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Joe Crawford (2015-present) Alycin Bektesh (2011-2015) Chad Carrothers (2003??-2011) Jonathan Coke (1998?-1999?)

Local Live – Bullet Points


Bullet Points brings their blend of moody indie rock to WFHB, weaving together a few slightly different alternative styles. The band members, David Hazel (vocals, guitar), TJ Briggs (guitar), David Barajas (bass) and Matthew Beaumont (drums) hail from bands such as the Lemonheads, Extra Blue Kind, State, Beta Male and Coolidge. 1. Tinnitus 2. Is This the Way? 3. Leave …

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Local Live – Frankie Camaro’s Dragstrip


Frankie Camaro (guitar, vocals) returns to Local Live along with his surf rock compatriots, Keddy McClain (Bass) and Sam Pierce (Drums), known as Dragstrip. This current iteration of the band that played People’s Park in 1995 rips through rapid rocking cuts from their upcoming EP, Race 2 Infinity. 1. Dragstrip 2. Thunderbird 3. Black Hat Lounge 4. Race 2 Infinity …

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Daily Local News – September 21, 2016

The City of Bloomington’s Utilities Department has reported a 500 gallon wastewater overflow that occurred on Monday; Monroe County is experiencing its second Air Quality Action Day in a row, as declared by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, or IDEM; Celebrity criminal and real estate heir Robert Durst has been assigned to the federal prison in Terra Haute; The …

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Better Beware – Classic Scams 1

There aren’t very many kinds of scams — just endless variations on a few themes. Here’s a true classic, the “Spanish Prisoner Game” — which has now moved to Nigeria.

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Hoosiers Climate March, Reinvest IU, urge IU to Divest From Fossil Fuel Companies

A campus organization is hosting the Hoosiers’ Climate March at Indiana University today. The event began at 4 o’clock at the Sample Gates before moving to the Showalter Fountain. The event is organized by Reinvest IU, a group that is urging the university to divest from fossil fuel companies. WFHB News Director Joe Crawford spoke with a representative of the …

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Standing Room Only: Voting Rights and Wrongs: Minority Voting and Disenfranchisement

On Friday, September 16th ,The Mauer School of Law hosted a panel discussion on minority voting rights in America and Indiana. Panelists included Professor David Williams, a professor from Mauer and the Executive Director for the Center for Constitutional Democracy; Professor Luis Fuentes-Rowher, Professor at Mauer; and Indiana General Assembly Senator Greg Taylor. Professor Beth Cate also took part in the …

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Interchange – Love and Activism in the Bicentennial

New York City celebrates the Declaration of Independence bicentennial anniversary, on July 4, 1976. The display ended a day of festivities in the New York Harbor, with boats and tall ships from across the world gathered for Operation Sail. AP

1976, the Bicentennial year of The United States of America. What else? Apple Computer Company is formed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak; NASA Unviels first space shuttle, the Enterprise; It’s reported that CFCs, or Chlorofluorocarbons, used in aerosol cans damage the ozone layer; The Olympics, broadcast from Montreal, Canada, draw an estimated one billion viewers worldwide. Nadia Comaneci, a 14 year-old Romanian, is …

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Bloomington City Council Voices Concerns About City Parks

Bloomington City Council members are raising conerns about how some residents use the city parks. A nearly four-hour meeting last week about how to spend as much as $7.2 million on city parks projects resulted in a discussion about issues in Bloomington’s parks. WFHB News Director Joe Crawford has more, for today’s WFHB community report.

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Daily Local News – September 20, 2016

09/20/16 Netherlands based Isolux Corsan may have trouble paying its contractors for work on I-69, but it has paid its bills with the City’s Utilities Department;In other I-69 news, the deadline for constructing the interstate has been pushed back again. The expected completion date for section five has been pushed back four more months to October of next year; An …

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Bring It On! – September 19, 2016

Clarence Boone and Leila Randle hear about the newly launched Progressive Thought Matters organization from leader Robin Winston.  The organization is committed to educating the public, increasing public participation by under-represented groups, and promoting progressive public policy.  Robin Winston is a longtime political strategist and business leader, becoming the first African-American to chair a major political party in Indiana. PART …

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