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The Custom House – When Between Two Infinities, Go All In: Reading Pascal’s Pensées (Extended Conversation w/ Hall Bjornstad)


In this episode of The Custom House we’re joined by Hall Bjornstad, an assistant professor of French in the French and Italian Department at Indiana University. We’ll be discussing the 17th century religious thinker and mathematical genius Blaise Pascal to see if we can find ways to fail better by reading his collection of fragments titled the Pensées where he has written, “Men are so necessarily mad that it would be another twist of madness not to be mad.” In this radio cut we discuss what is likely the most famous fragment, the one called “The Wager,” as well as the section often referred to as “The Two Infinities.” This extended cut focuses on the Pensées fragments labeled “Diversion.” We also confront Pascal’s own “conversion experience” represented in a fragment scholar’s have called The Memorial. This short piece resembles the poetry of religious mysticism and which, upon Pascal’s death, was discovered sewn into his clothing positioned over his heart. He had told no one about the experience.

EcoReport – August 15, 2013


In today’s EcoReport feature, Jeff Stant from the Indiana Forest Alliance explains how over the last decade the state government has ramped up destructive industrial logging practices in your public forests.

EcoReport is a weekly program providing independent media coverage of environmental and ecological issues with a focus on local, state and regional people, issues, and events in order to foster open discussion of human relationships with nature and the Earth and to encourage you to take personal responsibility for the world in which we live. Each program features timely eco-related headline news, a feature interview or event recording, and a calendar of events of interest to the environmentally conscious.

Anchors: Trish Kerle, Sarah Hetrick
This week’s news stories were written by Joe Crawford and Linda Greene
This week’s calendar was compiled by Kristina Wiltsee
Our broadcast engineer is Dan Withered
Producers for EcoReport are Phil Kasper, Kelly Miller and Dan Young
Executive producer is Alycin Bektesh

bloomingOUT – August 15, 2013


Singer/Songwriter/Producer Carrie Pietz performs live in studio, chats about her musical career and community event activities with Metro Rising, Rock and Bowl and Girls Rock Camp Indy. Musical selections are “Stars” and “Summer Lovin” from her latest “Stars” CD and “I Said Please,” “True Love” and “Trouble With Me” from her “Wreckless Decisions” CD.  President of Black Equity Indy Sinceray Jackson calls in with an overview of this year’s successful Pride events and talks about organizational plans for outreach and events scheduled for the upcoming year.

Standing Room Only – The Cycle of Violence: The Protective Order Process in Monroe County


Last Thursday, August 8th, County Commissioner Julie Thomas moderated a panel discussion focusing on domestic violence and access to protective orders in Monroe county. The discussion meant to bring awareness to the issue of domestic violence in our community. Speakers included, Linda Robbins, Monroe County Clerk Toby Strout, Executor Director of Middle Way House Robert Miller, Chief Deputy, Prosecutor’s Office Kevin Getz, Indiana State Police and Honorable Francis G. Hill, Monroe County Judge. Thomas questioned the panel about current policies in place for protective orders, and later opening the discuss up to questions from the audience. This event was recorded on location by community access television services for Standing Room Only, on WFHB.

Interchange – Colin Allen: Thinking About Thinking Machines


This week on Interchange, host Doug Storm talks with Colin Allen, a professor in the Department of History and the Philosophy of Science, about robotics, autonomous moral agents, and their portrayal in popular culture.  Allen talks about Google Cars, C3PO, and military and surveillance drones.  His work seeks to response to Rosalind Picard’s assertion that the more freedom a machine has the more it will need a moral sense.

Hola Bloomington – August 9, 2013


Hostess Luz Maria Lopez and Jenny Gibson interviewed Keyla Guevara. Keyla works for the 5/3 bank and explains the benefits of the eBus that will be in Bloomington on August 20 and 21. Also Luis vs Luis and Heydi Encarnacion with her health segment. Desde los pasillos and the events of the week.

Board Minutes: July 22, 2013

Monday, July 22, 2013, 7:00 p.m.
Hooker Conference Room, #245, City Hall, 201 N. Morton St., Bloomington, IN

call to order 7:11 p.m.
Present: Joe Estivill, Maria McKinley, Pam Davidson, Matt Pierce, Richard Fish, Carolyn VandeWiele, Cleveland Dietz
Absent: Kevin Jones
Guests: Jeffrey Morris, Pam Raider, Jeffrey Foster, Honda Thompson, Bill Stant

Pam made a motion to accept the June Minutes, Carolyn seconded the motion, minutes approved.

