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Daily Local News – October 8th, 2014 (Blomington Transit Bus Service is running through the freezing conditions – 布卢明顿巴士已启动寒冷运行系统)


Blomington Transit Bus Service is up and running through the freezing conditions today and all lines are relatively on time and all routes are operating on the normal break schedule-布卢明顿巴士已启动寒冷运行系统,所有的线路都比较准时,都在正常的休息时间表运行.

Daily Local News – October 8th 2014 (Annual State of the Unversity Address – 年度大学报告)


President Michael A. McRobbie is set to deliver the annual State of the University address – 迈克尔·A·麦克罗比将发表年度大学报告

Interchange – To Cull Is To Kill: Part One


Host Doug Storm welcomes Alyce Miller, Dave Rollo, and Sandra Shapshay to discuss Bloomington’s approach to deer management in the city limits and at Griffy Lake Nature Preserve.

From the acknowledgments page of City of Bloomington’s Deer Task Force Report:

While the State has exclusive jurisdiction over deer management [IDNR representatives] have worked hard to listen to the concerns of the Task Force and the community to help us develop recommendations that suit the unique needs of Bloomington and Monroe County. And while they never complained about our interminable meetings or endless questions, no doubt Aldo Leopold’s observation that “The real problem of wildlife management is not how we should handle the animals…the real problem is one of human management” rings true…

The decision to define deer populations as stable, healthy, abundant, overabundant, or call them rats with hooves, or nuisance animals, or even the opposite of this such as the quasi-mystical forest denizen deserving of reverence, is to impose a human worldview upon them. And it is the act of managing this worldview that is as important as the decision to contract the sharpshooters of the company White Buffalo to kill the animal in question.

Because there is so much to talk about on the subject of the lethal cull of deer by sharpshooters in Griffy Lake Nature Preserve as well as the change to the city’s municipal code to allow firearms to be discharged with the city limits we’re going to continue this program next week on our 10/14 program. We’ll be joined again by Dave Rollo, Alyce Miller and Sandra Shapshay.

So Part II of To Cull is Kill: The Griffy Lake Nature Preserve Deer Kill next week on Interchange.

Of related interest:
Effects of abundant white-tailed deer on vegetation, animals, mycorrhizal fungi, and soils


Host and Producer, Doug Storm
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Bloomingfoods Workers Hold Rally in Support to Unionize


Workers at Bloomingfoods are holding a rally today in support of efforts to unionize. Dakota Walker, a Bloomingfoods employee and an active participant in the union organizing drive talks about the purpose of the rally.

Walker said that the rally is about employee empowerment- it’s an effort to make our community stronger. The goal is to enable and protect the rights of the working class of the Bloomingfoods co-op. The Bloomingfoods workers realize that the rally is important in deciding their fate.

The rally is scheduled to begin at the Monroe County Courthouse Square at 5 p.m. and proceed to Bloomingfoods’ near westside store at 316 West Sixth. Participants will then march to Bloomingfoods’ administration offices at 117 South Gentry Street where they will deliver their message to the Board who are scheduled to meet at 6pm.

Walker explained, “There has not been a neutral stance from Bloomingfoods, and now they publicly say that they have been neutral and haven’t caused any trouble when they have.” He said that the rally is an attempt to get Bloomingfoods to step forward and admit to what they have done.

Bloomingfoods administration released their first statement regarding the effort yesterday, stating that the co-operative, fully  respects and supports staff’s legal right to organize. It also reads, “Throughout this process, we have been respectful and cooperative—meeting with union representation on a regular basis and refraining from any public comment until we were able to assimilate what we learned from others.” Walker then talks about the current stage of union organizing.

Walker said, “They have not called for a vote yet. It has been going very well, it’s been amazing signing people up who are interested in their rights and exercising their rights. Right now there are a large percentage of people involved, and there will remain a lot of involvement. There’s no fear of not enough people, that’s for sure.”

