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Firehouse News, Vol. 1, No. 2: Generally Speaking

WFHB’s Annual Meeting (June 7th, Monroe County History Center, 12:15PM) signals a time of reflection for me. It is the first anniversary of my time as general manager of the station, the first meeting following the end of WFHB’s fiscal year, and a time to look back at the year’s progress and plan for the next.

I announced a number of goals I wanted to work toward last November in addition to those outlined in the station’s strategic plan:  expanding the staff, creating or taking advantage of opportunities for WFHB to gain exposure in the broader listening area, and establishing more avenues for communication among volunteers and to the public.

We launched the Firehouse News, our quarterly e-newsletter, as part of that effort, which would not have been possible without a capable volunteer staff (Carol Fischer, Helen Harrell, Karen Roszkowski, Maryll Jones and Mike Glab). We hope you’ve enjoyed the product so far and will continue to do so.

With help from former WFHB general manager Markus Lowe and Volunteer Coordinator Kelly Wherley, we also reinstituted monthly meetings using a round table format. These meetings are led by volunteers and serve as an excellent delivery mechanism for ideas and discussion, as well as a way for volunteers and staff to meet each other and celebrate their love for community radio together.

Again with significant help from Markus Lowe, we launched the new website in August. Since then, we’ve been uploading most organization meeting minutes for transparency. You can find them here. Articles from the previous newsletters and much, much more can be found there, as well.

Brian Kearney helped us raise funds to hire a full-time development director in the coming fiscal year. The station made tremendous headway in many respects over the last 10 years, but annual revenues have remained relatively flat. It is our hope that a development director will help grow the station’s finances and create new relationships in the wider community moving forward. We expect this person to be hired by August 2014. You can read the job description here. If you would like to apply for the position, or know someone who would, please send a resume and cover letter to manager@wfhb.org.

WFHB partnered with agencies outside of Bloomington whenever possible. Last month alone, we were in the Spring Blossom Parade in Nashville and at the 4th Annual John Hartford Memorial Festival in Bean Blossom. Over the last year, we also partnered with Salt Creek Brewery for the 1st Annual Bedford Blues and Brews, the Indiana Boys for a CD release show at the Brown County Playhouse in Nashville, the Village Arts Walk in Nashville, and Tim Grimm’s CD release shows at Russian Recording in Bloomington and The Commons in Columbus.

Establishing a strong presence in the communities WFHB broadcasts to will continue to be a major goal for the foreseeable future.

We will also work to strengthen our partnership with Community Access Television Services, lay the groundwork for the regular pursuit of grants, and review and revise our bylaws and governance document. To learn more about these plans, attend WFHB’s Annual Meeting or look out for the minutes on our website.

Firehouse News, Vol. 1, No. 2: WFHB Technical Engineer Report

By Helen Harrell

Institutions are contained in buildings and these structures usually have cornerstones as a designation of their beginning.  Seems that can also be true of community radio stations as WFHB has a true cornerstone in engineer, historian, original visionary and overall man of all trades Jeffrey Morris.  To say that Morris has been instrumental in not only the founding of WFHB but its ongoing existence is merely an understatement.  While many folks were around in the beginning (and some still are) and played significant roles in establishing what is now a leader in Southern Indiana Community Radio, Morris has been there from the beginning. Not only did he submit required paperwork, applications, licensing and other government documents and forms to ensure a spot on the radio dial but he also saw to the  purchasing, erecting and maintaining of the main signal tower.  Acquiring the firehouse location, designing air rooms, purchasing and maintaining equipment all came under his purview.  And yes, he had lots of help and support along the way but after speaking with him for an hour or so it’s obvious that his dream for a real community supported and operated, democratically representative radio station has been his motivation regardless  of other associations and assistance. It’s prudent to note that Morris was always a volunteer and received little if no compensation for his many years and hours of work to bring WFHB to the reality it is today.

Many years later Morris has become a partially paid employee and while the compensation is hardly comparable to his expertise it is well deserved.  As an example, much of the station operating equipment is old and not only can’t be replaced/repaired but parts are no longer available.  Just call on Morris and he will find a way to fix it!!!  The power is out, the furnace or A/C stops working just call Morris!   An electrician by professional trade Morris brings an expertise to the station that would just be impossible to replace even though that thought does not occur to those who understand what’s what with electronics, equipment and dedication.

Even though Morris is older than most of the current volunteers he is comfortable in the digital age and has had little difficulty moving the station in the modern direction of digitization.  The only stumbling block is one that has always been an issue and that is enough funding for new equipment and facilities updates.  While making do with little is frequently a mantra at the station Morris knows that many updates are needed if WFHB is to continue competing in the local radio market.  Some of his wish list items are for appearance and comfort which are valid needs as well as new updated broadcasting equipment.  Many community members stepped up in the beginning to launch WFHB including such icons as Herman B Wells, Sarkes Tarzian and the Waldron family. However those resources have long been spent and new funding is needed to purchase items such as a new 98.1 transmitter HD, a new airboard and audioarts IP-12, audio network IO interfaces, 3/rewire cat 5/6 cables and codecs for remote broadcasts for an estimated total of $36,500.  Other items on the wish list are cleaning and painting the studio tower and remounting of the Marti antenna, repair, paint gate, new fence and grading and driveway stone at the transmitter building and finish the ‘cage’ (editing room) with wiring, drywall, trim and door.  These latter expenses total $11,500.  So for a grand total of $47,000 many needed improvements and advancements could be made.

Morris hopes folks will step forward and help with fundraising but in the meantime he will continue to repair and maintain.  But one man’s dream has become the reality for so many and that is reason alone to contribute to and support WFHB.