Joe asked the Board to allow reports to be given in full before asking questions or making comments and to be recognized by him so that everyone may have a chance to participate.

Per review of the Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual for 6/1/13 through 7/22/13
Actual Income reported $7,989.57 vs Budget of $9,560.00
Actual Expense reported $36,738.04 vs Budget $34,529.13


Co-Promotions: Samantha Crain at The Bishop, Handsome Family & Danny Barnes at The Bishop, Kroger Health Fair at the east side Kroger.

The Into Art article is out.

Website updated to include contact information for all personnel, all original programming, as well as an up-to-date list of underwriters with links to their websites. New board members have been updated on the site.

Digital Archivist position: The search committee met, the personnel committee then reviewed applicants and selected the top 3. Phone interviews were conducted and applicants were narrowed down to in-person interviews. Joe and Cleveland believe John Turner is the best applicant for the position and now recommend the Board approve John R. Turner for the digital archivist position. Matt made a motion, seconded by Carolyn, unanimous vote to select John.

Three new underwriting reps are on board and two are attending a workshop led by Hondo Thompson this evening.

We have acquired a dedicated Macbook Pro for remote broadcasts.

The Facilities committee began meeting as prescribed by the Strategic Plan and has cleaned out the loft. Initial training meetings for all staff on the new website are completed. The new website launch will be August 16th. The switchover will require the site to be down for a day.

Approximately $915 was made from our 10-day early summer web drive, after postage.

June: Some of the changes were because Cleveland and Chad were both on the payroll and upgrades going on the last month.

$85 was spent for the 4th St Festival ad, up from last year.

Letʼs be sure, when the opportunity arises, to turn in a “wish list” to Ivy Tech that includes maintenance issues.

COMMITTEE COMMENTS: posting and access to minutes via google docs:



#1 Priority is the strength of the signal. Richard suggested obtaining an engineering survey, contacting broadcast engineering consultants. How much we want to spend and what do we need to know needs to be addressed beforehand. Matt suggested Mark Antonetti, chief engineering consultant. WFIU may have someone for us to contact. Proof of performance testing, check that audio is good, monitor off air signals, and noise to air ratio. Suggested that we wait until the new amplifier is installed. May be that audio and RX signals are as good as they can be. Richard has volunteered to get some bids. There should be a list of complaints and problems to give to Richard before the audit. Although the Strategic Plan is on the Agenda, there never seems to be enough time to devote to this important issue. By unanimous discussion, it was decided that a special meeting to discuss the Strategic Plan will be called in the very near future. Joe and Cleveland will come up with an online sign-up to determine the best working time for this meeting.
The job opening has been posted on CPB and WFHB website. August 9th is the application deadline. We currently have 11 applications. The question was raised whether we should post the job to the HT and Matt said no.

Discussion of the committee make-up was tabled.

Kevin Jones was absent, report tabled.

Matchstick grant w/Community Foundation, Endowment Drive, IRA charitable roll-over, Bloom mag post-card for fund drive; discussion was tabled due to time constraint.

Ivy Tech has proposed to take the space outside the Waldron along 4th Street and turn it into a green space. The parking spaces will be gone, there will be places for students to sit, some landscaping. We will ask that the proposal does not impede on our ability to move equipment in and out of our space. Spot!

Pam Raider and Jeffrey Foster spoke concerning the $75/month rent Pam has been paying for 3 years. Jeffrey said the show started 3 years ago and the studio was provided by the Nashville Historical Society. $75 included the utilities/month. The studio is within a group of buildings which are going to be razed; some have already been torn down. The BCH has been looking for a replacement studio space and Jeffrey states rent replacement could be $300 – $400/month. Jeffrey has opened his own teaching studio, Brown County Music Studio, 3 days a week, and has offered to rent space out to other music teachers. But he says if he opened it up to the BCR, he could charge WFHB $125/month. Itʼs around 30 ft by 15 ft, has a private bathroom, parking is nearby, quiet location. His rent is locked into a month to month arrangement. Jeffrey feels we should plan ahead before the building is razed. Pam suggested if they were
allowed to do their own underwriting locally, they could raise the money for the rent. Pam suggests they price the sponsorships equitably. Equipment: when the show began, the station provided a Mac Mini, its 3 yrs old, but
now it has crashed. Jeffrey was able to get it started back up. He is asking for the equipment to be replaced. Matt states we would need to firm up all the details – $1500/year, open market of Brown County, $350-400 typically monthly rent, probably raise the money in specific underwriting for the program. But assuming there would be no underwriting support, can our budget support it? Legally: there are questions remaining about Jeffreyʼs written contract, is it possible to sublet from Jeffrey, there could be legal ramifications down the road, abandonment of property and loss of our equipment. Next step is to talk with Alycin or Cleveland to get these questions answered. $50 sponsorship for a show, max of 4 sponsors per show could work. GM to provide a specific proposal for this. Cleveland found a document that we received a grant to purchase the equipment from the Brown County Chamber of Commerce. Itʼs possible we could take over the payment of $75/month from Pam and pay the Historical Society directly. There will be some time factor involved, buildings have to be torn down and new ones built. Cleveland will check with the Brown County Historical Society to see what their time table might be. Follow up at next monthʼs Board meeting.

