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Quarterly Meeting Minutes: Sept. 7, 2013

Call to Order: 12:30PM
Staff Present: Cleveland Dietz, Jim Manion, Alycin Bektesh, Joe Crawford
Board Present: Maria McKinley
Other Members Present: 18



–Financial Snapshot: WFHB has made just under $12,000 from Lotus Fund Drive with 21 tickets left to sell. Over the last 3 months, we’ve exceeded our underwriting sales goals with major players entering or re-entering the field after lapsing—Michael’s Uptown Café, Midas Auto Service Experts, and Stafford Law, LLC—and we are about $2,500 better than we expected to be in the budget at this time.
–New website launched to rave reviews, particularly with regards to the Spinitron display on the front page. Now is the time to look at the site with a critical eye and provide us with feedback as we seek to improve an already good and more user-friendly product. Feedback can be sent to manager@wfhb.org.
–Fall Fund Drive is approaching. The dates are 10/4 – 10/13 so it will be a tight turnaround from Lotus Fund Drive. We’re not doing anything different with our goals, we’re looking for $45,000 to $50,000 in 10 days, so it will be a huge undertaking and require as many hands on deck as possible. Fund Drive Committee meetings, which are designed to help plan our presentation during the drive are scheduled for Thursday at noon. Come to the meetings, if you can. Otherwise, there are all kinds of other ways to help. Cleveland will be sending out a sing-up sheet for “catcher” (people to answer the phone) shifts soon. We will continue to celebrate our 20th birthday with “10 Days of Cake” and will need people to staff that table, as well.

–New website looks great, but is much more multimedia centered. We need to figure out how to produce more photos as material cannot be featured without a photo. Some producers have left feedback with Alycin expressing concern that their shows were not prominent enough on the new website. It’s important feedback like this that will produce the best website possible. Please look at it with a critical eye and tell us what is great and what is not-so-great. Send critical remarks to manager@wfhb.org.
–Brown County Hour is now monthly at 9 a.m. on the first Sunday of the month. They’ve wanted to do so for a long time. The show sounds better than ever and often reaches the thousands in terms of podcast downloads, so the station was not that concerned about its radio time slot.
–The Porch Swing starts again tonight. That means The Custom House will not be on the air until, at least, next summer. The Porch Swing is in dire need of stories at it remains unsustainable with a producer who lives in another state. No one responded to a call for people to host “storytelling parties” to record their friends’ and family’s best stories for WFHB in exchange for a gift certificate to a local bookseller.
–New short modules schedule: 9 a.m. – The Hightower Lowdown, 10 a.m. – BirdNote, 1 p.m. – The Hightower Lowdown, 2 p.m. – Isla Earth, 3 p.m. – Sound Beat, 4 p.m. – was ACLU Civil Liberties Minute, but shortly after launch we found that the show didn’t keep a regular schedule. It will likely be replaced at some point in the future by a Daily Local News preview called Headlines.
–Joe Crawford said he’d like to see people share WFHB stories with their social media networks, particularly those linked to sound. He also reminded people that the news department is not embedded in every facet of society, so if someone has a news tip, they should share it with the news department via email at news@wfhb.org or in person.

–Jim introduced the new volunteers who just attended the volunteering meeting the previous hour. Jim reminded everyone that the fall frenzy is starting and takes a lot of volunteers to support these events.
–Planning for Lotus is ongoing: it’s the 20th anniversary of the event. Check Spot Online every day for important information about the fund drive and Lotus.
–Fund Drive runs 10/4 – 10/13. Please attend Fund Drive orientation if you are an on-air DJ. There will be a kick-off party on the 4th and Tuesday the 8th will be Brown County Day.
–Our accuracy with Spinitron is very important, especially logging in the correct start times for songs. If you are planning to do an in-studio interview or even a remote interview, please give Jim at least a week’s notice to arrange for the proper engineering support and publicity.
–There is much library work needing to be done. If you would like to help out, talk with Jim and he will train you on labeling, filing and other ongoing work to maintain the library.
–Important reminder: Please put CDs back in the correct place.
–There will be a work study intern from IU working in the Music Department.