Firehouse News, Vol. 1, No. 2: WFHB News Department Summit to be Held in July

By Helen Harrell

The news department at WFHB is ever growing and evolving under the tutelage of WFHB Director Alycin Bektesh, and the upcoming News Summit to be held in July is no exception to her creative planning.  What’s a news summit you wonder?  While summits can of course vary in intent and purpose this one is intended to improve and enhance the WFHB News department.  Many folks including Bektesh and Assistant News Director Joe Crawford have expressed concerns that the news department operates beyond capacity to produce its 20 in-house programs along with managing the traffic for an additional 13 syndicated programs, recruiting and training new volunteers, participating in community outreach, fundraising and keeping updated content on the website and social media.   Bektesh feels that “because we don’t have time enough to allow us to focus on a departmental strategy, any discussion of changes and improvements ends up being superficial.”

In a desire to seriously address the various aspects for needed change, Bektesh has received both WFHB Board of Directors and News and Public Affairs Committee (NPAC) approval to suspend news programming throughout the month of July for a News Summit, allowing four weeks for daily meetings to narrow focus in brainstorming to action plans.  This effort is also seen as significant by other WFHB staff and long time show producers all of whom will be involved with various workshops throughout the month. A combination of re-runs and short seasonal programs will be used to fill programming time while the Summit is underway.

All WFHB listeners, supporters and volunteers are invited and encouraged to become involved and provide suggestions, new ideas and energy directed toward issues that affect everyone.  Bektesh hopes the result of this major summit will lead to a better trained, more collaborative News Department, a standard system of recruitment and training for incoming volunteers, job descriptions for news staff and producers that accurately match needs and expectations and a clear line of action to increase overall quality.

So folks, this is the time to step up and become involved.  Any and all suggestions will be considered and your participation will be greatly appreciated (and needed). The time commitment expectation is similar to that of any given volunteer’s current responsibilities and duties.   Bektesh said, “I want our declaration of being a community newsroom to be absolutely genuine and this is the opportunity to make it so!”  Hope to hear from all of you and see you in July!!

Here is the link to submit a workshop idea:


For questions and/or further information email:  news@wfhb.org

Firehouse News, Vol. 1, No. 2: Summertime… and the Livin’ is Easy

By Maryll Jones

It’s that time of the year when the temporary residents have left Bloomington for a few months and the townies take their rightful place back on the city streets.  This brings us to one of the largest social gatherings in the area – the weekly Bloomington Farmers’ Market.  Held at the Showers Common  outside City Hall at 7th and Morton streets every Saturday throughout the season, the farmer’s market is a large venue that includes farmers, food vendors, information booths, buskers and stage performers all of whom are peddling their wares to the customers that attend from the surrounding area.  Thousands of folks attend every Saturday from April to November.

What better place to promote WFHB than at the market?  The brain-child of WFHB volunteers Tilman Piedmont, Joe Estivill and Hondo Thompson nearly 6 years ago, Market LIVE! provides a valuable service to the City but also makes WFHB highly visible to those within the listening area.

What exactly do volunteers with Market LIVE! do?  Volunteers not only answer questions from passers-by and promote the value and power of community radio from the WFHB Market LIVE! booth, they also broadcast a live report from the market every hour at 20 minutes until the hour beginning at 8:40am.

Of the five live segments,  each 3-4 minutes long, two are pre-determined. The first at 8:40am is with market staffer Sasha Divine, who provides a market preview, including what is new that week at the market.  The final interview at 12:40pm is usually with Robin Hobson, Market Master with Bloomington Parks and Recreation.  This final report is a wrap- up of the day’s events and a sneak preview of the next farmer’s market the following Saturday.

The remaining three interviews are the responsibility of the volunteers who have free reign with only a few guidelines.  These guidelines include trying to obtain an interview from a different area of the market for each segment so that the interviews are as diverse as they can be.  The areas include farmers, food vendors, Info Alley, buskers, shoppers and whatever event happens to be going on at the Showers Plaza.

As Market LIVE!’s producer Hondo Thompson said “If you can’t be at the market, we’ll bring the market to you.”

Presently, Market LIVE! is in search of 2 – 3 volunteers to join the small team of roving reporters who will serve as knowledgeable representatives of WFHB to the public at large.  Training will be provided. Some desired qualities include: commitment of 1-2 Saturdays a month through November, ability to work alone or with limited supervision, comfortable doing LIVE, impromptu, unscripted broadcasts with a variety of people, ability to represent WFHB in a professional, positive manner, all while staying within the guidelines of the FCC.

Some of the perks include learning to be an effective live broadcast reporter, becoming an ambassador for WFHB to the public, experiencing the fantastic commodities of the market first hand, and getting to hang out with great people.

Having volunteer staff trained and ready to do live representation at other community events is also a huge asset to WFHB.  So if you are interested in developing live, unscripted broadcasting skills and love to hang out and meet new people,  please contact hondo@wfhb.org for more information and…

Come join the WFHB Market LIVE! band of roving reporters!

See you at the market!

Firehouse News, Vol. 1, No. 2: Democracy and Pot Luck at WFHB’s Annual Meeting

By Michael Glab

They’re fighting for democracy in any number of hot spots on the globe, but we’ve got it right here in Bloomington. The volunteer membership of WFHB will vote on new Board of Directors members Saturday, June 7, at the station’s annual meeting.

“Electing our board leadership is the most important thing you can do if you really care about this station,” former General Manager Chad Carrothers advised the membership prior to last year’s meeting. “You earn a vote with your volunteer hours, so use it!”

The WFHB family passes in and out of the cramped Firehouse Radio studios on 4th Street throughout the year but many of us rarely get the chance to see each other

The annual meeting is a chance for more than 200 WFHB volunteers to rub shoulders with board members, staffers and station supporters. It’s the biggest radio party of the year.

