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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – August 25, 2014



Hooker Conference Room, #245, City Hall

201 N. Morton St., Bloomington, IN

Present:  Joe Estivill, Pamela Davidson, Louis Malone, Cleveland Dietz, Maria McKinley, Rich Reardin, Markus Lowe, Sheryl Mitchell, Kelly Wherley (recorder), Richard Fish, Carolyn VandeWiele, and Darin Bagley.

    1. Meeting called to order at 7:04pm.
    1. Sheryl moves to approve and Maria seconds.  Approved.
    1. No report from the Prez.
    1. Markus reports that the Finance Committee met last Wednesday.  Finance Committee will meet third Wednesday of every month.  The minutes from their meeting will be distributed and will be the best indicator of how they (the committee) are performing, their members, and their priorities.  The Board should take a look at these minutes and see if they have any questions.  Pam comments:  Matchstick is over.  They were using some money that dried up and our donor base may still be in it.  A good question is what the board would be expected to look at from a month-to-month basis.  Pam asked whether or not anything is awry on the statements and Cleveland re-iterated that there’s a quickbook’s error that is making an amount-due mistake that they’re trying to work out with Stampfli.
    1. Cleveland reports that he and Markus are having breakfast with the Ivy Tech chancellor and Paul to talk about space.  Pamela talked about Paul’s obstinancy (especially concerning vending at events) and Cleveland says that the relationship has changed dramatically for the better since the change in management—for the better!  Outdoor space is going to be on the agenda as well as the outdoor speakers.  Joe asked about the cost for commercial surge protectors and it sounds like they’re about $600/a piece (Jeffrey Morris’ estimate without having looked into it) and we wouldn’t need to buy more than two.
    2. Development Director: Dorothy Granger has been offered the Development Director position and she’s going to start full-time on September 8th.  Scott Hutchinson got a superior job offer and took it.  Dorothy won’t be here for Fall Fund Drive, though, due to a prior travel commitment.
    1. A note from Joe:  We’re looking to have committee meeting minutes sent out prior to the Board meeting.
    2. Executive Committee

i.      Met for the first time this month and produced the agenda.  They also talked about the Ivy Tech breakfast and the News Summit presentation to the board.

  1. Finance Committee

i.      Contained in Treasurer’s Report.

  1. Policy Committee

i.      Had initial meeting two weeks ago.  Markus, Cleveland, Brother William, Rich Fish, and Hondo attended.  Minutes have been posted to the website.  By-Laws are a tougher conversation.  Proposed changes, if any, will be sent out in April during the Nominating Committee announcements to give everyone a chance to look them over prior to the Annual Meeting.

    1. Board of Directors’ Operations Manual

i.      Markus is going to knock this one out.  Cleveland sent it out as a starting point—it’s very old and redundant and Markus will send out a cleaner copy.

  1. CATS / News Department

i.      The next step in this potentiality is to figure out what they would actually want from us in order to make this happen.  Apparently we can get dedicated phone lines so that’s good.  Markus recommends going big in terms of our ask and then shrink it if need be.  Having a shared server at the library is also a bit of an obstacle but getting to Pongo shouldn’t be a problem if you go through smtt:

  1. Status of Development Director

i.      See above (V. b.)

  1. Equipment Audit

i.      Sounds like a team of students are going to do some work for us (running cable, for example) and having the audit will be nice to have in terms of future budgeting and the insurance agencies will be happy to see an equipment list.

  1. Guideline for making local purchases

i.      Read aloud by Louis Malone:  Passes unanimously

  1. Marketing Committee Proposal

i.      William Morris not present

  1. Ivy Tech Green Space – Speakers

i.      They’ll ask Chancellor Vaughn about this tomorrow at the breakfast.

    1. Cleveland Dietz application to Leadership Bloomington-Monroe County

i.      Cleveland is going to withdraw the request until next year.  He’s not sure that, fiscally, it’s the move to make at this point.  The sudden expenses incurred this year make an expenditure like this a little tough.

