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Board Meeting Minutes: December 16, 2013


7:10 P.M.


Present: Joe Estivill, Matt Pierce, Kevin Jones, Carolyn VandeWiele, Richard Fish, Maria McKinley

Absent: Pam Davidson

Visitors Present: Helen Harrell, Carol Fischer, Trish Kerle, Sheryl Mitchell, Louis Malone, Maryll Jones, Shayne Laughter, Marc Haggerty, Michael Glab, Rich Reardin, Anson Shupe, Darin Bagley, Claude Bagley, Markus Lowe


Carolyn discusses some exceptions she has with the written minutes and states she would make her corrections and send them around. The Board agrees to take a look at her corrected Minutes via email and vote.


After discussion, it is decided by consensus the applicants will wait in the hall until their interview and observers will remain in the room and agree to observe confidentiality.

Bullet points from statements made by each applicant:

  • ANSON SHUPE – I bring a passion to the station; fairly new to town; retired; I have the time; academic; published sociologist
  • HELEN HARRELL – I love the station; I’m a past Board member having filled in for a vacancy; wants to be involved to keep the quality of the station; I’m about communication and mediation
  • LOUIS MALONE – I really care about the station; I can help by just being myself; experience in HR, management, conflict resolution
  • SHERYL MITCHELL – I bring a unique perspective to the board; we could use a different make-up of people on the Board; interested in fundraising
  • MARYLL JONES – I can help out with communication issues; wants to help at the station but doesn’t want to be on the air; more of a techie
  • MARKUS LOWE – I want to help; past GM and turned the station around during a financial crisis; wants to facilitate, bylaws, governance, strategic plan
  • RICH REARDIN – I want to help out at the Board level; have been interested in recent initiative; has an interest in Development Director position; radio producer


Before Cleveland’s report, Kevin Jones states he is officially resigning the Board this evening and will leave now, at the start of business. Motion to thank Kevin for his service is made by Richard and seconded by Matt and a unanimous vote of appreciation is passed. Handshakes and hugs all around and Kevin departs the meeting.


  • Krista Detor at the Monroe County Convention Center 12/12
  • Grant Street Co-Op benefit at Max’s Place 12/24
  • Root Cellar Lounge dance party – last one is December 20th. Looking to change the monthly venue but maintain a good relationship with FARM.
  • MailChimp – making the first foray into use of email client; the major advantages are a more professional appearance, creation of permanent email list which can be used for newsletter, a searchable database


  • Employee Handbook – met with Kevin Jones regarding an employee handbook; has a copy from a large local employer and excerpts from the textbook Managing Human Resources; not all the information Is applicable to the station; Cleveland will make appropriate cuts and send to the Personnel Committee
  • Facilities Committee – met to discuss the purchase of a digital console and IO box for approximately $8,000. The committee decided against the purchase but was in favor of spending significantly less money on equipment that will get us closer to our technological goals without breaking the bank, such as: TalentPods, a headset/mic combo – good fit for a talk show, will bring the station closer to two Strategic Plan initiatives (better on-air sound, talk shows), allows producers to talk directly into room, will cost less than half the price of a digital board ($1,600).
  • Development Director – secured the remainder of the $15,000 salary posited by the Strategic Plan; donor did not want to commit to two years without seeing how the first year goes; second year funding is likely with good results
  • Other – Jim Manion indicated this morning the updated DJ guidelines are on track to be completed by the end of the year; meeting scheduled with Alycin Bektesh and Joe Crawford regarding shared office space at MCPL – sharing space with CATS is at their invitation; there is a new graduate level class (SPEA) seeking real-world experience for students studying grant writing. WFHB will receive a small group of these students who will begin to work on a grant for us. They won’t be able to finish it during their semester, but it should be far enough along that we can continue the process after the semester.