This year’s meeting begins with the traditional potluck lunch before Board president Joe Estivill bangs the gavel. Current General Manager Cleveland Dietz  II notes that the candidates will participate in a pre-meeting panel discussion this year rather than the traditional informal meet-and-greet. “It would be hard to give each candidate time for a short speech followed by questions and answers and have the meeting move along in a timely manner,” Dietz says. “Having a panel discussion beforehand, with questions provided by the membership, will help the official meeting move at a more manageable pace while not sacrificing the opportunity to ask candidates questions.”

Dietz says, “It’s a bit of an unusual election this year with a number of petition candidates.” Board members Matt Pierce, Carolyn VandeWiele, and Richard Fish are not running for re-election so three spots will be open. The panel discussion, moderated by News Director Alycin Bektesh, will begin at 11am.

Last year, Maria McKinley and Kevin Jones were elected to the Board. [Jones has since left the Board.]  The terms of the nine Board members are staggered to prevent upheaval.

Estivill says the 2013 annual meeting drew some 60 voting volunteers.

Get to the Monroe County History Center early this year so you won’t miss out on the good food and important politicking. This is the second year the annual meeting is being held at the MCHC at Washington and 6th Streets. For years WFHB’s annual meetings had been held in the Waldron Arts Center Rose Firebay, the largest performance space in the station’s home building. But, as Dietz explains Ivy Tech would prefer to reserve the Rose Firebay for revenue-generating events.

Attending members get to hear all the station’s business and news in the past year. The General Manager not only gives a report on his activities but Dietz will present a report on WFHB’s finances over the previous 12 months in addition to a forecast of the station’s money situation for the next year. Music and News directors Jim Manion and Alycin Bektesh will present their reports.

Then the real fun begins. As always, station staffers will present awards, including “Programmer of the Year,” the News Department’s “MacGyver Award” honoring excellence through innovation, “Rookie of the Year,” “Board Member of the Year,” and “Volunteer of the Year” to deserving recipients.

Following tradition, Music Director Jim Manion will distribute swag including CDs, T-shirts and other mementos to the crowd.

After the winning Board candidates have been announced the floor is opened for general discussion. Volunteers are welcome to make observations or ask questions about anything to do with Firehouse Radio. It’s your time to speak your mind.

Board President Joe Estivill again reminds volunteers and the interested public that the minutes of the annual meeting as well as all other Board parleys throughout the year are published promptly on the WFHB website.

Meet the Candidates for WFHB’s Board of Directors!



Mr. Loudermilk did not submit his materials by deadline.


Mr. Loudermilk did not submit his materials by deadline.



Greetings to all who read this!  My name is Kelly C. Wherley and I’m writing this biography to provide a little background as I campaign to be elected to the WFHB Board of Directors.

I have worked for Indiana University for the past ten years.  I manage the facilities at the Mathers Museum of World Cultures.  My educational background includes receiving a B.A. in English from the University of Notre Dame (’98).

I have lived in Bloomington, Indiana since July, 1999. I have volunteered for WFHB for over ten years.  I started out in the News Department under Chad Carrothers and produce Voices in the Street and anchor the Wednesday Daily Local News.  I have been a programmer on the Radio Gnome Showgram and currently host the 3rd and 5th Friday editions of the Morning Music Mix from 6-8am.  (I have been the Music Director for the Trashion/Refashion Show for the last three years which, if you’ve seen it, is the best indicator of my musical tastes and creativity.)  I have been WFHB’s Volunteer Coordinator since August, 2011 and facilitate New Volunteer Orientations, keep database records of volunteers, work on special projects as they arise and hold monthly roundtable meetings with fellow Board Candidate, Markus Lowe.

I’m seeking election to WFHB’s Board of Directors because I care about the station.  I have worked with five General Managers and two interim General Managers.  I have worked with three different News Directors.  I know quite a bit about the staff, the volunteers, the community WFHB serves, and everything else that goes into making the station work—including being a part of planning committees which generated the most recent Strategic Plan.

Philosophically, I see the station as a cultural institution—a unique entity which has the rare gift to reflect the people who make it run and serve the community that tunes in.  Radio has its fair share of challenges in the digital age and I would try to further accentuate its ability to be a “taste maker” in the Midwest.  Sustainability and quality are essential to this objective.  I see sustainability to include all aspects of station operations including finances, fundraising, job descriptions, governing documents, and contract agreements.   The quality of our air sound can be enhanced with volunteer training and professional development.

I’ve seen quite a few changes at the station over the course of my time here, and feel ready to assume a more integral and influential role in the discussions, plans and actions that will impact the course of WFHB in the coming years.

Thank you for your consideration.  I’m truly sorry to be unable to attend the Annual Meeting—the whole family is getting together in Hawaii to celebrate my mother’s 70th birthday.  Aloha!


1.  Are you now or have you in the past served on a nonprofit board of directors?

Answer:  No, this is my first foray into the board arena.

2.  Are you comfortable assisting with station fundraising efforts?  Do you have experience in this area?

Answer:  I am comfortable assisting with station fundraising efforts.  I’ve participated in every fund drive since first volunteering with the station.  Outside of the station, I also have experience securing sponsorships for the Trashion/Refashion Show while on their planning committee.

3. Are you currently involved with WFHB?  If so, how?

Answer:  I’ve been involved with WFHB for over ten years.  I began by producing the Voices in the Street news segment, which I continue to produce today, and I’m also an anchor for Wednesday’s Daily Local News.  I have quite a bit of music programming experience which included an overnight shift, the Radio Gnome Showgram and currently includes the Friday morning music mix.  I have also been WFHB’s Volunteer Coordinator since 2011.

4. What do you think are the three most important functions of the Board of Directors.

Answer:  By definition, the #1 and #2 primary functions of the Board and its members are to employ the paid staff of WFHB and oversee the business management of WFHB.  I would consider representation of the station along with networking with area businesses and fundraising to be the third most important function.