  1. News Summit Report  (Louis Malone)

i.      The full report is not yet out.  A quick synopsis shows that around 75 individuals attended at least one session.  Some topics were more interesting than others.  One notable cancelation is the Porch Swing.  This was inevitable as it doesn’t have a producer.  Also, Activate and the Volunteer Network are being combined into one.  The mission statement is under construction—there are three different drafts of the mission statements that will be sent to NPAC when they’re finalized.  Sustainability of the News Director position is also being discussed.  Programming finds focus on the Daily Local News and other potential new shows.  Training and recruitment are also central focal points.  There is a flow chart that demonstrates the various skills that are necessary to become, say, a producer.  Finally, facilities has also been a focus and there’s a list of about ten important purchases/acquisitions which will be necessary for the News Department to function better.  Louis says the attendance waned a bit in the last week but overall it was well attended and lots of passionate discussions were had.  Rich added that he attended a programming session and said that there’s often a desire for volunteers to produce a show but there’s no room for them.  He suggests that using the internet for podcasting and the like would be a great way for folks who want to produce a show but don’t have a slot available to them.  Pamela spoke about the advantages of podcasting.  Markus remarked that he was impressed with the training work that had been done and also that perhaps Alycin might want to wait on the News Department governance documents until we see what shakes out of the Policy Committee meetings and decisions.  Louis re-stated the focus on podcasting too—it’s a great audition space for folks.

  1. Development Director

i.      Cleveland and Joe had a conversation about the nature of CATS and if the DD could rock 10K for the station, we could drop Joe from doing this and he could be free to work on more station-centered business.  Pamela talked about WTIU getting a significant portion of their revenue from production.

  1. Quarterly Meeting

i.      Happening on Saturday, September 6th at 12:15pm.  Cleveland is shooting for the MCHC and Joe has offered the Player’s Pub if that doesn’t work out.

  1. Fund Drive

i.      Cleveland would love to have all of the board members in at some point before the fund drive to record a testimonial.  He’s also trying to get long-time underwriters in to record testimonials.  We’ll have to schedule times so Cleveland is going to e-mail everyone individually.  Joe asked about having board members calling volunteers to remind them about fund drive and to thank them for their service and to ask them to “tell ten.”  Rich Reardin suggests incorporating something similar to the ice bucket challenge as it’s been a really popular and effective fund raiser.  Sending an e-mail out to the volunteership asking for ideas is a good idea.  General discussions concerning ideas or events that could possibly go viral and help raise awareness were had.

  1. Markus moves to adjourn, Sheryl seconds.  Adjourned at 8:25pm.
    1. September 22nd, 2014
    2. October 27th, 2014
    3. November 24th, 2014

Finance Committee Minutes – August 20, 2014


  • Cleveland
  • Markus
  • Sara
  • Jean

Formation of committee roles:

  • Brief introductions by all around
  • Markus established as Secretary
  • Jean established as Chair

Finance experience:

Cleveland began by asking if we had any previous experience with Finance Committee?

  • Mark – no experience other than previous as a GM
  • Sara – has experience with Youth Services Bureau working as finance manager and member of Finance Committee IACAR
  • Jean – no experience

Current process

Look at the current budget process and accounting processes:

  • Current budget was created by Joe (acting board treasurer), Sara (finance committee), and Cleveland
  • Budgets are approved by Board
  • FY 2014 is June 1, 2014 to May 31, 2015
  • Accounting process
    • Use Quickbooks software matched to budget
    • Put in monthly expenses
    • Reconcile each month
    • Quarterly taxes and annual taxes through Stanfly (sp?) Accounting
      • $150 every 3 months
      • $1000 for annual submission

Duties of committee

Discussion on what role we thing the committee should play, beyond the stated/defined goal in the committee document.

