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H.I.P. 2.0 Accepted as Medicaid Substitute for Indiana


Indiana Governor Mike Pence’s medicaid expansion alternative, the Healthy Indiana Plan 2.0 has been approved for a three year “demonstration program”. WFHB News Director Alycin Bektesh speaks with local Doctor Rob Stone about the long-awaited agreement between Indiana and the federal government for today’s Daily Local News community report.

Residents can submit their H.I.P. 2.0 applications to the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration this week – covergae begins on February 1st.

Daily Local News – January 28, 2015


Indiana is one of only three states that operates under a “dead voter law” which eliminates the ballot of any voter who dies before election day; The Monroe County Solid Waste District is having trouble finding a company to build its new recycling facility; The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, or IURC, has announced that, starting next Saturday, all local calls made in the 812 area must be placed using the complete ten-digit telephone number—that is, the area code plus the seven-digit number.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence’s medicaid expansion alternative, the Healthy Indiana Plan 2.0 has been approved for a three year “demonstration program”. WFHB News Director Alycin Bektesh speaks with local Doctor Rob Stone about the long-awaited agreement between Indiana and the federal government for today’s Daily Local News community report.

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Interchange – Let the Sunshine In: The Politics Obstructing Solar Energy in Indiana


Host Doug Storm is joined by two local solar energy activists and a climate scientists to discuss the state of renewable energy policy in Indiana. Last week Republican State Representative for District 65, Eric Allen Koch, filed a bill (HB1320) with the General Assembly that would change the relationship between our area’s electric utility company, Duke Energy, and its solar customers who participate in the popular net metering program. We’ll do our best here tonight to describe the consequences of that bill should it find its way to becoming law.

Solar energy is a major form of renewable energy used to produce electricity. It poses a major alternative to coal, Indiana’s traditional source of energy. Residential energy use totals over $3.2 billion in Indiana, making residential solar a very real threat to the coal economy.

HB1320 seeks to eliminate the productive incentive of returning energy to the power grid from a home photovoltaic system.

Monroe County Energy Challenge
Indiana’s State Energy Plan
HB1320 in the news

Ben Brabson is a climate scientist at Indiana University and retired professor of physics, whose research focuses on extreme temperatures and their connection to soil moisture. The courses he teaches at Indiana University identify our sources of energy and the critical need to move away from climate damaging fossil fuel use.

Woodie Bessler is an electrical engineer and spokesperson for SIREN, the Southern Indiana Renewable Energy Network, a non-profit promoter of the adoption of solar energy. He speaks widely on solar energy issues. He and his household were the grand prize winners of SIREN’s 2010 Energy Showdown Going Solar programs. He currently serves on committees for GUEP (Georgetown University Energy Prize), about which we hope to get an update.

Arvind Gopu is an IT professional who does Going Solar presentations for SIREN and provides individual home site assessments.

Producer & Host: Doug Storm
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Bring It On! – January 26, 2015


William Hosea and Cornelius Wright welcome Mark Kruzan and Beverly Calender-Anderson.

On tonight’s show, William and Cornelius welcome Bloomington mayor Mark Kruzan to the show. He, along with Beverly Calender-Anderson, comes on to reflect on mayor Kruzan’s tenure which began in 2003. We also talk about his new appointment to the position of Director of Community and Family Resources Department for the City of Bloomington, Mrs. Calender-Anderson.

Headline news and local calendar events of interest to the African-American community.

Hosts: William Hosea and Cornelius Wright
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Books Unbound – “Benito Cereno” by Herman Melville


The first of a four-part program on Herman Melville’s masterpiece of historical fiction, “Benito Cereno.” This American novella is based on a chapter from the memoir of the real-life Captain Amasa Delano, who during his voyages in 1805 encountered a mysterious merchant-ship carrying a skeleton crew of Spaniards, an ineffectual and perplexing captain, and 150 Africans for the slave trade. In changing some of the details from the original factual account, Melville creates a dark and suspenseful allegory of race and class, fraught with tragic irony, that appeared during the crisis years leading up to the American Civil War.

Listeners are advised that the story is told mainly from the point of view of Captain Delano, who harbors the racial stereotypes characteristic of most white Americans at the time. The novella raises such compelling questions about race that Ralph Ellison took his epigraph for Invisible Man from Melville.

Our reader is Doug Storm. Special music for the episode comes from River of Light by Richard Danielpour, performed by Tim Fain and Pei-Yao Wang. Produced and written by Cynthia Wolfe with Doug Storm.


Host: Sarah Torbeck
Announcer: Berklea Going
Executive producer: Alycin Bektesh
Theme music: The Impossible Shapes

Hola Bloomington – January 23, 2015


Los locutores de HOLA Bloomington Minerva Sosa, María Auxiliadora Viloria, Carlos Bakota, Shirley Pérez y Luz López hablan sobre el racismo y si existe aquí en Bloomington. También, invitada Adriana Rosales habla sobre la salud y que debes hacer este año nuevo para mejorar tu salud.

Hola Bloomington hosts Minerva Sosa, Maria Auxiliadora Viloria, Carlos Bakota, Shirley Perez and Luz Lopez discuss racism and whether they believe racism exists here in Bloomington. Also, special guest Adriana Rosales talks about health and ways we can improve our health in the new year.

bloomingOUT – January 22, 2015


Join cohosts Jeff Poling and Erica Dorsey as they discuss the upcoming Bloomington PRIDE Film Festival with Sarah Perfetti and Rene Henry! Also hear this week’s Out on Campus, featuring a discussion about “traditional” marital roles and the relationship between religious services and being LGBTQ+.

Hosts – Jeff Poling, Erica Dorsey
Executive Producer – Alycin Bektesh
Producer – Olivia Davidson
Script Coordinator – Hayley Bass
Board Engineer – Carissa Barrett

Voices In The Street – Content of Character: Assessing Racial Equality in America


Last Monday, we celebrated the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King is a central figure in non-violent opposition to racism and the fight for racial equality. It’s been more than 50 years since he delivered his “I have a Dream” speech, so Voices in the Streets hit the streets to ask your friends and neighbors if they think we’ve achieved racial equality here in America.

Resuming Diplomatic Ties With Cuba


Members of a local organization were in Cuba last month when the press announced that diplomatic ties between the US and Cuba would be resumed. The group was a delegation of the organization CUBAmistad, which facilitates a sister city relationship between Bloomington and the city of Santa Clara. WFHB News contributor Cynthia Roberts, who co-founded the CUBAmistad organization, was part of that delegation. She reports here on what changes are currently under discussion as State Department personnel meet this week with their counterparts in Havana.

New Radar Technology Raises Privacy Concern


The use of new radar technology by police has raised privacy concerns around the country. And now local officials are weighing in. Our reporter, Sarah Panfil, has that story.

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