The organizers must get forty percent of line employees to sign union membership cards before going to the National Labor Relations board to ask for a formal vote by the employees. If fifty percent vote in favor, the Board will then certify the workers bargaining unit and the employer will then be approached to open negotiations for a first collective agreement.

Concerns of Brown County Residents will be Addressed at Special Joint Session


A special joint session will be held between the Brown County commissioners and the Brown County Council on Thursday, October 9th at 2:00pm to address concerns of county residents regarding county finances. WFHB news Director Alycin Bektesh spoke today with a member of the “Concerned Citizens” group Even Werling and brings us this community report.

Daily Local News – October 7, 2014


Workers at Bloomingfoods are holding a rally today in support of efforts to unionize; A recent report from the I.U. School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) addresses local government benchmarks like spending, revenue, property tax base and levies, local option income tax rates and debt; There will be a public educational forum at Indiana University, Bloomington on Monday, October 13 to raise awareness on campus and in the Bloomington community about the current outbreak of the Ebola virus in West Africa; Indiana Republican Senator Dan Coats has introduced a new bill to address possible dangers of “home-grown terrorism” by suspending the Visa Waiver Program for countries that don’t comply with information-sharing practices.

A special joint session will be held between the brown county commissioners and the Brown County council on Thursday, October 9th at 2:00pm to address concerns of county residents regarding county finances. WFHB news Director Alycin Bektesh spoke today with a member of the “Concerned Citizens” group Even Werling and brings us this community report.

Anchors: Casey Kuhn, Chris Martin
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Bring It On! – October 6th, 2014


William Hosea and Bev Smith welcome William Vance, Debra Vance and Barbara Bolling.

On tonight’s show, William and Bev are joined by Monroe County Branch President William Vance, and Debra Vance, chair of the Freedom Fund Committee of the Monroe County Branch NAACP, and the Indiana State NAACP President, Barbara Bolling.

They are on to discuss the upcoming Indiana State NAACP’s annual State Convention in Bloomington IN on October 24th through the 26 at the Bloomington Convention Center. The keynote speaker this year is Cornell William Brooks, President and CEO of the NAACP.

Headline news and local calendar events of interest to the African-American community.

Hosts: William Hosea and Bev Smith
Bring It On! is produced by Clarence Boone
Executive Producer Alycin Bektesh
Our News Editor is Michael Nowlin
Our Board Engineer is Chris Martin

Monroe County’s Budget in Black


Monroe County’s budget for next year is in the black — at least for now. WFHB Assistant News Director Joe Crawford has that story.

Philanthropy in action: Supporting Non-profits and charities


WFHB begins its Fall Fund Drive tomorrow—big thanks to everyone who supports community radio!  We’re lucky to live in an area where so many people work so hard to establish and support local services that enrich our lives and give a real sense of responsibility to the community.  With time and monetary budgets tight for most, we hit the streets to ask your friends and neighbors about the charitable and non-profit organizations they support.

Brown County Commissioner Special Joint Meeting


In response to citizen concerns regarding Brown County Administrator Michael Thompson, there will be a special joint meeting of the Brown County Commissioners and the Brown County Council next Thursday, October 9th. This week’s edition of the Brown County Democrat reports that a group of about 70 citizens met at the library to hear a report about the county’s finances and leadership on September 25th.  At the end of the two hour meeting several members called for the firing of Thompson and replacing him with someone who has a stronger background in accounting and internal audit controls. Thompson said he hopes the opportunity for the public to speak with government officials will clear up misunderstandings in the community.

According to the Democrat, attendees at the meeting voiced concern over Thompson’s credentials and the amount of time he charged the county for his services when he was an independent contractor. Thompson said that while it is rare for a join administrative meeting to be held, the commissioners and the council would be able to address the varied concerns of the public.

The joint meeting of the Brown County Commissioners and the Brown County council will be held Thursday, October 9th at two P-M in the salmon room of the county office building.

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