  • Sara – Noted that Committee and report usually includes Highlights of finance / areas of interest, strategic planning of finance, and discrepancies in the budget
  • Cleveland – Favors highlights over line by line reports
  • Mark – agreed
  • Cleveland – one duty is analyzing data; another is financial guidance/oversight
  • Sara – strategic financial planning; looking at the horizon
  • Cleveland – concerned of a really large expense, transmitter outage, etc.
  • Jean – in favor of establishing a “rainy day” fund to account for this concern/risk
  • Mark – we don’t have to budget for zero, we can budget for a surplus
  • Sara – noted other organizations have looked at how many months of operating cost they want to cover for rainy day and try to quantify that

Budget walkthrough

Cleveland explained the current budget aspects

  • Not a whole lot of modification from last year
  • Additions include: Extra staff for dev director, furnace replacement, and independent audit
  • Offset by increase in underwriting from dev director work to be realized
  • Almost everything else is based off last year’s expense

Budget observations

  • Mark – We could reduce Program Fees to offset some costs and move the Asst News Director to restricted fees
  • Translator purchase – $4-$5k replacement – Was not budgeted for
    • Jean – Can we write a grant for another item and move money to translator
    • Mark – could we swap audit for translator?
    • Sara – we should bring before the board “audit vs translator” and ask for priority
    • Cleveland – Development director candidate backed out; Making second offer to #2 candidate
    • Mark – concerns about pay for Dev Director with only half of salary secured
    • Cleveland – Dev Director can do corporate sponsorship and more concerted focus on underwriting; Approx 6 months of pay reserved from grants

Next meeting agenda draft:

  • Old Business
    • Lotus Fund Drive recap
    • Development Director upate
    • Audit vs Translator from board
    • Review monthly statements
      • Analyze current finance
      • Highlights for board
      • Strategic planning
        • Budgeting for the future
        • Capital needs – equipment lifecycles; ServeIT perpetuation plan
        • Grants

Amigo Fields will be WFHB’s special guest for Saturday’s Child September 13th!

Local group Amigo Fields will bring their unique blend of English and Spanish Americana music to Saturday’s Child at 11 a.m. Sept. 13, in the Monroe County History Center.

Policy Committee Meeting Minutes – August 11, 2014

Meeting begins at 5:15pm

Chair: Hondo – on track and on time

Secretary: William Morris


  • Chair election:
    • Rich Motion to elect Hondo as Chair
    • Mark second
    • Unanimous decision
    • Secretary election:
      • Rich motion to elect William as Secretary
      • Hondo second
      • Unanimous decision
      • Recommendations
        • Secretary William will be responsible for submitting recommendations to the Board
        • Cleveland motion
        • Rich second
        • Unanimous decision

Strategic Plan > Best practices: Discussion on best practices

  • Cleveland – by laws revision are tedious/rigid
    • Being clear but being able to be flexible
    • Rich – historically why are bylaws rigid? Back then we were wary of station independence and wanted to give the volunteers the power. Felt there was considerable danger that the organization would be “over taken” from an outside party.
    • Kirby – example is 3 board members elected per cycle
    • Cleveland – only 40 members when bylaws were created. Much easier to get ¼ of members involved. Much easier to get approval. Would like to see clear guidelines that are flexible to update.
    • Mark – flexible sound like Guidelines as opposed to Policy
    • Cleveland will look for any research from Strategic Plan on “Best Practices”

Scope and timeline:

  • 1. By laws revision
    • Any changes that may affect Governance document
    • Any areas where clarity is needed
    • Timeline: Look at ByLaws in Feb, present to Board in April, for vote to membership in May
    • 2. Governance document revision
      • Employee job descriptions
      • Organizational structure
      • Timeline: Cleveland present Job Descriptions and Org chart in Sept meeting, Board vote end of September
      • Then tackle other areas of priority

Other comments

  • Mark: Break into digestible chunks for Governance Document and present recommendations to the Board each month
  • Rich: Clear and simple language where possible
  • Strive for 1 week of minutes approval, and Cleveland post to Web

6:05pm adjourn

  • Cleveland motion
  • Rich second
  • Motion passes

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes – August 11, 2014

Executive Committee Meeting

August 11, 2014

Present:  Joe Estivill, Markus Lowe, Cleveland Dietz, Kelly Wherley (recorder).

