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Steve Volan (2015-present)
Markus Lowe (2008-2015)

Colonel Kelsey’s 70th Birthday Acknowledgement Party

WFHB invites you to join Col. Mike Kelsey and some of his friends at a 70th birthday acknowledgment party, to be held from 3 to 6 p.m. Sunday, March 29, at the Players Pub. This celebration of original, independent music features the Chicago jazz group Merge, Kalamazoo singer/songwriter and instrumentalist Joel Mabus, Tim Grimm, and the Nashville, Tennessee, duo Jeni & Billy. All proceeds go to …

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The Third Greatest Mardi Gras on the Face of the Earth

Come party Mardi with WFHB Community Radio and The Players Pub, beginning at 4PM and going until late in the evening.

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News and Public Affairs Committee Minutes – January 15, 2015

Maria called mtg to order 7:05pm. Present: Sarah Ryterband, Maria McKinley, Cynthia Roberts-Hall, Alycin Bektesh and Joe Crawford. During comment period Sarah raised her disappointment with lack of substance in recent Bring It On! episodes. Alycin says there has been a little more response from Clarence Boone than in the past re: Bring It On! Alycin also spoke of her …

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Local Live – Adult Tooth

Adult Tooth, consisting of local songwriter Dan Stevenson paired up with Andy Shaw (in his last Bloomington performance), debut a few tunes from their upcoming release Actual Hell. 1. Four Seasons 2. Robert’s Western World 3. Actual Hell 4. Memorial Day 5. Nova Scotia Local Live was recorded and engineered by Jim Lang Produced by Nicole O’Neal Post-production by Jar …

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Strategic Planning Documents Online!

WFHB Strategic Plan Gains Board Approval WFHB is proud to announce the completion of a Strategic Plan that will guide the station’s growth over the next 3-5 years.  The completion of the plan is the culmination of a process that has been going on for over a year and involved research into best practices, input from stakeholders including a public …

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