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Ins and Outs of Money – Knowing How to Pay Yourself


Think about all of the people you pay regularly – did you remember to think of yourself? The trick to paying yourself is putting money aside before you ever know it’s there.

Interchange – Education: The Local Up Against the Global


Host Doug Storm offers selections from two previous shows on the state of public education in Indiana and the nation.

Part I

The program begins with the first half of our October 1, 2013 program, “The State of Education in Indiana.

Our guests for the October 1, 2013 program were Vic Smith, Board President of the Indiana Coalition for Public Education; Phil Harris, the Executive Director of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology; and Gary Crow, a professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies.

Our topics included the coercive economics of educational products corporations like Pearson Education, the funding of charter schools by foundations like the Lilly Endowment which have tremendous reach by placing employees in government to influence public policy, and the role the school used to play, ought to play, but no longer does, in developing a democratic citizen. Listen closely as the guests focus on how educating for democracy ought to be “non-partisan.”

Part II

This segment excerpts our June 24, 2014 program, “Subverting Democracy Through Education Reform.” We invited nationally known blogger and Purdue PhD student Freddie DeBoer to join us. DeBoer is writing a dissertation on the Collegiate Learning Assessment ( or CLA) and its successor, the CLA+, which was developed by the Council for Aid to Education

In that show we looked at issues in the politics and economics of our education system with a fair amount of focus on Bill Gates who seems to be the shadow secretary of the department of education (and a big shadow at that). We also discussed the manufacturing of the CRISIS Narrative to sell the desperate need for educational reform to “keep pace” with the world’s labor markets.

Our break music tonight was from Hoosier School Heist author Doug Martin’s song, “When I-Step Was a Famous Dance.

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Interchange – Doug Martin: Muckraking Education Politics


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Daily Local News – October 28, 2014


A public open house will be held by the group “I-69 Development Partners” to allow the public to address the planned construction on I-69 Section 5 between Bloomington and Martinsville; A recent study from Indiana University associate
professors of the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Ashlyn Nelson and Beth Gazley, found that the number public school-supporting charities rose dramatically from 1995 to 2010, as did the impact of their fundraising efforts; According to a press release from a private literary foundation, two authors with Indiana origins have won Eugene and Marilyn Glick Indiana Authors Awards; Indiana University is investing $7 million in a new Complexity Institute; After months of discussion, Ellettsville won’t be combining its streets and utilities departments.

The Republican Party caucus in the state assembly has released its legislative agenda for the upcoming 2015 session. The statement lists what the GOP describes as four major issue categories that it wants to address: budget, education, ethics, and public safety. The Daily Local News asked Peggy Mayfield, Republican house member for District 60 – Martinsville, which includes part of Bloomington and Monroe County, to talk about these issues and others. With regard to the budget, the party aims for a balanced budget with no increase in taxes or borrowing. However, recently, revenues have fallen below earlier expectations. We asked Representative Mayfield how her colleagues plan to deal with this potential shortfall.

Anchors: Casey Kuhn, Chris Martin
Today’s headlines were written by David Murphy, Anson Shupe and Cathi Norton
Along with Joe Crawford for CATSweek, a partnership with Community Access
Television Services.
Our feature correspondent is David Murphy
The Ins and Outs of Money is produced by Ryan Stacey and Dan Withered, in partnership with the Monroe County Public Library and The United Way of Monroe County.
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Republican Caucus Releases GOP Focus Of Upcoming Legislative Session


The Republican Party caucus in the state assembly has released its legislative agenda for the upcoming 2015 session. The statement lists what the GOP describes as four major issue categories that it wants to address: budget, education, ethics, and public safety. With regard to the budget, the party aims for a balanced budget with no increase in taxes or borrowing. However, recently, revenues have fallen below earlier expectations.

Rep. Mayfield explains how her colleagues plan to deal with this potential shortfall.

“We want to maintain the surplus and reserve because those revenues could come in shy of expectations,” Mayfield says. “And that has happened before, especially during the recession.”

For education, the caucus promises to increase funding and fix the funding formula.

Rep. Mayfield said that specific expenditure requests would have to await final state income receipt figures. Under Indiana’s public school funding formula, lower income districts receive more than higher income districts in order to pay for special services such as subsidized meals and supplemental teaching.

“There’s a huge disparity in the formula,” Mayfield says. “Carmel receives the lowest funding while East Chicago receives the highest. Prior to last year the disparity was even greater and they’re closing the gap. I think what we need to look at is the foundation of that forumula.”

The most recent ethics scandal was around Republican Representative Eric Turner’s behind-the-scenes-effort to kill a bill which may have negatively affected his family’s private business interests. He was exonerated of any wrongdoing by his colleagues.

Since then, numerous other examples of Republican legislators with obvious conflicts of interest not recusing themselves from debates have come light.

“This week we will be meeting with national ethics experts on best practices,” Mayfield says. “I think this will be good in continuing the public confidence in our elected leaders. It also helps elected officials understand a more clearer definition of the line you cannot cross.”

The focus of the Republican’s public safety agenda is domestic violence. No mention is made of changes in the law around this issue, rather the GOP promises to invest funds in and work with the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

“I think by focusing efforts on current programs and not trying to put new, state-level programs in place we can help more people,” Mayfield says.