  • June through December – last year we budgeted for the CPB money but it hasn’t come in yet and initial review is still in progress; Smithville has not paid their underwriting as yet; Rush Hour Station is on the horizon as an underwriter; an alarm system went on the fritz and we had them clean and service the other ones (to save on another potential service call charge); may need a new hard drive for the lobby computer – it operates more slowly than the others; accounting fees are high because we’ve already paid the annual income tax return; log software license fee was paid; Christmas bonuses for staff are already in the budget.
  • Year-End Fund Drive 2013 – it is underway, a postcard mailer campaign, an email blast using MailChimp, radio spots and Facebook posts. Targeting individuals who did not contribute during Fall Fund Drive.


  • Transmitter Info – Richard Fish – tabled to January
  • Digital Board Replacement Costs – Cleveland Dietz (see GM report)
  • Visioning Experience – Pam Davidson – tabled to January
  • Master Committee List – The Board Operations Manual has a Master Committee List – tabled
  • Reminder – email notes on GM hiring process to secretary


  • Matchstick Initiative – Pam Davidson – tabled to January
  • Board Operations Manual – very large and too expensive to print out (paper costs), Cleveland will send around digital copies
  • Executive Committee – set up after Will Murphy left, for the benefit of interim GMs, needs to have a formal Board Resolution – tabled
  • John Whikehart – retiring 1/13/14 from Ivy Tech and has accepted position as Deputy Mayor of Bloomington. Matt makes a motion to have Cleveland send a letter to John Whikehart thanking him for his service to WFHB. Seconded by Richard and passes unanimously. Richard to look for a photo of John in the Follies to accompany the letter. Tentative date of January 15th.
  • Joe comments – for WFHB volunteers and staff, all notices, important info, and announcements need to be posted on Spot Online first and then accepted on other sites and venues.

CLOSED SESSION – to discuss candidates for the Board openings


  • Richard makes a motion to offer Rich Reardin the 2012-2015 Board opening; Matt seconds and the motion passes unanimously.
  • Carolyn makes a motion to offer Sheryl Mitchell and Louis Malone the 2013-2016 Board openings; Matt seconds and the motion passes unanimously.


11:07 p.m.

Firehouse Follies – “Leftover Turkeys”


Firehouse Follies’ “Leftover Turkeys”  with special musical guest: songwriter Michael Smith. They were joined by Arbutus Cunningham, Art Heckman, the WFHB Gospel Gurlz, the Firehouse Rounders, and the Unusual Suspects Radio Acting Troupe for a live performance at the Ivy Tech Waldron Auditorium.

Norm Crampton of Bloom Magazine recently wrote a great piece about Firehouse Follies. Read it here.

“Leftover Turkeys” was made possible through the support of:

A Summerhouse Inn
Bloomington Area Arts Council
Cordell Construction
Ivy Tech Community College – Bloomington
Jalynn Designs


WFHB Quarterly Meeting Audio: December 7, 2013


Board Meeting Minutes: October 28, 2013

Call to Order: 7:17 pm

–Members in attendance: Joe Estivill, Richard Fish, Kevin Jones, Carolyn VandeWiele, Matt Pierce, Pam Davidson, Maria McKinley, Cleveland Dietz


–Minutes were reviewed, amended “motion to adjourn” item was accepted. Matt moved to approve the minutes, Richard seconded, and vote approve the minutes from September’s meeting was unanimous for.


–The following individuals offered comments to the Board on the topic of the candidates for the GM hiring: Emily Jackson, Patrick Siney, Gregory Travis, Reina Wong, Tom Szeymanski, Mark Lowe, Kelly Wherley, Marc Tschida. One person met all 3 candidates and gave a summary of what each candidate might bring to the station, one person talked about the qualities of the station and asked that we keep that in mind. Of the six remaining, three knew Chad Carrothers and not the other candidates and three knew Carrothers and one other candidate. Six individuals shared their support for Carrothers specifically.