–Note that DLN copy for Bloomingfoods and credits need to be updated, music intros for special programming
–Clarification that eTown live show in Bloomington is postponed indefinitely
–Discussion of playing music from YouTube—fine as a last resort, though clumsy for multiple songs. Okay to download tracks from YouTube and put them on CDs for play as long as they come from a commercially available source.
–Free downloads from artist websites are okay to play as the artist website constitutes a commercially available source.
–Clarification that the calendar on the website is visible for anyone in the public.
–Note that there is no place for meeting minutes on the website as it stands.

Meeting Adjourned: 1:20PM

Lotus Fund Drive is finished! Thank you so much!

Thank you for supporting WFHB Community Radio and Lotus World Music and Arts Festival!

Brown County Hour – New Day and Time!

Stay tuned Sunday, September 1, from 9 – 10 am, for BROWN COUNTY HOUR’s Episode 18, broadcasting on local radio station WFHB (100.7 FM).  This award-winning radio program highlights many facets of life in Brown County with artists, musicians, history, storytelling, theater, events, and poetry. You may hear the show at 9 am as it airs on WFHB radio or stream it on WFHB.org at your leisure. Later the show can be listened to from the archives on either the WFHB or Brown County Hour websites (see info below).

Our theme this episode is “Things that go Thump in the Woods.” The colorful cast of Brown County characters includes Jeff Tryon as Tramp Star, Gunther Flumm, the motley Brown County Hour Comedy Troupe, and new contributor and local author of the book for women, Practical Guide to Fishing - Peggy Daily, with a hilarious story about turtle fishing. Special guests include violinist Carolyn Dutton, Keith Bradway reading his Bare Wallow letter to the editor, Brown County Park naturalist Cassie Norman on snakes, Jon Kay reading a James Whitcomb Riley poem, and Charlie Cole and Linda Baden enlightening the listener on the controversy regarding Yellowwood road.

As we enter our 4th year on WFHB, the Brown County Hour goes monthly. Our door is always open to people who would like to join the team as writers, audio editors, interviewers, sound effects magicians, or technical wizards. Please contact Vera Grubbs at 812-988-2946 or scgrubbs@prodigy.net. Brown County Hour is produced by volunteers from the county.  We welcome your ideas or comments.

Our crew meets weekly on Tuesday evenings, 6:30 – 8:30 pm, at the studio in the Traditional Arts Building, 46 E Gould St., on the east side of the building.

This show and past shows can be streamed on the Brown County Hour website, www.browncountyhour.com, or fromwww.wfhb.org.

WFHB FM radio airs the shows at 100.7 FM in Nashville, 106.3 FM in Ellettsville, 98.1 FM in Bloomington, and 91.3 FM for south central Indiana, or on line at www.wfhb.org.


Bring It On! – August 12, 2013


Bev Smith and Cornelius Wright welcome Amina Pierson, Economic Development Department Manager at Fifth Third Bank in Indianapolis.

Amina Pierson, Economic Development Department Manager at 5th/3rd Bank in Indianapolis,  joins Bev and Cornelius on the show to talk about upcoming eBus visit in Bloomington at the Broadview Learning Center on Tuesday, August 20, and at the Bloomington Housing Authority on Wednesday, August 21. This partnership between The South Central Community Action Program and Fifth Third Bank is an easy, free and convenient way to get the financial tips and help you need to make your money work harder.

Headline news and local calendar events of interest to the African-American community.

