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Interchange – Selling Democracy: Part One of The Way of Neoliberalism


It’s the water we swim in, the air we breathe. It’s all around us – yet we hardly it notice most of the time. It’s a matrix of ideas, incentives, and assumptions that shape our politics, our economy, and our lives. Today we kick off the first show in a four-part series we’re calling “The Way of Neoliberalism” on the …

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Matt Pierce and Drew Ash Debate in Race for District 61

In today’s WFHB community report, we hear excerpts from our interview with two candidates for State Representative in District 61. That district includes most of Bloomington. The incumbent, Matt Pierce, is running against an independent, Drew Ash. In this next clip, Ash speaks first on his policies related to education.

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Daily Local News – October 18, 2016

10/18/16 The race between Evan Bayh and Todd Young for Indiana’s vacant Senate seat has cost almost $30 million, according to new financial disclosure reports; The Indiana Secretary of State’s Office is reporting problems with voter registration information; The new fraud claims from the Secretary of State also come after the state government has been accused of suppressing African American …

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Local Live – Dave Stewart


Dave Stewart injured his hand and was unable to play guitar as planned for this session. However, he brought some early recordings from musical sessions with his family and discussed the delightful process of writing, creating and performing music with his son and daughter. We spun tunes from these early recordings and Stephanie interviewed Dave with an enlightened insight into …

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Activate! – Wylie House Museum

The Wylie House Museum offers visitors an opportunity to enjoy to a house as it might have looked in the 1840’s. The house was originally the home of Dr. Andrew Wylie, Indiana University’s first President. Wylie House was inhabited by Wylies for nearly 80 years; Andrew Wylie built the house in 1835 and lived there with his wife Margaret and …

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Conflicting Mammography Guidelines May Jeopardize Women’s Ability to Get Treatment

It’s mid-October and by now, you’ve probably picked up on the fact its Breast Cancer awareness month. Women all over the country are being flooded with information about breast cancer and breast health, yet it’s estimated one third of women never get a mammogram. Women may be asking “at what age am I supposed to start having mammograms, and how …

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Indiana Voters to Decide Whether or Not Hunting and Fishing Should Be Protected by the State Constitution

This year’s November ballot comes with an unusual  proposition: an amendment to Indiana’s constitution. Question Number One on the ballot asks Hoosiers whether the state should incorporate hunting and fishing as a right in the state constitution, in the same article as freedom of speech and the right to a fair trial. In addition to assigning constitutional protection to hunting …

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Daily Local News – October 17, 2016

The Monroe County Commissioners approved changes to the county’s human rights ordinance; In other business, Commissioners voiced their support for the purchase of 54 acres of land next to the airport; In other business, Jim Shelton with the Bloomington Chamber of Commerce let commissioners know that training for Court Appointed Special Advocates program, or CASA, will begin; This year’s November …

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Fire House Sessions – Mike Doughty


In his first time visiting in studio Mike Doughty brings us some new tracks off his new CD the Heart Watches and the Brain Burns. Fresh out of poetry school Doughty brings shares his thoughts on Bob Dylan, lyricism equating to Nobel Prizes and rock operas. Click that play button and take a listen in this episode of Firehouse Sessions! …

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Kite Line – October 14, 2016: Habeas Corpus

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The focus this week is on the impact of habeas corpus both for prisoners and their loved ones. We begin with news on a call-in effort for queer and trans prisoners in Michigan, followed by updates on the death due to neglect of a Michigan prisoner and the forced transfer of an Alabama prisoner. We touch on the story of …

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