–GM hiring and candidates; Back pay for paid staff; Interim GM’s contract expires; Personnel/volunteer issue


–Tabled for discussion, handouts provided, additional copies available upon request

GENERAL MANAGER’S REPORT – All tabled for discussion

–Fund Drive Update – handouts provided, additional copies available upon request

–Digital Board Replacement Costs – handouts provided, additional copies available on request

–New Bank & Fees, IRS POA, credit card processing

OLD BUSINESS – All tabled for discussion

–Visioning experience

–Master committees

–Kevin Jones and the Cage

–New transmitter info


–Makes notes on the GM hiring process for future reference – tabled

Meeting adjourned: 10:10 pm

WFHB Board of Directors hires permanent General Manager

The WFHB Board met on November 25, 2013 to determine the next steps in the General Manager search.  With the decline of employment from Mr. Kevin Culbertson, the board decided that there was no need to reopen the search with the current two finalists remaining and a potential additional candidate to consider as a finalist.  The board determined that Mr. Cleveland Dietz, who had previously received an interview from the selection committee for the position of GM should receive a finalist interview with the board to be considered along with the other remaining finalists.

Given the data collected on each candidate, the committee engaged in a lengthy deliberation and compared the overall competencies and strengths to determine which finalist would best meet the current and future needs of the station.  To evaluate each finalist, the board reviewed the strengths of the three finalists considering the interview results, input received from the staff, interview committee notes, and the membership input.

After a unanimous vote, it was agreed that Cleveland should receive an offer of employment to become the next General Manager of WFHB. An offer was extended to Cleveland on November 26, 2013 and he accepted. Cleveland, who is familiar to us during his years of volunteer service at WFHB and the last five months as interim GM was selected based on the following:

1.  Experience with WFHB

  • Served as news volunteer
  • Serving successfully as the interim GM
  • Understands “volunteer powered radio”

2.  Familiarity with radio station operations


  • Day to day operation
  • Logs and traffic management
  • FCC compliance requirements
  • Recognizes the need to update and maintain equipment from studio to tower

3. General Characteristics As interim GM has demonstrated:

  • Flexibility
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Ethics
  • Decision-making skills
  • Willingness to change and adapt
  • Willingness to continually learn

4. Fit and interest

  • Loves the station and clearly wants the station to be successful
  • Respected by staff and volunteers

5.  Strategy and Vision

  • Understands the current strategy and has been working to execute it
  • Has a vision for the station to grow and truly live up to the slogan of “community radio for south central Indiana
  • Wants to reach out and include volunteers from other counties beyond Monroe
  • Wants to expand news coverage to include news from other cities in our listening area
  • Envisions live in-studio videos circulating around the internet
  • Wants to establish a tradition of news speakers to come in and give talks

6.  Staff and Membership Relationships

  • Understands the importance of the Staff and Volunteers
  • Wants to recognize the value of the work of the staff
  • Believes we are over-reliant on a small staff and must work on solutions to address this
  • Wants to harness the energy of the volunteers to create greater success for WFHB
  • Wants to communicate to the volunteers clearly
  • Use Spot Online for issues that come up
  • Update the website regularly,
  • Reinstate the monthly volunteer meetings
  • Wants to build a sense of belonging among the volunteers
  • Feels that we can use broadcast time to talk about WFHB meetings and events to communicate to the membership and volunteers

7. Continuous Improvement

  • Believes the station operation can continually improve

8.  Fundraising and Development

  • Understands the necessity and importance of fundraising
  • Looks forward to prioritizing the selection of a development director
  • Must work to overcome the current state of “strapped for money”
  • Must continue to emphasize two 10 day fund drives
  • Need to work hard to gain traditional funding through on-air appeals and mailings
  • Should work on payment processing changes to allow us to take credit cards at events and the station

9.  Station Image and Community Presence

  • Believes he will need to devote a significant amount of time to community relationships

Let us all welcome Mr. Cleveland Dietz as our new General Manager of WFHB Radio. If you have questions for the board about the selection process, feel free to communicate with us. Thank you.

