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Books Unbound – Not Somewhere Else But Here


“Not Somewhere Else But Here” is a companion piece to Books Unbound’s April 25th episode on Guantánamo Diary by Mohamedou Ould Slahi, and was originally broadcast as a prologue to a living reading of the memoir. Excerpts from classic fiction on incarceration and poems explore the theme of confinement, how it shapes identity, and the nature of escape. The program is structured in three conceptual sequences, the first locating the impulse to confine in the family.

I. familial repression and freudian crime

• “They Shut Me Up in Prose” by Emily Dickinson (read by Erin Livingston)
• “Captivity” by Louise Erdrich (Lauren Robert)
• “Cage” by Josephine Miles (Joan Hawkins)
• “last speakers of a dead language shut up” by Tony Brewer (Tony Brewer)
• “Black Woods” by Kevin Pruffer (Tony Brewer and Cynthia Wolfe)
• “Hole” by Matt Morris (Erin Livingston, Tony Brewer, and Cynthia Wolfe)

II. law and order: incarceration

• excerpt from “The Pit and the Pendulum” by Edgar Allan Poe (Jack Hanek)
• excerpts from Notes from a Dead House, Chapter One, by Fyodor Dostoevsky (Sarah Torbeck and Pavel Abramov, with additional music from “Motherland” and “Freedom” by Russian political and peace activist Yuri Shevchuk and DDT)
• “What Kind of Times Are These” by Adrienne Rich, with a statement from her 2001 column in the Los Angeles Times, “Credo of a Passionate Skeptic” (Joan Hawkins)
• “The Man in Question” by Daniel Borzutzky (Tony Brewer) listener advisory: this poem contains blunt statements about sexual activity
• “Before the Law” by Franz Kafka (Frank Buczolich)

III. confinement and the mind: escape

• “The Sail of Ulysses” by Wallace Stevens (Cynthia Wolfe)
• “Everyone Sang” by Siegfried Sassoon (Lauren Robert)

Heather Perry is this week’s host. Produced by Cynthia Wolfe with assistance from Heather Perry, Sarah Torbeck, and Jack Hanek. Script by Cynthia Wolfe with contributions from Sarah Torbeck, Tony Brewer, and Frank Buczolich. Edited by Cynthia Wolfe.

Special music for the episode from “Chitarra Ocarinistica Bad Reise” and “Seven Replies to Unasked Questions” by Fred Frith and his workshop, and “Elegy for an Angel” by Lindsay Cooper, Fred Frith, Gianni Gebbia and Lars Hollmer, from the album Angelica ’92; and from the album Voyage That Never Ends by Stefano Scodanibbio

Executive producer: Joe Crawford
Books Unbound theme music: The Impossible Shapes

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