5. What are the strongest skills that you would bring to the Board of Directors and how would you utilize them to help you meet the goals you have outlined in #4?

Answer:  I believe my greatest strengths lie in team/consensus building and networking.  I have been a Bloomington resident since 1999 and have over ten years’ experience volunteering with the station.  I intend to use the ties I have established both within the station and with community businesses to improve the visibility of the station as well as secure new fundraising/underwriting/sponsorship relations.

6. Is there anything else you would like us to know about your candidacy?

Answer:  Please see short bio.



Greetings to all participating members of WFHB! My name is Mark Lowe, but as you may know, I prefer Markus for radio. I am an Indiana native with over 15 years of experience in college and community radio, from the airwaves of 91.3FM WCRD Muncie to 91.3FM WFHB Bloomington. I have been active with WFHB since 2002 as a listener, supporter, volunteer, and also as a staff member, serving as General Manager from 2007 to 2008. Previously, I worked for UITS at Indiana University for 8 years before receiving my master’s degree from the IU Kelley School of Business in 2012. I am now employed at Cook Medical as a Global Project Manager in Information Technology.

I have lived in Bloomington for nearly 13 years and love to call it my home. Like others I know of, I moved here for the university, but quickly fell in love with the community of Bloomington. WFHB, as a reflection of the community, certainly has my heart. It fills that need I have to connect with and celebrate our community, provides an outlet for my love of radio, and gives a fix for my addiction as a self-proclaimed music junkie.

Most recently in 2014, I have worked with Volunteer Coordinator Kelly Wherley to re-establish the monthly WFHB Volunteer meetings with efforts to focus volunteer energy in a positive direction, to maintain open lines of communication, and to get a better understanding of the expectations, goals and challenges of the volunteers. It is through this experience that I came to the decision to run for the Board of Directors. I feel this is the best way forward for me at this time to make a positive impact for our beloved organization. I welcome your support!


1.  Are you now or have you in the past served on a nonprofit board of directors?

I have previously served as General Manager of WFHB, which acts as a non-voting member of the WFHB Board of Directors.

2.  Are you comfortable assisting with station fundraising efforts?  Do you have experience in this area?

I absolutely have no issue with assisting the station in fundraising efforts.

My experience in fundraising comes from WFHB: (1) on-air fundraising efforts both organizing as a GM, and also as an on-air programmer, (2) underwriting sales as GM, and (3) grant writing efforts as GM (with much Board assistance).

Previous success in fundraising with WFHB include: City of Bloomington grant to fund outdoor signage and lighting (2007); Brown County Community Foundation grant for 100.7FM translator (2007); City of Bloomington Matchstick grant for endowment fund (2007 and 2008); Corporation for Public Broadcasting grant for FM broadcasting (established 2008 and ongoing).

3. Are you currently involved with WFHB?  If so, how?

Primarily I serve as a volunteer programmer, hosting a bi-weekly eclectic electronic music show called 32 Hertz. I am also the Electronic Music Genre Director providing album reviews and add pool CDs for my fellow DJs. I also serve on the technology committee and provide administration for many of WFHBs IT services, including the (new and improved!) WFHB website.

4. What do you think are the three most important functions of the Board of Directors?

    1. Representing the participating membership (volunteers) to provide governance of Bloomington Community Radio Inc. (including strategic planning, vision, and financial oversight)
    2. Management and oversight of paid staff
    3. Management of long-range fundraising efforts (including grants, planned giving, large donors, etc.)

5. What are the strongest skills that you would bring to the Board of Directors and how would you utilize them to help you meet the goals you have outlined in #4?

I believe my biggest asset is my experience with WFHB and my relationships and trust among the participating members. I seek to represent the volunteers to the best of my ability and bring additional leadership to the Board. I would utilize my skills to improve communication within the organization, and to assist the board to be more effective in governance and oversight that is in alignment with the goals of the membership.

6. Is there anything else you would like us to know about your candidacy?

I am here to help. I love WFHB!



In March of 2008, I attended the volunteer training, after having been a WFHB listener for a couple of years. First, I was primarily a news listener but after my first desk jockeying experience, I paid closer attention to the overall programming, particularly the music. Through WFHB, I was introduced to genres of music that I never thought I would ever like, and it turns out that I do! I discovered what a cultural jewel WFHB truly is.

I have served on several committees, including the newly revived Newsletter Committee, and as a regular web stream monitor. I also attend as many WFHB events as I can and am a general supporter of the station, both through donations and promotion of fundraising events. I have promoted the station as much as I personally can, I recruit people to go to events with me and push station programming, including informing people of what they could actually get from listening to WFHB. I hope to continue in this capacity and as a member of the Board of Directors, I could do so in a more comprehensive manner. I look forward to working with the membership in the years to come.


1. Are you now or have you in the past served on a nonprofit board of directors?

I have not served on a nonprofit board of directors. I have, however, taken the nonprofit board certification class in February 2014 that was offered by the City of Bloomington.

2. Are you comfortable assisting with station fundraising efforts?  Do you have experience in this area?

I have participating in fund raising events off and on over the last 25 years or so. This has been in the form of taking cover charges (checking IDs), helping book musicians to perform, raffle ticket management, phone work, etc.  I am comfortable with assisting WFHB in these efforts.

3. Are you currently involved with WFHB?  If so, how?

I currently server on the newly revived Newsletter Committee and continue to monitor the web stream as I have for several years, as well as general promoting of WFHB events.