Board Meeting Minutes: November 25, 2013

Call to Order: 7:10 pm

-Members in attendance: Joe Estivill, Richard Fish, Kevin Jones, Carolyn VandeWiele, Matt Pierce, Pam Davidson, Maria McKinley, Cleveland Dietz


- Maryll Jones, Mark Lowe, Louis Malone, Anson Shupe, Clarence Boone, Jeffrey Morris, Jim Manion, Peter Kaczmarczyh, Jeanne Smith, Liza Pavelich, Joy Shayne Laughter, Kelly Wherley, Mark Tschida, Steve Pollitt

- Joe Estivill: Read the bylaws, get involved.


- Estivill asks to delay the approval of meeting minutes. Davidson makes a motion to delay. Pierce offers a second and vote is unanimous.


- Co-Promotions: Village Arts Walk in Nashville 11/9 and 11/10; IDEAS Network at Monroe County Public Library 11/11; Kalispell, Busman’s Holiday and Vollmar at The Bishop Bar 11/15; My Sister’s Closet fundraiser at American Legion Post #18 11/30

- Hot Spot Dance Party at The Root Cellar Lounge 11/15

- Hoagy Carmichael birthday celebration concerts at The Players Pub 11/21 and 11/22 brought in approximately $440

- Updated DJ guidelines should be ready by the end of the year

- PRSS membership is up for renewal. We need to decide by December 31 if we want to remain a member of this distribution network. Total cost is more than $4,000 per year. We’re able to acquire Zorba Paster On Your Health, Isla Earth, and SoundBeat from it. Zorba costs an additional $3,298 per year. We do accept $4,000 grant from Raymond Foundation

- Harmony School intern working in the music library for organization

- Potential collaboration with Youth Services Bureau in the works

- Nash Hott will be leaving at the end of the semester to take a job as a TA

- CPB application is in. We lost $2,000 as the amount is now down to $68,000. The government shutdown led them to front-load the distribution and lower the total amount given.

- Matchstick Initiative application process does not seem as complex as Community Foundation made it out to be. It will require input from board members and probably be up to the Executive Committee to fill out. Due on January 31

- There are currently no applicants for the Ivy Tech work study position


- Income report: still recovering pledges from Fall Fund Drive last month

- Special event income was from Hoagy Carmichael birthday party

- Underwriting line item is short and we have a pending decision supposedly from Sahara Mart

- More expenses under office supplies

- We are ahead $3,000 this month

- We are down slightly for the quarter due to less coming in from fund drive. Dietz suspects the lesser results were due to government shutdown, local layoffs at GE and Smithville

- Year-to-date we are $2,000 short, partially because of the STL transmitter purchase

- Stampfli & Associates offered a scenario if we are considering renting out studio space, it may cost a small amount in property tax and would add an extra form when filing return. We might consider donating space (as long as end product is aired on WFHB). Nonprofits have to account for this kind of thing as unrelated income, property tax and what percentage of income.

- A CD player in the air room has died. An IRS individual was incorrect when telling us we need to designate a POA to allow them to talk with our accountant. We just need to send a letter.


- Current projects include on-air promos to promote our departments, logging our “flights,” record fresher promos for news and music departments, and updating the DJ guidelines

- VandeWiele stated the production on the last Lotus Live CD “is marvelous.”


- Concerning “The Cage” – Jeffrey Morris and Dietz will meet ASAP to come up with a list of improvements, repairs, requests to present to Paul Daily by 12/15. John Whikehart has announced he will retire mid-January.

- Digital Board replacement – The price is good at $8,000. The Facilities Committee will need to take a look and provide a written request, even if we are not able to install it for a while. There’s approximately $10,000 in the Capital Account. When the time comes for a new board, we’ll need to take steps to provide different learning curves, set up mentors, debrief, and have staff serve as cheerleaders.

