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A 30-Day Needle Exchange Program Is Established In Response To The HIV Outbreak In Scott County


Health officials have accepted 300 used needles and tested 27 people for HIV as part ot the response to the HIV outbreak in southern Indiana. That’s according to the state’s Joint Information Center established after the outbreak was detected. There have been 89 new reported cases of HIV in Scott County and Governor Mike Pence has declared a public health emergency there. Pence also temporarily suspended state law to establish a 30-day needle exchange program. Beth Myerson, the co-director of the Rural Center for AIDS and STD Prevention at Indiana University,says the whole state of Indiana has something to learn from the recent outbreak in Scott County.

Scott County was lacking much of that public health system before the HIV outbreak was identified earlier this year. There has been no HIV testing facility in the county since a Planned Parenthood facility was closed there in 2013. That closure was blamed largely on funding cuts at the state level.

Myerson said the response to the recent crisis from the State Department of Health has mostly been good. She praised the efforts to test residents for HIV, provide them with medical records and enroll them in health coverage. But she said there are problems with the 30-day needle exchange program, questioning how the time period would be long enough to be effective.

Indiana law effectively makes it illegal to run a permanent needle exchange program. That’s because it is illegal for anyone to possess drug paraphernalia or trace amounts of drugs.

Better Beware! – Tax Time


Tax scams are bigger and nastier than ever, and some of the most likely victims won’t get warned unless YOU tell them! Here’s a quick look at the worst dangers.

Daily Local News – April 8, 2015


Health officials have accepted 300 used needles and 27 people for HIV as part of the responsive to the HIV outbreak in southern Indiana; Taxes are putting an unfair burden on poor and middle class families in Indiana, according to a report from the Institute on Taxation & Economic Policy; Local state legislators had an opportunity to talk to a local audience about the highly controversial RIFRA bill as well as other bills that they have been working on.

Better Beware!
Tax scams are bigger and nastier than ever, and some of the most likely victims won’t get warned unless YOU tell them! Here’s a quick look at the worst dangers.

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Interchange – Saint Monkey: A Conversation with Jacinda Townsend


Host Doug Storm is joined by Jacinda Townsend, author of the novel Saint Monkey which has won the 2015 James Fenimore Cooper Prize awarded by the Society of American Historians. The Society’s web site says that the “prize is awarded for a book of historical fiction on an American subject that makes a significant contribution to historical understanding, portrays authentically the people and events of the historical past, and displays skills in narrative construction and prose style.”

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#WhiteHistoryMonth: The FBI’s obsession with African-American Literature

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Ins and Outs of Money – The It’s Your Money Project


What’s with these Ins & Outs of Money radio segments, anyhow? They’re part of the It’s Your Money project at Monroe County Public Library, which is all about helping you hang on to your cash. Hear more about what IYM is, and why you need the free, unbiased money smarts it offers.

Daily Local News – April 7, 2015


Today was the first day of early voting in Bloomington’s municipal elections, A public

ground breaking ceremony took place today at Indiana’s University’s Assembly Hall to

commemorate recent donations to the basketball stadium, A town hall meeting is scheduled

for this Saturday to discuss the problem of child abuse in Monroe County, Canadian

filmmaker Guy Maddin will visit Indiana University this weekend to give a lecture and

present a retrospective of his work, Monroe County United Ministries announced today it is

launching a new program to help local nonprofits get started, A report that aims to measure

civic health found some room for improvement in Indiana, As April arrives so does National

Minority Health Month.

Bring It On! – April 6, 2015


Clarence Boone and Leila Randle welcome Iris Rosa.

On tonight’s show, Clarence and Leila welcome Iris Rosa, Indiana University Department of African American and African Diaspora Studies Professor and director of the Indiana University African American Dance Company.

She joins us tonight to highlight the Dance Company’s 40th annual spring ensemble concert at the Buskirk Chumley Theater.

Headline news of interest to the African-American community.

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State-Ordered Needle Exchange Program Opened

A state-ordered needle exchange program opened in Scott County over the weekend in response to a public health emergency there. An HIV epidemic in southern Indiana led Gov. Mike Pence to authorize counties at risk of outbreak to start needle exchange programs. In just over a month, the number of cases in southern Indiana has shot up–in late February, about 30 cases had been confirmed. Now that number is up to about 90, according to the Indy Star. This 30-day order provides an exemption from state law, which otherwise restricts needle exchange programs. Scott County’s program is located in what is called a Community Outreach Center in Austin, Ind. The program is only for Scott County residents. Cody Keith of the Indiana Department of Health says each person in the exchange program will receive a week’s worth of clean needles. Once used, those will be exchanged for a new supply.

Keith states, “And as far as that specific amount per person is concerned that is going to be worked out with the representatives in the Community Outreach Center in Austin. So there might be a difference between each individual with how many they get for that week, but all of that counseling will be taking place in the Community Outreach Center in Austin.”

Although Governor Pence has temporarily legalized this particular program, he says he generally opposes these kinds of initiatives. Indiana is one of 23 states that effectively outlaw needle exchange programs. Daniel Raymond, the policy director at the Harm Reduction Coalition in New York City, says those prohibitions have negative effects on public health.

Raymond says, “Where we don’t have needle exchange programs, we don’t have that early intervention strategy to reach people who are at risk and get them help… in New York we have seen a 75% decline in HIV amongst drug injectors since we passed our law enabling needle exchange programs.”

Laws like Indiana’s date back to the beginning of the War On Drugs in the early 1970s. Raymond says Indiana is one of many states that outlawed possession of paraphernalia such as syringes.

He continues, “Way before anybody ever dreamed of needle exchange, states passed these laws to attempt to cut down drug use… They ended up with more HIV and Hepatitis C.”

In states that have legalized needle exchange, the programs often offer other public health services as well. Alisa Solberg is the executive director at the Point Defiance Aids Projects in Tacoma, Washington.

Solberg states, “We link people with health insurance, we connect people with medical coverage and care with legal services… I think it may be difficult in Indiana where this type of intervention has not been considered previously so it may be difficult to see that.”

Injection of the painkiller Opana has been cited as a potential cause of the epidemic in Scott County. The needle exchange program there is scheduled to expire April 25th unless the governor issues another executive order.

Daily Local News – April 6, 2015


A state-ordered needle exchange program opened in Scott County over the weekend in response to a public health emergency there; WIUX is hosting Culture Shock, its annual music festival, this Saturday, April 11; Today marks the 4th day of WFHB’s 2015 Spring Pledge Drive; Last week the City Council approved changes that will increase parking and eliminate green space at a building at the corner of 10th and College; A new Department of Defense report records that 434 service members took their lives in 2014.

Our weekly segment spotlighting people working for positive change in our community.

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Activate! – My Sister’s Closet: Laura Robinson


Laura Robinson explains the nature and rewards of working as a volunteer at My Sister’s Closet, recently relocated in a beautiful new building on S College. Also, more volunteer opportunities from the City of Bloomington Volunteer Network.

My Sister’s Closet
Global Gifts
Opportunity House

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