  1. First order of business is to change the time of the meeting.  We’ll be meeting at 6:15pm from here on out on the second Monday of the month.
  2. Second order of business is to establish that minutes have to be taken for all the board committee meetings.  Board Secretary Kelly Wherley is taking care of it for the Executive Committee.
  3. Third order of business is the setting of the agenda.  Cleveland distributed the July 28th BoD agenda and we discussed it.  The chronology of some of the items was discussed.  Reports will follow a President, Treasurer, GM chronology.  Committee Reports will follow an Executive, Finance, and Policy chronology.  Various facets of each remaining item and completion/report updates were stated and we adjusted the agenda accordingly.  The August 25th, 2014 agenda is attached at the end of these minutes.  The Ivy Tech Green Space discussions are progressing and a breakfast chat is going to take place on Tuesday, August 26th, at 8:30am.  Cleveland is attending along with the Ivy Tech Chancellor and the Facilities Manager.  Markus Lowe, even though it’s his birthday, is going to attend as well as a Board representative.
  4. New agenda items included Summary Reports from the News Summit.  We’re looking at it from an operational and not a governance aspect, so whatever changes Alycin might enact, they don’t necessarily need Board approval, but it would be nice to know what some of the initiatives are.  We’d also like Scott Hutchinson, the new Development Director, to come in and meet the Board.  We’re only going to have one meeting before the Fall Fund Drive so Board participation on the fund drive is going to be included and we’re also going to discuss the quarterly meeting.  Cleveland is going to ask members of the board to record individual pleas for fund-raising that would ostensibly air throughout the year.
  5. On the report front, we’re going to really push for Board members to read all the reports before the meeting.  That will negate the need for a bunch of printed copies and allow for more time to discuss other board business.  Board members will be allowed to ask any questions about the reports during the review process.  Finance reports will include any narratives or explanations for any discrepancies in finances or other contingencies that are common from month to month.
  6. Cleveland motions to adjourn at 6:59pm and Markus seconds.  Meeting adjourned.



Hooker Conference Room, #245, City Hall

201 N. Morton St., Bloomington, IN

    1. Executive Committee
    2. Finance Committee
    3. Policy Committee
    1. Board of Directors’ Operations Manual
    2. CATS / News Department
    3. Status of Development Director
    4. Equipment Audit
    5. Guideline for making local purchases
    6. Marketing Committee Proposal
    7. Ivy Tech Green Space – Speakers
    1. Cleveland Dietz application to Leadership Bloomington-Monroe County
    2. News Summit Report
    3. Development Director
    4. Quarterly Meeting
    5. Fund Drive

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – July 28, 2014

Present:  Joe Estivil, Maria McKinley, Cleveland Dietz, Pam Davidson, Rich Reardin, William Morris, Louis Malone, Sheryl Mitchell, Markus Lowe, Darin Bagley, and Kelly Wherley (secretary).

Meeting is called to order at 7:07pm.

William Morris moves to approve the minutes and notes that those are Maria’s last minutes and she gets a round of applause, Louis seconds.  Passes.