4. What do you think are the three most important functions of the Board of Directors.

These are in no particular order:

  1. Maintain the by-laws and governance documents through committees, which would include amending these documents as needed or requested. I would also add that the Board has a strong role in the implementation of the strategic plan.
    1. Article 6, section 6.3, paragraph 6.3.6 speaks of establishing committees which would make recommendations to the Board, which can include changes to the by-laws, station governance and strategic planning.
  2. Oversee budgetary matters (includes fundraising)
    1. Article 6, section 6.1, paragraph 6.1.1 states that the Board is the final authority on all matters pertaining to the functioning of WFHB. (This includes finances and property issues)
    2. It is clearly stated in the governance document under Section I. Organizational Structure that the Board of Directors is the station’s legal owner.
  3. Hiring/managing of the General Manager
    1. Article 6, section 6.3, paragraph 6.3.6 also states that the “…board shall employ all paid staff, and have the power to remove any staff member if he or she fails to perform the duties of his/her position.” This is similarly stated in the governance document under Section B Responsibilities Within WFHB.
    2. The governance document states clearly that although the Board is the legal employer of all paid employees, it does not supervise anyone other than the General Manager.

5. What are the strongest skills that you would bring to the Board of Directors and how would you utilize them to help you meet the goals you have outlined in #4?

One of my strongest skills that I feel would benefit WFHB and the board of directors is my communication skills. In nearly every position I have ever held, there was a strong service component to the role I had been hired to do. I have been able to take a department that outwardly had a negative opinion of and been able to create stronger relationships with internal clients which included trust as well as establishing a higher standard of service and communication. This could include making sure questions are answered (and finding an answer if I didn’t know it), providing on demand training, and treating all customers/client with respect.  In one of my most recent rolls, my service and troubleshooting abilities became known as the “Maryll Method”.  Additionally, I enjoyed working personally with clients and established effective business partnerships.

I am also highly analytical. I am an analyst by trade, as well as by nature. I often can see things from a different perspective and can come up with solutions that may not have been considered before.

In light of recent events which included the poor communication between the board and the volunteer base (who are technically the boss of the board), it is clear that better communication needs to happen. I have a few ideas on how to start healing these relationships and rebuilding trust that has been lost.

6. Is there anything else you would like us to know about your candidacy?

Simply that since I was first introduced to WFHB around 8 years ago, I have developed a deep love for WFHB. Over the years, I have tried to become involved in whatever capacity I was able to (as long as it was not on the air), including as a regular donor, as well as a few committees, I have been an avid supporter of station events and try to attend as many as I can. I hold a special place in my heart for WFHB and would like to continue to put that energy to work for the station.



Although I have lived in several places around the United States, as well as two other countries for a short time, I have always been a Hoosier at heart. For the last nine years, I have lived in Bloomington and worked to be an active participant in community affairs. Towards this end, I have offered my time and services to various organizations, including the Monroe County Public Library, the Center for Justice and Mediation, the Bloomington Winter Shelter, the Bloomington Human Rights Commission, the Monroe County NAACP, Big Bothers and Big Sisters of Monroe County and WFHB. Each of these activities has allowed me to work closely with different folks, and better understand the needs and aspirations of our community.

My educational background includes an M.A. in Applied Linguistics from Indiana University. I have also studied at Lehigh University (B.A., Journalism), Howard University (M.A., Communications) and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where I earned my law degree.

I have been employed as an instructor in English as a Second Language at IU for seven years, but my emerging occupation is law. I passed the Indiana State Bar Exam in 2013 and am currently a part-time staff attorney for Legal Services of Indiana (focusing on housing and employment law). I am also developing a private practice with a concentration on civil rights and employment discrimination.

Five years ago, I visited WFHB to find out about the station and its activities. My main purpose was to develop in-town volunteer opportunities for my international students. However, I quickly found myself drawn to the activities, personalities and charter of the station, and I decided to take a “go” at being a DJ, but first I had to pay my dues by working at the front desk (“desk jockeying”). For a month or so, I manned the telephone, took messages and greeted folks to the station. It was a six-week lesson in the history of WFHB as I got to meet people such as Jeff Morris, Jim Manion and Chad Carrothers and others that filled me in on 20-year history of the station.

During those first two months, I also went through the DJ Training cycle and met some of the great DJs we have at WFHB, like Tilman Piedmont, Cindy Beaule and Tall Steve. They all taught me a LOT of lasting lessons about radio – lessons that continue to this day, five years later.

I have also had the privilege of doing different music shows. I presently work on the Tuesday Afternoon Music Mix, the Jazz Menagerie and Hora Latina. Additionally, I have been involved in fundraising where I have had a good measure of success, and I have also done work with the Daily Local News and Interchange.

More than anything else, WFHB has really connected me to the Community, and I would like to help the station grow, prosper and attract others to our Community. I have a whole lot to offer! I would greatly appreciate your vote!


1.  Are you now or have you in the past served on a nonprofit board of directors?

Answer:  I have never served on a board of any type.

2.  Are you comfortable assisting with station fundraising efforts?  Do you have experience in this area?

Answer:  Because I believe in the mission and community of WFHB, I feel very comfortable with fundraising efforts.  Over the last five years, I have tried my best to be an effective on-air fund raiser.  For the most part, I’ve had some good success, and I am prepared to help in any way I can with handshaking, calling, texting, and reaching out to each and every Friend of WFHB.  In addition, I have put my money with my mouth is and contributed $25/month for the past 2-3 years.

3. Are you currently involved with WFHB?  If so, how?

Answer:   Five years ago, I started with WFHB as a desk jockey.  For the past couple years, I have served as a music programmer (DJ) on three different shows: 1. The Tuesday Afternoon Music Mix; 2. The Jazz Menagerie; and 3. Hora Latina.  I have also served as an interviewer on the Daily Local News, as well as an occasional news reader.  For two years, I was an interviewer/host on Interchange and conducted a few dozen interviews.  I was also the producer of the show for approx. six months.  Additionally, I have provided the station with legal advice from time to time.

