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Hola Bloomington- February 23, 2018

Locutores Sira y Erick Gutierrez hablaron sobre los tipos de conflicto entre la familia y pareja, sobre los tipos de conflicto.  Tambien, nos cuentan como manejar esos problemas, como podemos administrar el conflicto entre otras ideas. Despues, tuvieron a un invitado sorpresa, David Davila Gonzalez.  Platico sobre el evento que se llevara acabo el jueves, primero de marzo en Players …

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Kite Line- February 23, 2018: Conscious in Confinement

In this episode, we share a phone call and three short essays from Timothy Smith. Smith spoke to us from inside Cook County Jail, the most recent place he has been held over ten years in custody. Timothy has been at a several institutions around Illinois, and describes entering prison and specifically Menard Correctional Center. He describes solitary confinement and …

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William Morris: Attorney, Radio Host, Soul Man

He started out as a deejay at WFHB and went on to become host of the popular Friday afternoon music show, Soul Kitchen, on Bloomington’s NPR station, WFIU. Brother William, as he’s known around town, is a lawyer, a civic volunteer, a teacher, and an aspiring Episcopal deacon. His story reaches as far back as the days of race and …

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Daily Local News – February 22, 2018

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In a two hour special session on Tuesday, City Council members heard members of the public  voice their concerns over Bloomington Police Department’s  purchase of an armored vehicle; The Indiana Legislature voted on amendments today to a Republican-sponsored bill that would require parents’ written permission for their children to be taught about human sexuality; An initiative to give Cook Group its own …

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Senate Bill Sixty-Five – Sex Education

The Indiana Legislature voted on amendments today to a Republican-sponsored bill that would require parents’ written permission for their children to be taught about human sexuality.

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bloomingOUT – Bloomington North United Students Discussion – February 22, 2018

BloomingOUT hosts lead a conversation with guests about problems concerning gender identity in the school systems. They also welcome a new co-host, Grant Rollins, a local youtube content maker and social-media guru; to discuss Queer pop-culture. ​​They are joined in the studio by Greg Chaffin, a guidance counselor from Bloomington High School North. Greg was the 2014 Indiana Counselor of the …

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Eco’s “Get Out and Hike!” – February 22nd, 2018

In this week’s episode of “Get Out and Hike!”  WFHB’s Jan Walker interviews Curtis Smith.

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Eco Feature – February 22nd, 2018

In this week’s feature, W-F-H-B correspondent Norm Holy interviews Regina Asmutis Silva from the Whale and Dolphin Conservation about Right Whales.

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Eco Report – February 22nd, 2018

In this week’s run-down of ecological news Eco Report’s Linda and Glenn Lightner report on the bill called the Fair Agricultural Reporting Method Act, the relocation of the non-profit Uplands PEAK Sanctuary and the push from Environmentalists urging state governors to ban total release foggers, known popularly as bug bombs.  And more is this week’s episode of Eco Report. This week’s …

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Local Live – Mike Piss – January 31, 2018

Mike Piss formed after Kevin Oliver and Annie Paquette boomeranged back to Bloomington after living in Massachusetts. They both got jobs at Soma where they met fellow barista Lucas Fisher. Kevin and Annie played a show at Lucas’s house before asking him to accompany them on drums. Kevins guitar progressions and lyrics root in 90s alternative and punk while Annie …

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