Bill Stant is our current agent. Anthem/BCBS provides our current health care coverage. Bill came with handouts showcasing six companies with health plan quotes. Aetna is off the table because there is no local network. IHC is the cheapest, but there is a high deductible. SIHO is just above the competitive rates. These rates do not take into account health history or an increase in rates the first of the year. The Indiana Department of Insurance could allow an increase up to 110%. Renewal rates have been around an 8% increase. The best rates may be if Anthem could give us a mid-year rate change. If we are planning to change providers, select 2 companies, have the insurees fill out the application forms to find out what the charges will really be. A health savings account is where employees place money into a medical savings account and these become tax free dollars to spend on medical care. Currently, the station pays the entire premium. Spouse and children are eligible for coverage. Try to get all 3 employees on the plan otherwise we will only be a 66% participant. Better priced plans require 75% participation. ACA will not apply since we have less than 50 employees. There are small employee tax credits and payroll tax credits for companies like us. Cleveland will contact Stampfli group about this. After a brief discussion which included topics such as the new GM hire effect on insurance and the fact no decision needed to be made until the first of the year, Matt suggested we table this until the November Board meeting.

Jeffrey Morris made a request for the station to purchase an STL amplifier for our Mosley SL9300 series STL transmitter. The new amp is SL9000SFA. He has a quote from Pro Audio for $2,360. Jeffrey asks that we spend money from the capital account. The STL carries our audio to the transmitter. The 91.3 frequency and both translators depend on this. Shortly before we installed the new HD digital transmitter and new digital STL, we discovered a strong interfering signal from the STL of 88.9, a station owned by Spirit 95. This prevented us from using our new digital STL. We have relicensed our STL to a new frequency that allowed for a 10 watt amplifier. The new STL 1 watt transmitter produces a signal at the low end of the usable range. Jeffrey believes we need to purchase the 10 watt amp to bring our signal into a more secure
range. “Our signal is at risk and we need to fulfill our license power.” There are no additional set up costs, just the purchase price of the amp. It will take around 20 minutes to switch over; the amp holds the signal in place, it doesnʼt make it better. Discussion was held, the capital account could cover the cost. Matt made a motion to purchase the Mosley STL, Richard seconded, motion passed unanimously.

A volunteer has made business cards with the WFHB call letters and his own name. WFHB station policy is that no one can use the call letters for personal use. Matt discussed the legal issue of apparent authority vs actual authority. Cleveland will follow up with the volunteer. It was discussed that no one, even those who conduct business for the station, have their own personal business cards. A suggestion was made that generic cards could be printed with the call letters, logo, address, phone# etc. but it was not a priority at this time.

Made by Joe, seconded by Matt; Meeting adjourned at 9:18 p.m.

Board Minutes: June 25, 2013

June 25, 2013, 7:00 p.m.
Hooker Room, City Hall, 201 N. Morton St., Bloomington, IN

The meeting was called to order at 7:11pm.
Members Present: Joe Estivill, Matt Pierce, Richard Fish, Maria McKinley, Kevin Jones,
Carolyn VandeWiele, Chad Carrothers and Cleveland Dietz, Pam Davidson

Richard Fish made a motion to amend the minutes to include the effective date of Chad Carrother’s resignation as General Manager, June 30, 2013. Matt Pierce second and the motion passed unanimously.

Carolyn VandeWiele then made a motion to accept the minutes as amended.
Richard Fish seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


Carolyn VandeWiele nominated Joe Estivill who accepted the nomination. Matt Pierce – Second

There were no further nominations and no discussion.

The nomination passed by a vote of 5:0:1 with Richard Fish abstaining.

Chad Carrother nominated Maria McKinley. Matt Pierce – Second

Discussion – there is a thumb drive with everything on it for a handbook

The nomination passed unanimously.

Chad Carrothers recommended Matt Pierce

The board reviewed the duties of the Treasurer: to balance the check book, keep paperwork filed in a timely fashion, ensure tax filings are done, work with GM on budget, check numbers every few weeks, provide oversight and creative forward thinking on financial matters.