4. What do you think are the three most important functions of the Board of Directors.

Answer:  I think the three most important functions of the Board of Directors (among many other important functions) are:

    1. Contributing to the vision and continued growth of the station, including new ideas, encouragement and support (including legal support, for which I am duly qualified);
    2. Strengthening the present status of the station, i.e. fund-raising, program development, volunteer outreach, and other decisions pertaining to technological, personnel and financial capital;
    3. Working with other directors, staff and personnel to sustain and enhance the mission WFHB with fellow directors, staff, volunteers and the broader community (e.g. work towards expanding the overall good will of the station)

5. What are the strongest skills that you would bring to the Board of Directors and how would you utilize them to help you meet the goals you have outlined in #4?

Answer: 1. First, I love people.  I love to encourage and support folks in the pursuit of their respective goals; 2. As a lawyer, I like to find solutions (legal or otherwise); 3. I truly believe in WFHB as a Tool of Community – and I’m prepared to help in any way I can.

6. Is there anything else you would like us to know about your candidacy?

Answer:  WFHB has been a good friend to me over the past five years – in terms of the organizational opportunities it has given me and the individual friendships that have grown out of the station.  It would be a pleasure and honor to give back to the station, to help it grow into the next several years, and expand its role as a Community Within A Community.

Firehouse Follies returns June 1st!

What’s behind the green door?

Find out at 4 PM, June 1, at the Ivy Tech Waldon Whikehart Auditorium when the Firehouse Follies presents “Behind the Green Door.”

Admission is $10 single ticket, $15 for two.

In the meantime, have a listen to some of the most recent productions of the Firehouse Follies here.

Board Minutes: May 19, 2014


Balance Sheet April

Profit & Loss April

Budget vs. Actual FY2014


7:09 p.m.


Board members present are Joe Estivill, Rich Reardin, Sheryl Mitchell, Louis Malone, Matt Pierce, Rich Fish, Maria McKinley, Cleveland Dietz.  Board members absent are Pam Davidson and Sheryl Mitchell.  Quorum is established.  Note:  Carolyn arrives at 8:20 p.m.


Sheryl has made a motion to approve the Minutes via email on May 7th.  Rich R  seconds the motion.  Vote is called and motion to approve the Minutes passes unanimously.  There is a brief discussion about making motions and seconding because often when a vote is called for via email, a Board member may vote yes when the call for a motion is made or even after a motion is made but before a second.  The language should be followed according to Roberts’ Rules of Order.  A vote to approve is not a replacement for a motion or a second.  All are in agreement about this procedure.


Cleveland reports that a late response from our pre-fund drive mailer has brought in $3,000 putting the station over the fund drive goal of $46,000 at $47,265.74 for the Spring Fund Drive or 103% of our goal.

MCPL, CATS, WFHB:  We have received a verbal commitment from Michael White on MOU.  Alycin is scheduling a meeting to check out equipment and to understand what the library is willing to provide to us.

Annual Meeting:  Most of the participating memberships’ mailing addresses are confirmed and absentee ballots are already stuffed in envelopes for those addresses confirmed.  We have seven candidates for three Board slots, and the candidates have received the questionnaire and request for a short bio.  The annual meeting will be on June 7th, at the Monroe County History Center.  For the first time in the history of the annual election at WFHB, a candidate forum will be held at 11 a.m. for Participating Members.  This will be in the form of a panel discussion moderated by News Director Alycin Bektesh with an opportunity for the membership to ask questions of the candidates.  The annual meeting will then begin at 12:15 p.m.  The membership will be asked to bring food for the potluck luncheon, the station will provide the paper products and soft drinks and ice.  Maria and Cleveland will meet with Carolyn before the annual meeting to work out the details of counting votes and the procedures for additional balloting if a majority vote for three candidates is not achieved on the first round of voting.


We have cut our spending significantly so that with the decrease in fundraising over the year, we did just break a little over “even.”  It has worked out that in some areas, we have additional unforeseen expenses but in other areas, we do not spend the money budgeted for that area.  For instance, purchases under “Computer Supplies” are overdue because the regular 5-year cycle of purchasing these items only shows up in the line item budget every 5 years.  See attached documents for detailed spreadsheets of the financials.  See “New Business” below for a discussion of the Fiscal Year Budget for 2014.


The Board of Directors’ Code of Conduct/Board Member Commitment form rough draft was forwarded via email by Cleveland to Board members so a discussion could be brought forth at tonight’s meeting.  Joe leads a discussion through the document line-by-line and input about wording changes is documented by the Secretary.  Attendance has been an issue throughout the past year and members are in agreement that missing 30% of Board Meetings within any given year could result in dismissal.  Motion to accept could not be made due to the changes in the presented document and Maria agrees to make the suggested corrections to the document and send out after the Board elections but prior to the June Board meeting.

Board Operations Manual and NFCB listserv responses: Cleveland has had two responses concerning these topics but the more specific response was from a station where the book “How Effective Non-Profits Work is purchased in bulk and handed out to all new Board members.  Cleveland will attempt to find a copy of this book and Carolyn suggests it might be available at our public library.

Community Advisory Board mission statement:  Maria has put together a mission statement for the Community Advisory Board in accordance with the requirements spelled out by the CPB and which would fulfill our compliance issues.  This statement was passed along via email prior to tonight’s meeting.  Matt asks that the word “Community” be changed to “Corporation” to correctly reflect the name.  A motion is made by Louis to accept the mission statement with the correction, Sheryl seconds and a vote to accept the mission statement for the CAB passes unanimously.

Policy Committee (bylaws):   Rich F agreed to talk with Al Lyons concerning the policy committee’s approach when beginning the task of revamping the station’s by-laws.   Al has not returned a call to Rich prior to this meeting.


Timetable to amend approved minutes:  Rich F begins a discussion concerning the idea of a timetable to amend the Board’s Minutes to accurately reflect additional information brought forth at a later Board meeting which might bring about a change in any member’s given opinion about a particular issue.  Discussion agrees that the Minutes are to reflect any discussion (except Closed Session) and that no timetable for amending the Minutes is required.