- Health insurance – Bill Stant is currently out of town. Dietz asked Stant to review our insurance. Kim Sims from First Insurance Group says our insurance will be changing and that prices will likely be changing, too.

- Christmas bonuses – Dietz is hunting in HR and financial records for a history

- 12/7 – Quarterly meeting, 12 noon, place to be determined. Ivy Tech’s policy for rent-free option is the week before.

- 12/23 Board meeting – Since the Board meeting will be 2 days before Christmas, 12/16 is also available for the Hooker Room and the meeting will be changed to the 12/16.

- The Board moves down the hall to the McCloskey Conference Room for a closed session dealing with the GM hire. The Board looks at the applicant pool to initiate the discussion. The interim GM is interviewed for the position. The Board votes in favor of hiring Dietz as the permanent GM.

Meeting adjourned: 11:30 pm

Board Meeting Minutes: September 23, 2013

Call to Order: 7:07PM

–Members in attendance: Joe Estivill, Pam Davidson, Matt Pierce, Richard Fish, Cleveland Dietz, Maria McKinley


–No minutes available to review/approve


–Joy will be reducing her time with grant writing. One more paycheck is due before the end of the month. Moving forward with underwriting will wait until fund drive is over.

–Firehouse Follies underwriting is usually $500, but this last event, $175 came from Mike Kelsey Fund.

–Drive Premiums: Pam Davidson said donors must deduct the worth of the premium in order to deduct the difference for tax purposes. Cleveland Dietz will take a look at the wording to verify that we are making the correct announcement on the air (the paperwork/receipt shows the correct amount).

–With regard to credit card purchases made on behalf of station business, checks and balances are in place. Joe Estivill and Cleveland Dietz check the statements.


–Publicity: “Dirt,” a storytelling event, was held at The Bishop on 9/13 and featured in the Indiana Daily Student; WFHB built an outhouse car for an outhouse race in Brown County which was featured in the Brown County Democrat; WFHB co-promoted Sycamore Land Trust fundraiser Hillbilly Haiku at Upland Brewery on 8/31; storytelling booth was set up at Open Streets; Root Cellar Lounge dance parties with Jim Manion taking the lead with volunteers; booth at 4th Street Festival had a sign-up for volunteers and Firehouse Follies recorded a 30-minute segment

–Fund Drive: 4th & Rogers street party for First Friday; special premium provided for pledges taken at the event

–Programming: Brown County Day is now monthly, 1st Sunday of the month; The Porch Swing has returned to the air after summer; The Custom House is gone for now; Free Speech Radio News will be gone by the end of the month (Sept.) due to their lack of funding. We’re looking for a short-term solution off of PRX, NPAC to look for alternative programming.

–Music committee is revising the DJ agreement; News Department to produce a similar agreement

–Lotus Fund Drive netted $4,758. 152 tickets sold.

–Firehouse Follies netted $433 this quarter. Bloomington Arts Council grant is out.

–Goal for next year: Monroe County Fall Festival to sponsor some bands or at least have a table.

–Cleveland Dietz will be sending some bullet points to the board members who are writing letters to the editor regarding Fall Fund Drive support.


–Pam Davidson explained the initial process when beginning to put together a plan for establishing an endowment. She suggested a visioning exercise where we try to imagine what the station would be like if money were no object. What would we want to support and who should we talk to? An endowment sustains itself forever and leaves a legacy for those who are dedicated to a lasting vision for the station. A retreat situation was suggested for October or November. Retreat sign up will be sent around to board members.

–Strategic Planning: no updates.

–Master Committees: tabled until next month.

–Kevin Jones, Ivy Tech and the “Cage:” Kevin Jones and Cleveland Dietz sat down to a meeting with John Whikehart. John Whikehart is opposed to moving forward and has never been otherwise. We are to offer 3 different plans (we must go through Paul Daily) and they will accept one. Kevin Jones would be the lead contact, paper trail and CCs. Suggested to include safety issues in the plan.