Hosts: Bev Smith and Cornelius Wright
Bring It On! is produced by Clarence Boone
Executive Producer Alycin Bektesh
Our News Editor is Michael Nowlin
Our Board Engineer is Chris Martin

The Custom House – When Between Two Infinities, Go All In: Reading Pascal’s Pensées (Extended Conversation w/ Hall Bjornstad)


In this episode of The Custom House we’re joined by Hall Bjornstad, an assistant professor of French in the French and Italian Department at Indiana University. We’ll be discussing the 17th century religious thinker and mathematical genius Blaise Pascal to see if we can find ways to fail better by reading his collection of fragments titled the Pensées where he has written, “Men are so necessarily mad that it would be another twist of madness not to be mad.” In this radio cut we discuss what is likely the most famous fragment, the one called “The Wager,” as well as the section often referred to as “The Two Infinities.” This extended cut focuses on the Pensées fragments labeled “Diversion.” We also confront Pascal’s own “conversion experience” represented in a fragment scholar’s have called The Memorial. This short piece resembles the poetry of religious mysticism and which, upon Pascal’s death, was discovered sewn into his clothing positioned over his heart. He had told no one about the experience.

EcoReport – August 15, 2013


In today’s EcoReport feature, Jeff Stant from the Indiana Forest Alliance explains how over the last decade the state government has ramped up destructive industrial logging practices in your public forests.

EcoReport is a weekly program providing independent media coverage of environmental and ecological issues with a focus on local, state and regional people, issues, and events in order to foster open discussion of human relationships with nature and the Earth and to encourage you to take personal responsibility for the world in which we live. Each program features timely eco-related headline news, a feature interview or event recording, and a calendar of events of interest to the environmentally conscious.

Anchors: Trish Kerle, Sarah Hetrick
This week’s news stories were written by Joe Crawford and Linda Greene
This week’s calendar was compiled by Kristina Wiltsee
Our broadcast engineer is Dan Withered
Producers for EcoReport are Phil Kasper, Kelly Miller and Dan Young
Executive producer is Alycin Bektesh

bloomingOUT – August 15, 2013


Singer/Songwriter/Producer Carrie Pietz performs live in studio, chats about her musical career and community event activities with Metro Rising, Rock and Bowl and Girls Rock Camp Indy. Musical selections are “Stars” and “Summer Lovin” from her latest “Stars” CD and “I Said Please,” “True Love” and “Trouble With Me” from her “Wreckless Decisions” CD.  President of Black Equity Indy Sinceray Jackson calls in with an overview of this year’s successful Pride events and talks about organizational plans for outreach and events scheduled for the upcoming year.

Standing Room Only – The Cycle of Violence: The Protective Order Process in Monroe County


Last Thursday, August 8th, County Commissioner Julie Thomas moderated a panel discussion focusing on domestic violence and access to protective orders in Monroe county. The discussion meant to bring awareness to the issue of domestic violence in our community. Speakers included, Linda Robbins, Monroe County Clerk Toby Strout, Executor Director of Middle Way House Robert Miller, Chief Deputy, Prosecutor’s Office Kevin Getz, Indiana State Police and Honorable Francis G. Hill, Monroe County Judge. Thomas questioned the panel about current policies in place for protective orders, and later opening the discuss up to questions from the audience. This event was recorded on location by community access television services for Standing Room Only, on WFHB.

Interchange – Colin Allen: Thinking About Thinking Machines


This week on Interchange, host Doug Storm talks with Colin Allen, a professor in the Department of History and the Philosophy of Science, about robotics, autonomous moral agents, and their portrayal in popular culture.  Allen talks about Google Cars, C3PO, and military and surveillance drones.  His work seeks to response to Rosalind Picard’s assertion that the more freedom a machine has the more it will need a moral sense.

Hola Bloomington – August 9, 2013


Hostess Luz Maria Lopez and Jenny Gibson interviewed Keyla Guevara. Keyla works for the 5/3 bank and explains the benefits of the eBus that will be in Bloomington on August 20 and 21. Also Luis vs Luis and Heydi Encarnacion with her health segment. Desde los pasillos and the events of the week.

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