IT Committee Report – Rich F has sent the IT Committee Report around by email.

FY 2014 Budget

Cleveland states the upcoming fiscal year budget attempts to accomplish many things; hire a full- time Development Director, replace the heating/cooling unit by October, pay for a certified financial audit which is necessary for most grant writing.  The budget does not include income from Acoustic Roots Festival or the Firehouse Follies, and it does not take into account our decreasing credit card fees.  Health insurance costs have gone up due to the Affordable Care Act.  Computer expenses are reflected in “June” under computer supplies.  See the IT Report for specifics on upcoming computer purchases.  Money may be there for Youth Radio but it is not listed as income as yet.  Fund Drives brought in $1000 less in the fall but over $1200 this spring.  Joe Estivill and Brian Kearney have been working to get angel donors for the Development Director.  We are pursuing a Monroe County Health Grant through the Community Foundation to get the equipment we need for a call-in medical talk show.  Wages for the Development Director are set to begin in August.  The question is asked about where the physicality of a Development Director would be and Cleveland believes there are several space options at the station for this new hire.  The Brown County Hour contract reflects a rent increase of $100/month beginning in October.  We will need to purchase insurance to cover our equipment as this is not part of the rental agreement.   The BCH folks are writing a grant to present to the Brown County Community Foundation for additional equipment.   Rich R makes a motion to approve the FY 2014 budget, Sheryl seconds the motion and a unanimous vote passes the FY 2014-2015 budget.


Rich F withdraws his name from the upcoming ballot for Board membership.  Rich explains he has taken on a new job which initially did not involve that many hours but it is now going to require more of his time.  He states he is currently giving 40 hours a month to the station and has decided that he will continue to be involved as a Participating Member and attend meetings and agree to additional volunteer hours as his time will permit but not at the Board level.  Maria asks Rich to write a statement concerning his withdrawal from the ballot for the membership which can be attached to the Board minutes.

Joe thanks the outgoing Board members for their term of service and many hours of volunteerism to the Station.


9:19 p.m

WFHB’s Acoustic Roots Festival is this Saturday!

WFHB  announces the seventh annual Acoustic Roots Festival, to be held on Saturday, May 17th – hosted once again by Upland Brewing Company at 350 West 11th in Bloomington. Festival gates will open at 2:30pm, with music from 3pm-11pm.

WFHB’s Acoustic Roots Festival is a fundraiser for Bloomington Community Radio. The festival focuses on the rich heritage of American roots music and is a showcase for local and regional artists.

Indiana artists featured on the 2014 Acoustic Roots Festival line up are T.V. Mike and The Scarecrowes, Tim Grimm and Jan Lucas, White Lightning Boys, Indiana Boys, Lexi Len & The Strangers, Otto Mobile & The Moaners, The Underhills and Jacob Latham.

PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE: 3pm-11pm (gate opens @ 2:30pm)

3:00pm: The Underhills

4:00pm: Jacob Latham

5:00pm: Lexi Len & The Strangers

6:00pm: Ottomobile

7:00pm: White Lightning Boys

8:00pm: Tim Grimm and Jan Lucas

9:00pm: Indiana Boys

10:00pm: TV Mike & The Scarecrowes

Admission to WFHB’s Acoustic Roots Festival is $20.00 ($15.00 in advance), with all proceeds after expenses supporting WFHB.

Advance tickets are available at WFHB, Bloomingfoods, Muddy Boots (Nashville, IN), Upland Brewing Company and the WFHB tent at Bloomington Farmer’s Market.

No coolers, please – Upland beer and food will be available on site, along with the Rush Hour Station food truck.

ARF 2014 has a Facebook event page:


ARF 2014 is featured in the latest WFHB Firehouse News:


More information about WFHB’s Acoustic Roots Festival is available

from Jim Manion, WFHB Music Director at 812-323-1200 or by email: music@wfhb.org.

WFHB’s 2014 Acoustic Roots Festival is sponsored by Bloomingfoods, Muddy Boots Café, Pine Room Tavern, Rush Hour Station, Downtown Bloomington, Inc., Vance Music and Karen Pitkin/REMAX Realty.

Board Minutes: April 28, 2014


Balance Sheet: March 2014

Profit & Loss: March 2014

Budget vs. Actual To-Date Fiscal Year 2013-2014


7:07 p.m.


Board members present: Joe Estivill, Carolyn VandeWiele, Richard Fish, Richard Reardin, Sheryl Mitchell, Matt Pierce, Maria McKinley, Cleveland Dietz

Absent: Louis Malone, Pam Davidson

Participating Members present: Darin Bagley, Reina Wong

Staff: Alycin Bektesh


Motion to approve was made by Rich R (April 9) via email and tonight seconded by Sheryl.

Adjournment time of last month’s meeting is agreed to be 10:00 p.m. Minutes are approved by unanimous vote. Richard F states he has comments and will discuss these at a later time.


Spring Fund Drive as of tonight has reached 96% of our goal, ($44265.74) with an additional $4,000 raised in day sponsorships (underwriting). The budget team will meet tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. (Cleveland, Joe, Sarah Borden). Joe invites board members to attend.

Cleveland anticipates a significant increase in health/vision/dental coverage, approximately $2035/month, and there are major purchases in our future: furnace, 2 new computers, a transmitter, digital equipment. MCPL, CATS, and WFHB: Renovations at the library have included space and phone lines for WFHB news volunteers; collaborating with CATS could make us eligible for more money from CPB; logistics still need to be discussed if there is to be a move to the library. Joe recommends we talk with volunteers who are involved with the news department before any decisions are made.