The republican caucus agenda did not directly address Indiana’s economic issues such growing income polarization, wage stagnation among workers, and rising youth poverty levels.

The environmental protection agency has tasked states with reducing their reliance on coal burning, citing it’s direct impact on global warming. Indiana’s primary electricity source is coal, and jobs related to coal use are the main industry in certain parts of the state.

“80 percent of our electricity comes from coal and that’s not an insignificant figure,” Mayfield says.

A major issue during the 2014 legislative session was marriage equality in Indiana. This fall the Supreme Court declined to reexamine the issue, letting stand lower court rulings in several states, including Indiana, thereby legalizing same-sex marriage.

Shortly after taking office in 2013, Representative Mayfield stated that she would remain open on the issue of same-sex marriage until either voters or the court made a final decision. Representative Mayfield won her seat two years ago, switching the long time district seat from democrat to republican after redistricting in 2011. Her democratic challenger for the November 4th election is Daymon Brodhacker.

Hola Bloomington – October 24, 2014


Hola Bloomington’s hosts Israel Herrera, Maria Auxiliadora Viloria and Luz Lopez host a special segment  “Un Cafecito con” Teatro VIDA. The hosts interview the actors and directors of a suite of four short Spanish and Portuguese language plays titled “Encerrados.” Also, they talk about the upcoming visit from Natalia Almada to Bloomington.

Los locutores de Hola Bloomington Israel Herrera , Maria Auxiliadora Viloria y Luz Lopez albergan un segmento especial “Un Cafecito con” Teatro VIDA. Los locutores entrevistan a los actores y directores de una serie de cuatro obras de teatro cortas en español y portugués tituladas “Encerrados”. Ademas, hablan de la visita de Natalia Almada a Bloomington.

I-69 Section 5 Open House Oct. 29

The public is invited to attend an informational open house regardin I-69 Section from from Bloomington to Martinsville. The event is next week, Wednesday October 29th from from 5:30 pm – 7:30pm at the Holiday Inn, located at 1710 Kinser Pike.

The I-69 Section 5 project involves rehabilitating and upgrading 21 miles of the existing, four-lane State Road 37 to interstate standards. The first phase of the I-69 reconstruction is tied to completion of traffic improvements in Bloomington such as a new interchange at Tapp Road, a third lane in each direction, a new overpass at Rockport Road and changes to That Rd.

There will be no formal presentation regarding the development, but a press release says that the public can comment on the proposed aesthetic treatment concepts .

School pays respect to car crash victim


On October 20th, The Richland Bean Blossom School Board sent their respects to the family of recent graduate Josiah Winks who died in a single-car collision on October 18th.  Superintendent Mike  Wilcox opened with comments about Winks who received his diploma earlier this month.

Larry DeMoss, speaking on behalf of the RBB Educators Association also expressed his condolences to Winks’ family, but said that “at the other end of the emotional spectrum” reports of a class trip to Michigan was an “upper” for the school district. Isabel, a student of Edgewood High School teacher Jeff Carmichael, has participated in three of Carmichael’s class trips, and thanked the school board for the educational opportunity.

The school board also talked about the upcoming bidding proposal for the school bus routes of the 2015-2019 school year.  Superintendent Wilcox outlined the key dates for the bidding process.

The school district is also in the beginning phases of developing a long-range plan, beginning with the formation of a long range planning committee.

Business and Government Mingle at I-69 Summit


This week the convention center downtown played host to hundreds of politicians, businesspeople and government workers interested in the new I-69, both in Indiana and beyond. WFHB Assistant News Director Joe Crawford was on hand for the I-69 Summit and he brings us this report. 

Work continues on sections 4 and 5 of I-69 in Indiana. Those portions will take the Interstate into Monroe County, through Bloomington and almost to Martinsville.

Gripp awarded three year contract for wastewater monitoring


The city of Bloomington utilities department has awarded a three year contract to Gripp Incorporated to monitor city wastewater.  City of Bloomington Utilities engineer Phil Peden addressed the Utility services board on October 20th and lined out the contract parameters.

Board member Jeff Ehman inquired about the previous company contracted to monitor Bloomington’s wastewater.

Peden said that several bids came in for the wastewater flow monitoring,  and that Gripp had the lowest bid.  The contract has been review by the city of Bloomington legal department and was unanimously approved by the utility services board.

Questions raised on necessity of new recycling facility


A group studying proposals for a new recycling facility in Monroe County raised questions at a meeting October 16th. Stephen Hale is a member of the citizens advisory committee to the Monroe County Solid Waste Management District. Hale and other committee members formed a working group last year to look into the feasibility of building a new materials recovery facility, or MRF. That facility would process local recyclables and get them ready for sale. But Hale said he doesn’t have enough information yet to convince him the project is viable.

The District got final approval earlier this month to move forward with building a clean-stream MRF, meaning it will only process pre-sorted recyclables. But District employees are also pushing to build a waste-stream MRF that would pull recyclables from unsorted garbage. Hale said the issue needs to be studied further.

The MRF proposal has been a subject of dispute on the District’s Board of Directors. Bloomington  Mayor Mark Kruzan has opposed the project, as have County Commissioners Iris Kiesling and Patrick Stoffers. Those three have been outvoted by four other members of the Board, led by Board President and City Council member Steve Volan.

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