)
News Director: Joe Crawford (news@wfhb.org)
Assistant News Director: Sarah Vaughan (news@wfhb.org)
Music Director: Jim Manion (music@wfhb.org)
Engineer: Jeffrey Morris (sundog@wfhb.org)
Production Manager: Jar Turner (jar@wfhb.org)
Underwriting Director: Doug Storm (underwriting@wfhb.org)

For CD or music submissions

Contact Music Director, Jim Manion via 24-hour voicemail at 812-200-0332 for music tracking, charts, etc.  Mail: use Mailing Address above

Send news releases to news@wfhb.org News Department Phone number 812 202 NEWS

For underwriting/sponsorship inquiries contact Doug Storm at underwriting@wfhb.org.

Board of Directors: Jerrold Stern, President, Treasurer (president@wfhb.org); Jean Hollinger; Pam Davidson; Sarah Ryterband; Sheryl Mitchell; and Tom Henderson. For information on joining our Board of Directors, please contact nominations@wfhb.org.

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