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Firehouse Follies – “Men In Mauve”


ARE THERE ALIENS IN BLOOMINGTON? WFHB’s Firehouse Follies Spring show, “Men in Mauve,” will take a good, hard look at this question.

David Olney

david_olney_webMaster craftsman, acclaimed singer/songwriter and globe-trotting performer David Olney has released 20 albums over four decades, including six live recordings. His music has been prominently featured in ABC-TV’s Nashville and he stellar songs have been recorded by Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt, Del McCoury, Tim O’Brien and Steve Young, among many others.

Colonel Kelsey’s 70th Birthday Acknowledgement Party

WFHB invites you to join Col. Mike Kelsey and some of his friends at a 70th birthday acknowledgment party, to be held from 3 to 6 p.m. Sunday, March 29, at the Players Pub. This celebration of original, independent music features the Chicago jazz group Merge, Kalamazoo singer/songwriter and instrumentalist Joel Mabus, Tim Grimm, and the Nashville, Tennessee, duo Jeni & Billy. All proceeds go to original and independent WFHB community radio, which has helped keep Col. Kelsey off the streets for on to 20 years and counting.

The Third Greatest Mardi Gras on the Face of the Earth

Come party Mardi with WFHB Community Radio and The Players Pub, beginning at 4PM and going until late in the evening.

News and Public Affairs Committee Minutes – January 15, 2015

Maria called mtg to order 7:05pm.

Present: Sarah Ryterband, Maria McKinley, Cynthia Roberts-Hall, Alycin Bektesh and Joe Crawford.

During comment period Sarah raised her disappointment with lack of substance in recent Bring It On! episodes. Alycin says there has been a little more response from Clarence Boone than in the past re: Bring It On! Alycin also spoke of her mediation with Clarence supervised by William Morris. Also of the need to prep someone to step into Clarence’s role with a better handle on advance program planning.

Maria addressed the need to update promos and intros.

Director report: Joe is now News Director with his promotion. A search will ensue for his replacement to the half-time staff position. Joe’s role is to cover news while the new hire will handle public affairs. Alycin will be involved from afar to cover until the position vacated by Joe is filled.

There will be a joyous community party Feb 12 to celebrate these positive changes and bid Alycin farewell. We extended our sincere thanks for all her hard work and being a wise director during her tenure.

NPAC needs new members: one at large and one or two to representing News. Suggested names include Jim Sims and Scott Weddle.

A change of role for NPAC members is to be a strong voice for change, and to create department guidelines drawing from News Summit outcome. Review mechanism will be revised, and programs will get a simultaneous annual review. Need to decide best way to evaluate programs.

The current pattern of having short segments that appear on DLN eventually develop into free standing programs seems effective. It works like a pilot and is a good way to assess them.

Plans to switch to an hour of community news with magazine format at noon and move the second airing of Democracy Now! to 5pm needs our support

CATS relationship in limbo as it continues to be a valuable source of funds but comes with constraints.

Comment by Cynthia re: the reduced calendar reads by DJs. She and Marti Crouch liked the old way it was done. “Keep radio like radio.”

Adjournment at 8:13pm.

Local Live – Adult Tooth


Adult Tooth, consisting of local songwriter Dan Stevenson paired up with Andy Shaw (in his last Bloomington performance), debut a few tunes from their upcoming release Actual Hell.

1. Four Seasons
2. Robert’s Western World
3. Actual Hell
4. Memorial Day
5. Nova Scotia

Local Live was recorded and engineered by Jim Lang
Produced by Nicole O’Neal
Post-production by Jar
Executive Producer is Jim Manion

Strategic Planning Documents Online!


WFHB Strategic Plan Gains Board Approval

WFHB is proud to announce the completion of a Strategic Plan that will guide the station’s growth over the next 3-5 years.  The completion of the plan is the culmination of a process that has been going on for over a year and involved research into best practices, input from stakeholders including a public survey and a public forum, and the creation of six task forces to design action plans to carry out our strategic objectives.  The Strategic Plan went to our Board of Directors for final approval on January 28, 2013.

Station staff have created an online repository for documents, dates, and other information related to the strategic planning process – see the attachments to this post.

“Strategic planning” refers to a rigorous collaborative process used to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of an organization, examine its mission, gather input on where key stakeholders want the organization to go, and provide a blueprint on how to get there.


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