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Office of Sustainability holds Food Summit

The Indiana University Office of Sustainability will be holding its Third Annual Food Summit on Friday, November 7th. The event will be held at the Neal Marshall Black Culture Center Grand Hall from 10 am to 1 pm. Previous summits touched on topics such as defining sustainable food and accessing data. This Summit will focus on student demand and will provide students an opportunity to network with faculty and IU staff about food available on campus and sustainability. Workshops will include unpacking student perceptions, understanding the campus food landscape, and demonstrating new demand for sustainable options. Registration for the event ends on Monday, November 3.

“Beat the Meter Blitz” offers free home energy assessment

For the fifth year in a row, the City of Bloomington is offering residents a chance to win a free home energy assessment, worth several hundred dollars.  For this year’s “Beat the Meter Blitz” program, fifty assessments will be awarded.  In the past, only owner-occupied homes were eligible.  This year, renters can also benefit from the program as long as they have the landlord’s permission.  These free home energy audits will be awarded by lottery.  Applications can be made by emailing name, address, phone number and whether or not the property is a rental to energy@bloomington.in.gov or by calling 812-349-3837.  The deadline for applying is Monday, November 10th.

Truthy project explores influence of social media

The Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research (CNetS) on the IU campus is at the cutting edge of researching how information spreads on social media such as Twitter.  Researchers want to understand how social media influences behavior in areas such as politics, advertising, social revolutions, and how it can be manipulated and abused.  The project goes by the name of Truthy.

Ironically, Truthy itself is now the target of media attempts to spread disinformation.  In September an article in the Columbia Journalism Review detailed the spread of attacks against Truthy on conservative media.  Several television hosts and commentators on the Fox News Channel compared the project to the McCarthy era and Orwell’s 1984.  On Monday the Indianapolis Star reported that the Lamar Smith GOP chairman of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee is investigating how IU’s project, which has funding from the National Science Foundation, was able to secure federal funds.  Last week an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal by Ajit Pai implied that the purpose of Truthy was to suppress and limit free speech.  It seems that Truthy-bashing has gone viral. But a blog posted by Henry Farrell of the Washington Post on October 22, presented a more balanced view of the project and included an interview with Filippo Menczer and Alessandro Flammini, principle investigators. When asked about why or how the attacks began, Menczer and Flammini preferred not to speculate about the motives, but did add that since the project started several years ago, there has been widespread positive coverage in the national and international press.

A blog titled ‘The Truth About Truthy’ on the CNetS website says “an important goal of the Truthy project is to better understand how social media can be abused.”

New Director at the Kinsey Institute

IU announced today that Dr. Sue Carter will become director of the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University beginning November 1st. A distinguished scientist, Carter is known internationally for her research in the field of behavioral neuroendocrinology (neuro-end-oh-crih-nology). Her work advanced understanding of the biological mechanisms underlying love and emotion in human relationships. Currently Carter researches the effects of drugs taken by mothers during childbirth on the infant’s development.  According to the today’s press release, Carter plans to continue that research at the Kinsey Institute. Carter will also focus on development of the Kinsey Institute Resource Center. The center will offer access to information on the biology of human relationships to the greater Bloomington community. Carter will be the 7th director of the Kinsey Institute since its founding in 1947.

Extended BMV hours for voter IDs

The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles will have extended hours on Monday and Tuesday for voters needing photo ids.   According to a press release from the DMV, all branches will be open Monday, November 3rd, from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Tuesday, November 4th, from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.   The Indiana BMV provides free, state-issued ID cards for voting purposes to any unlicensed Hoosier who has the proper documentation and is old enough to vote.  A list of what documentation is required is posted on the website mybmv.com.  Normal hours will resume on Wednesday, November 5th.

Daily Local News (每日地方新闻) October 29,2014 – polar vortex phenomenon (极地涡流现象)


Local residents, along with everyone east of the Rocky Mountains, have been shivering under sub-zero temperatures for the last couple of days. – 当地居民,以及落基山脉以东居民,在过去的几天一直在零度以下的温度.

Daily Local News (每日地方新闻) October 29,2014 – IU Media School (IU媒体学院)


October 17 Indiana University will inaugurate its newest school on the Bloomington campus. the Media School–10月17日, 美国印第安纳大学揭幕在布鲁明顿校区其最新学校-媒体学院

Ins and Outs of Money – Knowing How to Pay Yourself


Think about all of the people you pay regularly – did you remember to think of yourself? The trick to paying yourself is putting money aside before you ever know it’s there.

Interchange – Education: The Local Up Against the Global


Host Doug Storm offers selections from two previous shows on the state of public education in Indiana and the nation.

Part I

The program begins with the first half of our October 1, 2013 program, “The State of Education in Indiana.

Our guests for the October 1, 2013 program were Vic Smith, Board President of the Indiana Coalition for Public Education; Phil Harris, the Executive Director of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology; and Gary Crow, a professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies.

Our topics included the coercive economics of educational products corporations like Pearson Education, the funding of charter schools by foundations like the Lilly Endowment which have tremendous reach by placing employees in government to influence public policy, and the role the school used to play, ought to play, but no longer does, in developing a democratic citizen. Listen closely as the guests focus on how educating for democracy ought to be “non-partisan.”

Part II

This segment excerpts our June 24, 2014 program, “Subverting Democracy Through Education Reform.” We invited nationally known blogger and Purdue PhD student Freddie DeBoer to join us. DeBoer is writing a dissertation on the Collegiate Learning Assessment ( or CLA) and its successor, the CLA+, which was developed by the Council for Aid to Education

In that show we looked at issues in the politics and economics of our education system with a fair amount of focus on Bill Gates who seems to be the shadow secretary of the department of education (and a big shadow at that). We also discussed the manufacturing of the CRISIS Narrative to sell the desperate need for educational reform to “keep pace” with the world’s labor markets.

Our break music tonight was from Hoosier School Heist author Doug Martin’s song, “When I-Step Was a Famous Dance.

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Interchange – Doug Martin: Muckraking Education Politics


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Daily Local News – October 28, 2014


A public open house will be held by the group “I-69 Development Partners” to allow the public to address the planned construction on I-69 Section 5 between Bloomington and Martinsville; A recent study from Indiana University associate
professors of the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Ashlyn Nelson and Beth Gazley, found that the number public school-supporting charities rose dramatically from 1995 to 2010, as did the impact of their fundraising efforts; According to a press release from a private literary foundation, two authors with Indiana origins have won Eugene and Marilyn Glick Indiana Authors Awards; Indiana University is investing $7 million in a new Complexity Institute; After months of discussion, Ellettsville won’t be combining its streets and utilities departments.

The Republican Party caucus in the state assembly has released its legislative agenda for the upcoming 2015 session. The statement lists what the GOP describes as four major issue categories that it wants to address: budget, education, ethics, and public safety. The Daily Local News asked Peggy Mayfield, Republican house member for District 60 – Martinsville, which includes part of Bloomington and Monroe County, to talk about these issues and others. With regard to the budget, the party aims for a balanced budget with no increase in taxes or borrowing. However, recently, revenues have fallen below earlier expectations. We asked Representative Mayfield how her colleagues plan to deal with this potential shortfall.

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