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Monroe County Emergency Dispatch Center additional funding

Monroe County residents may be paying an additional tax to fund the Monroe County Emergency Dispatch Center and other safety initiatives. A proposed ordinance to create the tax would eventually have to gain approval from the County Income Tax Council. The first stop for the proposed ordinance, though, is the Ellettsville Town Council. If the ordinance passes, it will next …

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Bloomington Mayor Hamilton announces new City Sustainability Initiatives

On Friday, Bloomington Mayor John Hamilton made a speech at City Hall about two new sustainability initiatives from his office. The announcement came during an Earth Day celebration. First, ask the City Council to pass an ordinance requiring buildings of significant size to report energy usage each year to allow benchmarking. Other cities currently have such “notification” ordinances. Secondly, the …

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The Ins and Outs of Money – Tax Season is Over?

Isn’t tax season over? What could be left? Indiana Low Income Taxpayer Clinic discusses several topics that are relevant now that tax season has passed. Not everyone filed when they should have. The IRS may audit your tax return. Sometimes a refund is not received. Sometimes tax is owed and simply can’t pay on time.

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Daily Local News – April 26, 2016

Democratic presidential candidate and Vermont senator Bernie Sanders will be speaking at a rally Wednesday evening at the IU Auditorium in Bloomington; forensic anthropologists were excavating a site along South Rogers Street today after unidentified human remains were found there; the Kmart store on the east side of Bloomington is scheduled to be closed by July; Monroe County residents may …

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Interchange – Romanticism, What Is It Good For? The Work of Morse Peckham

Caspar David Friedrich - Der Mönch am Meer (1807), Wikipedia

The Fifth Symphony opens very famously with four memorable notes. Beethoven was asked what he meant by this opening and he’s said to have replied, “Thus fate knocks at the door.” Morse Peckham suggests we take Beethoven at his word, that we take him seriously. In a book published in 1962, Beyond the Tragic Vision, Peckham said this of the …

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Bring it On – April 25th, 2016

Congratulations to the Bring It On staff on their award from the Indiana Society of Professional Journalists! Cornelius Wright and Amrita Myers are joined by “The Great Eight”, which are: Jada Phelps-Moultrie Shannon McCullough Johari Shuck Nadrea Njoku Tiffany Kyser Jasmine Haywood Demetrees Hutchins Juhanna Rogers This sisterhood of eight Ph.D candidates from the IU School of Education will not …

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Activate! Cry of the Children : Dellsie Boddie

Dellsie Boddie is the Executive Director of Cry of the Children, an organization that partners with local organizations, schools, and community members to help kids develop positive relationships, and build the skills necessary to live a happy and fulfilling life. That’s this week on Activate, our weekly segment spotlighting people working for positive change in our community.

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Recent Bill Allows Use of High-Powered Firearms While Hunting

Later this year, Indiana hunters will be free to use high-powered rifles and handguns to kill deer. Indiana lawmakers passed House Bill 1231 earlier this year. Phil Bloom, from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, explained the recent legislature, “What it does is it provides additional equipment choices for people who deer hunt. Beyond what we already have for legal …

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BMV Extends Hours to Increase ID Cards Ahead of Election

Next Monday and Tuesday, branches of the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles will stay open late. The purpose is to allow more time for issuing ID cards and driver’s licenses that will be used for identification at polling stations for the election. Note that these license branches will only be processing new, amended or replacement ID cards, licenses and learner …

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Bloomington Housing Website Participates in Sustainability Competition

The City of Bloomington’s Department of Economic and Sustainable Development has entered its website rentrocket.org into an MIT sponsored competition for sustainability initiatives. According to the website, Rent Rocket allows renters to see and compare not only basic amenities but also utility costs, accessibility to alternative modes of transit, and recycling options to factor into their rental housing decisions. The …

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