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Interchange – Susan Clearwater – Green Turtle Botanical Sanctuary

Host Lisa Morrison interviews local Holistic Nurse Practitioner, Susan Clearwater. Her 50-acre Green Turtle Botanical Sanctuary in Martinsville is blessed with some of the best soil in the county and an abundance of native medicinal plants. Clearwater combines her nursing education with holistic and traditional herbal medical perspectives to offer a comprehensive blend of healing therapies. She also offers nutritional …

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Interchange – John Smith – Bikesmiths

Host Andy Mahler interviews Bloomington activist John Smith, owner of Bikesmiths and organizer of Count US!, about bicycles, circuses, highways, and Major Moves. John Smith is an accomplished photographer, award-winning automobile mechanic, world traveller, and former candidate for US Congress. He became an activist when he discovered that his home was directly in the path of one of the proposed …

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Interchange – Leslie Green – Stone Belt

Host Lisa-Marie Napoli interviews Leslie Green, Chief Executive Officer for Stone Belt, and Susan Rinne, Executive Director for Options for Better Living, Inc. With March being “Disabilities Awareness Month,” this show focuses on the challenges and successes of young people with disabilities making a “community transition” from school to work. The discussion highlights the evolution and progress of the disabilities …

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Interchange – Madeleine Tuttle

Host Andy Mahler talks with vegan artists, educators, and activists Will and Madeleine Tuttle. Will is an author who lectures widely throughout the U.S. and Europe on animal rights. His recent work “The World Peace Diet: Eating for Spiritual Health” has been called the ultimate “why go vegan” book. Will is also a Dharma Master in the Zen tradition and …

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Interchange – Local Historic Preservation

Host Lisa Morrison explores local historic preservation issues with four guests from the “frontline”. Steve Wyatt is Executive Director of Bloomington Restorations Inc., a non-profit saving our community’s oldest and most unique buildings, with some rehabilitated into affordable housing. Matt Joiner and Josh Lyons represent the Campus Historic Preservation Society, actively working to prevent Indiana University’s planned demolition of the …

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Interchange – Annemarie Mahler

Our Valentine’s Day special spotlights artist and longtime Bloomington resident Annemarie Mahler. Annemarie (Ettinger) Mahler was born in Vienna, Austria in April of 1926. She eventually wound up in Bloomington but spent time in a Dutch orphanage, New York City, Berkeley, Dallas, and Madison, Wisconsin (and many other places) along the way. At Berkeley, she met and married a young …

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Interchange – Jerry Jesseph

“Healthcare: East Meets West” – Host Lisa Morrison interviews American Dr. Jerry Jesseph, General Surgeon, Cancer Committee Chairman and representative to the College of Surgeons, and Tibetan Dr. Yangbum Gyal, who teaches at Indiana University and the Tibetan Cultural Center and has his own practice. Learn about how Eastern healthcare concepts compare to modern Western medical practices.

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Interchange – Mick Harrison

Host Andy Mahler welcomes Bloomington resident Mick Harrison, one of the nation’s foremost environmental and public interest attorneys, representing whistle-blowers, environmental advocates, and others who resist corporate and government malfeasance. From PCB superfund sites in Monroe County to public forests, chemical weapons, and hazardous waste incinerators, Mick has been a powerful advocate for ordinary people in communities all across the …

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