One consideration: Chad knew our system top to bottom, Cleveland does not. Chad strongly urged the Board to find an accountant with a public spirit who would be willing to serve.

Kevin Jones suggested that we should look for someone who could fulfill the functions of treasurer rather than narrowing it down simply to an accountant. The board decided to postpone election of a treasurer while we review the board matrix for needs and look for an accounting expert, CPA, or other financial whiz with interest in radio who would fulfill our needs. Chad can act as a consultant and Stampfli & Assoc. has a Quickbooks expert we can call on with questions in the meantime. After the discussion, Matt Pierce proposed that we appoint Joe Estivill as our acting  Treasurer until an alternative can be found.

Kevin Jones – second
The proposal passed unanimously.

For four months out of the year we have a positive balance sheet. Those four months are Spring and Fall Fund Drive, and CPB Grant Funding 1 (usually February) and 2 (usually November). The other months we have negative income which is typical for organizations that are funded as we are. This is our first true Balance Sheet in many years – our records have been corrupted by bad data. Laura Cullison from Stampfli & Assoc. did an audit of our books and made corrective general journal adjustments to fix our Quickbooks records.

Some highlights:

  • We don’t file depreciation because we are a non-profit
  • Real estate – assessors value
  • Assets values – is this cost basis? Look at it as accounting value – the current market value for what we might get from insurance or for sale if we sold everything

We can not rectify the line intangible assets line because we don’t know what this actually represents. Laura Cullison was uncomfortable writing this off at this time and wanted to put their heads together at Stampfli & Assoc to figure out what this is before making a final adjustment.

Profit and Loss and Budget Notes:
We fell short on Grant income in 2012-13; due to the sequester, we received less money from the CPB than we had budgeted. Some of this income may eventually be returned.

We had no new grant income other than grants we have filed in past years (eg. MLK grant)

Membership income was up 7%

Contribution income is income not associated with a particular drive (drives are given a definitive start and stop date for accounting purposes), This is now folded in under membership as a subset of that category.

Merchandise – We have removed this from budget as we don’t really sell anything, there are logistics issues, and we have decided to use “merchandise” as premiums instead. This is a standard model – to accept donations and give things as a gifts – we may look at merchandise again in the future but not now.

SUTA (State Unemployment Tax Act) is low; in our annual budget we spread this amount evenly over the 12 months. However, we only pay SUTA on the first $9-$10,000 of an employee’s income and then don’t pay further. We elected to leave it in the budget as it is, as it gives us a cushion.

Advertising and promotions – The purchase of 3000 stickers for 20th anniversary went over budget. This item has a limited shelf life so we didn’t order the usual amount but we are using them for our anniversary events.

The Billboard looks great – one is situated just south of the Gosport tower on 37 South.

Supplies – The overage in supplies is directly related to upgrades in “the cage” – to purchase equipment to outfit three reporter stations (Note that some of this expense was budgeted for the 2013-14 year but in actuality was paid for in May and there will be a few hundred dollars in related expenses that will appear in the June P&L).

Most expenses came in under budget

Engineering expenses were well under budget. The amount put in the budget was based on previous years when we had a bunch of engineering expenses – STL replacement, etc.

We have insurance on the transmitter; two years ago we upped our insurance to give us full translator coverage as well.

WFHB Endowment does not appear on the balance sheet – currently our endowment stands at about $34,000 and we roll over the income back into the Endowment every year. At the present time only about $4000 of that money would actually be available for WFHB to use. A long term goal for the Endowment would be to run off this income – we would need in the range of $2,000,000 in funds to cover our entire budget.

The Board discussed applying for a new Matchstick grant in 2013. We do not have a good record with the Community Foundation on this issue – We applied two times in the past but the then GM and treasurer were not invested in actually making this happen and thought we had other more pressing needs and so did not make our goals. Previous efforts to engage with Community foundation did not have involvement of the full board, and they will want to know that we are fully invested before they will work with us again.

Brian Kearney has expressed interest in doing an endowment drive.

Pam Davidson suggested an IRA Charitable roll over could be an incentive for people to invest. The board decided to put this on the agenda for next month to discuss further.


Chad’s official last day is today.

Co-Pros: MCHC Roaring Twenties Event

Our contract with Bloom Magazine has been renewed. It has a $11,700 listed value and consists of a full page ad every other month in each of the 6 current magazines that Bloom produces. We may look into being included in the new magazine that is coming out but it may not be as useful to us as it’s focus is directed towards short term visitors.