–GM hiring: The Personnel Committee finished the first round of interviews (8) and is meeting tomorrow night to select the finalists.

–Richard Fish and Transmitter Info: Society of Radio Broadcast Engineers did not respond. Richard Fish says we need to do 3 things. Check our equipment. Measure our signal. Find out how we can improve things. A proof of performance test was done by Jeff Wheldon in 2010. We are currently in a sun spot cycle due to storms on the sun so suggested we wait until November. It is best to gather information about where the problem is, where the signal is weak. It would be possible to move the transmitter, but would require an FCC application. Our signal is in conflict with Kentucky station 91.3 and Vincennes station 91.7. The FCC to open up AM translators. Suggestion was made to improve audible signal through proper modulation at the station. Richard Fish will post a notice to Spot Online and ask the volunteers to report in about the signal strength.

–Talk Show Proposals: NPAC is concerned that it doesn’t become trash talk.


–Joe Estivill presented copies of a letter from Chad Carrothers, previous general manager, stating he was returning to Bloomington, and asking to be considered for reinstatement as GM. The board entered into closed session.

Meeting Adjourned: 9:20PM

Quarterly Meeting Minutes: Sept. 7, 2013

Call to Order: 12:30PM
Staff Present: Cleveland Dietz, Jim Manion, Alycin Bektesh, Joe Crawford
Board Present: Maria McKinley
Other Members Present: 18



–Financial Snapshot: WFHB has made just under $12,000 from Lotus Fund Drive with 21 tickets left to sell. Over the last 3 months, we’ve exceeded our underwriting sales goals with major players entering or re-entering the field after lapsing—Michael’s Uptown Café, Midas Auto Service Experts, and Stafford Law, LLC—and we are about $2,500 better than we expected to be in the budget at this time.
–New website launched to rave reviews, particularly with regards to the Spinitron display on the front page. Now is the time to look at the site with a critical eye and provide us with feedback as we seek to improve an already good and more user-friendly product. Feedback can be sent to
–Fall Fund Drive is approaching. The dates are 10/4 – 10/13 so it will be a tight turnaround from Lotus Fund Drive. We’re not doing anything different with our goals, we’re looking for $45,000 to $50,000 in 10 days, so it will be a huge undertaking and require as many hands on deck as possible. Fund Drive Committee meetings, which are designed to help plan our presentation during the drive are scheduled for Thursday at noon. Come to the meetings, if you can. Otherwise, there are all kinds of other ways to help. Cleveland will be sending out a sing-up sheet for “catcher” (people to answer the phone) shifts soon. We will continue to celebrate our 20th birthday with “10 Days of Cake” and will need people to staff that table, as well.

–New website looks great, but is much more multimedia centered. We need to figure out how to produce more photos as material cannot be featured without a photo. Some producers have left feedback with Alycin expressing concern that their shows were not prominent enough on the new website. It’s important feedback like this that will produce the best website possible. Please look at it with a critical eye and tell us what is great and what is not-so-great. Send critical remarks to
–Brown County Hour is now monthly at 9 a.m. on the first Sunday of the month. They’ve wanted to do so for a long time. The show sounds better than ever and often reaches the thousands in terms of podcast downloads, so the station was not that concerned about its radio time slot.
–The Porch Swing starts again tonight. That means The Custom House will not be on the air until, at least, next summer. The Porch Swing is in dire need of stories at it remains unsustainable with a producer who lives in another state. No one responded to a call for people to host “storytelling parties” to record their friends’ and family’s best stories for WFHB in exchange for a gift certificate to a local bookseller.
–New short modules schedule: 9 a.m. – The Hightower Lowdown, 10 a.m. – BirdNote, 1 p.m. – The Hightower Lowdown, 2 p.m. – Isla Earth, 3 p.m. – Sound Beat, 4 p.m. – was ACLU Civil Liberties Minute, but shortly after launch we found that the show didn’t keep a regular schedule. It will likely be replaced at some point in the future by a Daily Local News preview called Headlines.
–Joe Crawford said he’d like to see people share WFHB stories with their social media networks, particularly those linked to sound. He also reminded people that the news department is not embedded in every facet of society, so if someone has a news tip, they should share it with the news department via email at or in person.