Development Director: Cleveland met with Meri Reinhold, the executive director at MCUM about her ideas for moving forward with our hiring of a development director. Meri tells us we could apply for a SPEA fellowship at a cost of $600 and receive a grad student for 10 hours/week/semester. The GM and DD could attend the IU School of Philanthropy courses although there is a cost for that. Scholarships are available from IU and if IU chips in, the MCCF could help with funds. Meri’s experience tells us we would need to offer $33K salary or share a DD with another organization so a DD could get full time work. Joe suggests we find another angel donor to bring the salary up.

Rich F has talked with Al Lyons outside of Al’s presentation last month and Rich says Al does not see that we need a DD and that it might cost us more in salary for a DD than the money we would be able to raise using a DD. Cleveland says Meri told him that it took a few years after they hired a DD but that it was worth it.

WFHB is a media sponsor for both the John Hartford Memorial Festival (in Bean Blossom) and GnawBrew, a craft beer festival in Gnaw Bone, as part of our on-going efforts to expand our base outside of Bloomington.

The station now has a Square account to take credit card payments at events. We are exploring ways to use it beyond plugging it into an iPhone or iPad, including web sales.

Acoustic Roots Festival has already recouped its production budget in sponsors. All tickets sales will be actual funds raised.

Johrdan Vicstein is moving to Indy and we’ve been talking about getting our updates done before he leaves.

Cleveland has reworded a statement from the employee’s handbook that allows the News Director to supervise the Assistant News Director. Richard F makes a motion to accept the new wording, Matt seconds the motion and it passes unanimously.


We are still waiting for $24K from the CPB grant and the $4K underwriting has not dropped into the account. As a result, the Budget does not reflect the $28K we are waiting for.

For next year, we expect wage expenses will be higher and insurance costs will be at least $24K.

We will close our GoDaddy account. On the Budget vs Actual spreadsheet: income lines are not where they should be because we are waiting on money as previously described above.


Policy Committee (bylaws need to be rewritten)

A flexible governing document will allow for the unpredictability of the future of technology. Joe suggests we start with 3-4 people who will look at the by-laws for obvious changes. An ad hoc committee is suggested and Rich F suggests we have Al Lyons look at the by-laws to see if there are some red flags of where we need to be more flexible or more structured. That could be a reasonable start before reconfiguring the entire document. Rich F will ask Al for his opinion.

Database for fundraising – tabled until we have a DD who can work with Cleveland and Pam on this project.

Board Operations Manual – committee to review the BOM with the idea of having this finished up by the June elections. Rich F and Cleveland agree to work on this. They will check with Louis and/or Joe to see if they are also available and Joe suggests we make an announcement on the BOD email for other volunteers.

Community Advisory Board

CPB requirements http://www.cpb.org/stations/certification/cert3.html

Composition: Board Secretary+ at least one other board member + up to seven non-board members

MISSION: (FROM STATION BYLAWS: Article Nine: Community Advisory Board)

The Board may select from the community at large an unspecified number of persons to serve on an advisory panel known as the Board of Advisors, for terms of one (1) year. These Advisors may be reappointed for such additional one (1) year terms as the Board may deem proper. The Advisors shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors. Members of the Board of Advisors shall not be Staff Members. The Advisory Board Membership should reasonably reflect the diverse needs and interests of the community.

  • Jeb Conrad, Chamber of Commerce
  • John Whikehart, Deputy Mayor
  • Christian Freitag, Sycamore Land Trust
  • Jim Krause has agreed to join.

It is suggested we put together a mission statement that would describe the purpose of the CAB which would assist with recruitment. The CAB should ascertain local communities’ needs with regard to broadcasting and what needs WFHB could meet. In considering members, we need to include Ellettsville and Nashville residents; ask potential members from the Chambers and other civic-minded individuals. Matt suggests we use the language from the CPB requirements. Maria will look into this and send around a mission statement for approval.


NPAC – Alycin Bektesh discusses her plans for a News Summit for the month of June or July. She feels there needs to be some focused discussion and exploration of the future of news and public affairs programming. With the day to day operating challenges of the News and Public Affairs programs, it leaves no time to address creative, administrative, and technical issues. There could be a possible separation of the news and public affairs departments. It’s time to talk about how to use the MCPL facilities which are being offered and to plan for the future in terms of programming. SEE

Nominating Committee Procedures

Problems are discussed concerning the recent nominating committee’s role and procedures. Cleveland states it would be helpful to have written minutes from meetings of the nominating committee to keep everyone on track with decisions, deadlines, and other details. There appears to be no consistent nominating committee policies and this topic would be one to send on to the policy committee. Cleveland states as GM, he sees his role on the nominating committee as a conflict of interest because the Board is considered to be the GM’s “boss.” Current procedures that the Board agrees on are: petition nominated candidates must submit their petitions with 10 signatures to the nominating committee (Carolyn is chair) by May 8. Cleveland will send out an email on Spot-Online to remind the participating members the deadline for petition nominated candidates is approaching. The nominating committee will put together and mail out the candidates’ packets prior to the annual meeting.

BoD Code of Conduct – In keeping with the suggestions made by Al Lyons, the Board discusses putting together a Board of Director’s code of conduct prior to the installation of the new Board Members in June. Subjects should include a Board member’s behavior during meetings, as a public representative of WFHB, confidentiality, attendance, and ethics, but is not confined to these topics. Maria states she has spent several hours researching online the Code of Conduct (in a generalized setting) for non-profit Boards of Directors (why invent the wheel) but there has been too much of a disconnect between non-profit service orgs and a radio station. Cleveland mentions he has access to websites that are strictly communications/broadcasting sites and he could possibly run across our much-needed document already configured for another similar organization.

Firehouse Follies – Rich F mentions the Follies are considering raising their ticket prices from $5 to $10. He would like to have the Board’s input and there is a general consensus that $10 is a reasonable price for the quality of that unique live entertainment.


9:19 p.m.

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