Pam Davidson – card in Bloom for fund drive that people could send in – suspect there is a policy against this – ask

We are getting closer to our new website rollout – a template has been selected and the committee is working on it now.

Early Summer Web Drive – going on now through July 4. This is web-based only with announcements on air for promotion. Ghost Brothers of Darkland County – we have 30 deluxe box sets to give away for $120 pledge or more. In addition, pledges will be entered into a drawing for Forecastle Festival passes.

Our online contribution set-up now has an ACH choice option. The information still has to be entered manually but people can provide us with contact info for us to call them back and set it up. We could put a payment processor online but it would come with a monthly fee.

WFHB Display at City Hall: The closing reception for the Display will be at 5:30 p.m. on Friday – movers and
shakers can come out and meet station personalities. Display is fantastic (comes down Saturday). Maria McKinley spoke with Alycin Bektesh about doing a video archive of the exhibit that we can put up online, perhaps have Emily Jackson do a walk-through talking about what is on display. It was also suggested that we submit it to CATS and the Monroe County History Center.

There was an article in the IDS on Monday June 17th by Kate Thacker “WFHB celebrates 20 years of radio”. http://www.idsnews.com/news/story.aspx?id=93167

We have made a lot of progress on the cage – structurally it’s still up in the air but there are three new news stations inside – we have a lot of overflow needs, especially when IU is in session – and this will allow more of our reporters to have a place to work and alleviate back ups. We are still figuring out what the issues are in terms of finishing the actual studio – on the one hand there was the impression that the door was open to progressing, on the other hand we have been given the impression that “it will never happen.” The Board asked Kevin Jones to talk with Ivy Tech to determine what the issues are and what we need to do to move forward – Chad and Cleveland can provide him with needed background info. At this time the rest of the Board was asked to be hands off. Good documentation is important. In the past too much of what was done was not in writing so there were no records and things were left open to misunderstandings and miscommunications – We need to fully document all negotiations going forward. If we can’t get a good background for the negotiations – then we will need to start from scratch. Kevin can handle the negotiations with Cleveland and bird dog it through – if they get to a stalemate then they bring it back to the Board for further discussion.

FCC Public File Update: Nash Hott has completed the FCC Public File update – we are completely up to date in
the Blue File Cabinet and with online on website/public file.

Underwriting: We need more active underwriting team members – Beth Moses is going dormant for a
while and our other team member has not been very active. This is a commissioned position – earning 20% for new contracts, and 10% for renewals. The last Firehouse Follies had no sponsors – and we lost about $1000 on the project. Mike Kelsey has put out a call for sponsors for the Follies. This foreshadows the need for the Development Director position – we have plenty of leads – but we need someone who is capable of selling them. Where do we look for sales people? Where are there opportunities for people we haven’t asked lately – a suggestion was to use students from the Grad School. A concern is that the message be consistent – do we have a job description? Need to set up a best practices group to help work with this and there hasn’t been a development or marketing committee for some time.

VI. COMMITTEE COMMENTS -posting and access to minutes via Google docs:


a.) Strategic Plan Timeline
The Board tabled our discussion on the Timeline on Strategic Planning until the next meeting to give new members time to read the plan – it was suggested this might be the main focus of the July meeting. The full Strategic Plan is available on the website. We will resend the the color coded priorities info to Board members.

Issues:Richard Fish questioned that the plan identifies two currencies – money and man hours but felt that we have not done a cost benefit analysis in terms of man hours. The current plan has been discussed, approved and voted on by the Board of Directors. We will review and make changes to the plan over time; however the task force that developed within the plan are tasked with creating the tactical plans for each section of the plan as currently voted upon.
People who are interested can contact task force leaders to contribute to the development of tactical discussions.

Committee Assignments:
Alycin Bektesh requested that Maria McKinley serve on NPAC Committee.
Carolyn VandeWiele would like to serve as a Board liaison on this committee.

The Music Committee is also looking for two new Board members.

Board members should look at committees and decide where they can be useful.

The Board expressed their thanks to Chad Carrothers for all of his service to WFHB and wished him well in his future endeavors.

Move to adjourn
Richard Fish second
The meeting adjourned at 8:38 p.m.

Firehouse Follies – The End of Time


This edition of the WFHB Firehouse Follies, “The End of Time,” explores what might happen if the world does indeed end on December 21st. Our musical guest is guitar virtuoso Michael Kelsey, along with The Gospel Gurlz, The Firehouse Rounders, and the Unusual Suspects radio acting troupe. Recorded live in the Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center. Supported by FARM Bloomington and Inari Publishing.

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