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Voices in the Street – Speaking from Experience: Advice Post Pomp and Circumstance


This time of year, our community’s youth find themselves on the cusp of big change. In the midst of graduations at IU, Ivy Tech, as well as local high schools, we asked YOU for advice and words of wisdom for our local graduating seniors.

Construction Begins in B-Line Woods Neighborhood


Habitat for Humanity began building homes last week as part of its new subdivision along the north end of the B-Line Trail. This first round of construction was part of what Habitat calls the Women Build Blitz, where all-women volunteer teams construct houses. The entrance to the new neighborhood is located off Diamond Street. The project faced some resistance when it was proposed last year, mostly from residents who opposed clearing part of the B-Line Woods to make way for the homes. A petition from those residents asked the city government to let Habitat build the subdivision on anearby piece of city-owned property, but that deal never came tofruition. The City Council ultimately approved zoning variances to allow Habitat to clear the woods. Last Friday teams of volunteersbegan building the first two homes in the neighborhood, which theorganization calls the Trail View neighborhood. In total there will be 35 homes there. Habitat for Humanity says homeowners will pay interest-free mortgages for their new homes.

City Deals with Pricey Sludge


The City of Bloomington has hired a company to truck away sludge from its waste water treatment plant. The Utilities Services Board awarded the contract to Young Trucking. The Board recently heard that costs for removal and disposal of sludge has been escalating rapidly over the last few years, approaching three-hundred-thousand dollars for 2015. Utilities Department Assistant Director Efrat Feferman reported on the process leading up to the recommendation to hire Young Trucking.

“The Young Trucking contract is offering a, per ton, flat charge of $32.52″ Efrat explains.

The company would remove the sludge and arrange for disposal of it at a land-fill. The proposed ten-year contract would allow either party to cancel it with one year’s notice. Utilities Department Deputy Director John Langley says the city will continue to use the City’s Dillman Landfill for the occasional disposal of sludge. The Board voted unanimously to accept the contract with Young Trucking. Also at the meeting, Utilities Director Patrick Murphy told Board members of a special service that his department will be providing for IU-Bloomington during its Spring graduation ceremonies.

“We’ve been specifically requested  by the office of the president of Indiana University to provide water stations” says Utilities director Patrick Murphy.

Later in the meeting, Utilities Engineer Mike Bengston reported on the department’s work with Isolux, the principal contractor building section five of I-69. The city is working with the company on necessary adjustments to utility infrastructure near the new highway.

“We have been working with Isolux for 6 months now trying to establish acceptable relocation plans for each one of the intersections” says Mike Bengston.

Costs for this work will be assumed by Isolux.

Daily Local News – May 7, 2015


Summer festival season is about to start, as can be seen by the Bloomington Board of Public Works agenda for its meeting of June 6th; On Tuesday, Bloomington High School South is set to unveil its new sustainable energy installation called Project Pavegen; Habitat for Humanity began building homes last week as part of its new subdivision along the north end of the B-Line Trail; The City of Bloomington has hired a company to truck away sludge from its waste water treatment plant.

On Tuesday, Democrats in Bloomington chose their candidates for mayor and City Council. Those candidates will compete in the general election in November. Although there was a well-publicized race for mayor this year, still only about 11 percent of Bloomington’s active voters came to the polls. On Tuesday, WFHB’s program Interchange hosted a conversation about voting with IU political science professor Margie Hershey. The show was co-hosted by Doug Storm and Joe Crawford. We bring you a portion of that conversation now for today’s WFHB community report.

WFHB’s daily local opinion segment!

Today’s headlines were written by Joshua Byron and Adele Poudrier. Along with David Murphy for CATSweek, a partnership with Community Access Television Services. Our feature was produced by Joe Crawford
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EcoReport – May 7, 2015


In today’s EcoReport feature, Dan Young speaks with Nobel Prize-winning climate scientist  Michael Mann who discusses his contribution to understanding global warming, and the vicious attacks his work has faced from climate deniers.

EcoReport is a weekly program providing independent media coverage of environmental and ecological issues with a focus on local, state and regional people, issues, and events in order to foster open discussion of human relationships with nature and the Earth and to encourage you to take personal responsibility for the world in which we live. Each program features timely eco-related headline news, a feature interview or event recording, and a calendar of events of interest to the environmentally conscious.

Today’s Anchors:  Glenn Lightner and Linda Lightner.
This week’s news stories were written by Linda Greene, Norm Holy and David Murphy. Our feature and broadcast engineer is Dan Withered. This week’s calendar was compiled by Catherine Anders.
EcoReport is produced by Dan Young and Filiz Cicek. Executive producer is Joe Crawford.

IN Nature – Beech Tree


EcoReport – Michel Mann: The Denial of Global Warming


In today’s EcoReport feature, Dan Young speaks with Nobel Prize-winning climate scientist Michael Mann who discusses his contribution to understanding global warming, and the vicious attacks his work has faced from climate deniers.

No Official Public Comment As DNR Considered Plan For State Forests


The Indiana Department of Natural Resources has just published a five-year plan for how it will manage state forest land. The document is coming under fire from some Indiana residents, who say they weren’t even consulted as the DNR was making its plans. News Director Joe Crawford brings that story for today’s WFHB community report.

Bloomington Primary Election Results: Neher Concedes To Hamilton


John Hamilton has defeated Darryl Neher in the race for the Democratic nomination for mayor of Bloomington. More detailed results can be found here, courtesy of the Monroe County Clerk’s Office.

Interchange – What’s the Matter with Voting?


Tonight’s show, “What’s the Matter with Voting,” will focus on some of the questions that surround the ways citizens think about what voting means, why it matters, or doesn’t, and the ways in which local elections fit inside national and state narratives of the electoral process.

Joining host Doug Storm are Marjorie Hershey and Joe Crawford.

Marjorie Hershey is a professor of political science at Indiana University where her research and teaching interests focus on political parties, campaigns, and elections. With regard to research, she continues to examine the process by which political activists and journalists construct explanations for election results.

Joe Crawford is the News Director at WFHB.

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