–Jim introduced the new volunteers who just attended the volunteering meeting the previous hour. Jim reminded everyone that the fall frenzy is starting and takes a lot of volunteers to support these events.
–Planning for Lotus is ongoing: it’s the 20th anniversary of the event. Check Spot Online every day for important information about the fund drive and Lotus.
–Fund Drive runs 10/4 – 10/13. Please attend Fund Drive orientation if you are an on-air DJ. There will be a kick-off party on the 4th and Tuesday the 8th will be Brown County Day.
–Our accuracy with Spinitron is very important, especially logging in the correct start times for songs. If you are planning to do an in-studio interview or even a remote interview, please give Jim at least a week’s notice to arrange for the proper engineering support and publicity.
–There is much library work needing to be done. If you would like to help out, talk with Jim and he will train you on labeling, filing and other ongoing work to maintain the library.
–Important reminder: Please put CDs back in the correct place.
–There will be a work study intern from IU working in the Music Department.

–Note that DLN copy for Bloomingfoods and credits need to be updated, music intros for special programming
–Clarification that eTown live show in Bloomington is postponed indefinitely
–Discussion of playing music from YouTube—fine as a last resort, though clumsy for multiple songs. Okay to download tracks from YouTube and put them on CDs for play as long as they come from a commercially available source.
–Free downloads from artist websites are okay to play as the artist website constitutes a commercially available source.
–Clarification that the calendar on the website is visible for anyone in the public.
–Note that there is no place for meeting minutes on the website as it stands.

Meeting Adjourned: 1:20PM

Lotus Fund Drive is finished! Thank you so much!

Thank you for supporting WFHB Community Radio and Lotus World Music and Arts Festival!

Brown County Hour – New Day and Time!

Stay tuned Sunday, September 1, from 9 – 10 am, for BROWN COUNTY HOUR’s Episode 18, broadcasting on local radio station WFHB (100.7 FM).  This award-winning radio program highlights many facets of life in Brown County with artists, musicians, history, storytelling, theater, events, and poetry. You may hear the show at 9 am as it airs on WFHB radio or stream it on at your leisure. Later the show can be listened to from the archives on either the WFHB or Brown County Hour websites (see info below).

Our theme this episode is “Things that go Thump in the Woods.” The colorful cast of Brown County characters includes Jeff Tryon as Tramp Star, Gunther Flumm, the motley Brown County Hour Comedy Troupe, and new contributor and local author of the book for women, Practical Guide to Fishing - Peggy Daily, with a hilarious story about turtle fishing. Special guests include violinist Carolyn Dutton, Keith Bradway reading his Bare Wallow letter to the editor, Brown County Park naturalist Cassie Norman on snakes, Jon Kay reading a James Whitcomb Riley poem, and Charlie Cole and Linda Baden enlightening the listener on the controversy regarding Yellowwood road.

As we enter our 4th year on WFHB, the Brown County Hour goes monthly. Our door is always open to people who would like to join the team as writers, audio editors, interviewers, sound effects magicians, or technical wizards. Please contact Vera Grubbs at 812-988-2946 or Brown County Hour is produced by volunteers from the county.  We welcome your ideas or comments.

Our crew meets weekly on Tuesday evenings, 6:30 – 8:30 pm, at the studio in the Traditional Arts Building, 46 E Gould St., on the east side of the building.

This show and past shows can be streamed on the Brown County Hour website,, or

WFHB FM radio airs the shows at 100.7 FM in Nashville, 106.3 FM in Ellettsville, 98.1 FM in Bloomington, and 91.3 FM for south central Indiana, or on line at


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