  1. President’s Report:  No report from Joe Estivill.
  2. GM’s Report:  Cleveland doesn’t have to recap report but questions and answers ensue:
    1. Joe asks about the results of the investigation into the tower going out.  Cleveland says there does seem to be a durability issue (as we’ve lost power three times within the last four years) with the Clear Creek transmitter.  We’re hoping to get information from Jeffrey about in the coming weeks and months.  Pam asked about the management seminar and Cleveland said it was good insofar as he led a great deal of it, but he didn’t connect with the group leader especially well.  Chad had career-training track with this group so we’ve had experience with this as a corporation in the past.  Louis mentioned the many opportunities for professional development in Bloomington and said Cleveland was a bit beyond what this particular seminar was offering but Cleveland said it wasn’t really advertised that way—and it was and it wasn’t helpful to him in his current position.  Pamela mentioned the all-access non-profit conference coming up in November in Indianapolis.  She thinks it’s about as good as it gets especially for non-profits like us.  The Bloomington Board seminar that Carolyn distributed to the board (which takes place on August 8th) was also mentioned.
    2. William asked about the reception problems we were having and whether they still exist.  Cleveland said the power supply was replaced but the storms over the weekend knocked power out at the station for four hours on Saturday night.  Markus asked about the initial power outage (on the 7th) which was for four days at the beginning of July and Markus asked about communicating this to the volunteers and the fact that there was nothing posted to spot-online was disconcerting.  Cleveland put an announcement on facebook and twitter but nothing was posted to spot-online as he was just about to travel to Denver.  Given that spot-online is our official means of communicating to the volunteers, if Cleveland is gone or traveling, we should codify the chain of command so that a person would know to step in if he’s away—other staff members can communicate something like a power outage to the volunteer membership.  Maria suggested also posting to the WFHB website.
  3. Treasurer’s Report:
    1. Cleveland emphasizes the idea that if we find someone like Drew Daudelin who can take on the task of doing CATSweek then we should look to find a contract- freelancer who can do this and the Assistant News Director would have extra time to do other stuff for the News Department.  The contract says we just says we need to have an “employee” so freelancing this would seem to be okay with how that’s worded.  Joe Crawford’s time would be better spent serving the News Department if we can get an educated person to write the CATS script.  Joe Estivil reminds us that if we do contract this out then we need to get his or her SSN because as soon as they get $600 or more we need to be paying taxes to the government.  Markus asked about the nature of the production and essentially we provide the scripts and the time stamps for the video and CATS knocks out the rest of the production—they are a receptacle for the work we do and they have someone read the script and film it.  We get 10K from CATS to produce this and WFHB pays the rest of the 15K salary to the Assistant News Director.  Pamela shared a story that she attended a WTIU breakfast and they said they were getting a lot of money generated from production.  The value we get out of that is our re-broadcasting of the CATS segments over the airwaves.  There is a little discrepancy regarding the posting of the CATS video on the WFHB website—the contract calls for it, but CATS stopped us when we posted it in the past.  CATS doesn’t seem to care how we produce this show and it seems like we’ve tried to farm this out to a volunteer in the past, but it’s hard for volunteers for a number of reasons.  As it is essentially watching hours and hours of local government meetings, paying someone for this service seems necessary.  Cleveland would really like to consider moving this because having the Assistant News Director help the station would be great and Joe C. doesn’t currently get any feedback from CATS.
    2. William asked about how much money we raised from the birthday party.  Cleveland gave the details.  Roughly speaking, we got $1,325 in tickets and Jeff Mease is going to give us half the money that was spent on beer.  We had small costs associated with this event but overall it looks like this was a really successful event.
    3. Cleveland notes how July has more than made up for June’s shortcomings.  Pamela asked about health insurance premiums for staff since the ACA and Cleveland said they’ve gone up about $500 per person, or about $6,000 for the year.  Sheryl said she canvassed everyone who was having a booth at the fair and said the “termite guy” was very interested in being a base underwriter.
    1. Pam and Sheryl signed the Code of Conduct/Commitment form and Pamela signed hers with a little note indicating the other board work she does in the city.
    2. BoD Operations Manual:  We haven’t sent out the time to get everyone together to meet.  And Cleveland hasn’t gotten any concrete suggestions for updating the manual even though everyone seemed interested in getting updates done.  Louis mentioned the “Living document” aspect of the manual and suggested we get it good and ready and looking good and then make tweaks and edits along the way.  We’re going to send it around again and get fresh eyes on it and hopefully some good suggestions can be made.
    3. Review of Committee Assignments:  Cleveland made a change to the Facilities Committee that says it doesn’t necessitate a board member, but Joe and Pam definitely see a need for a board member on the FC.  We’ve dropped Marketing, Legal, and Fundraising Committees.  Pam suggests maybe chiming in with committee reports during board meetings.  Pam asked about the nature of the Facilities Committee, and it’s essentially about the use of space and technology.  We’re going to change it to “zero +” with participation from a board member encouraged.  The other parts of the Committee Assignments have remained unchanged.  Sheryl asked about minimum requirements for board members and the number of committees on which they serve, and currently TWO is recommended.  If we change all the committees to “zero +” then board participation would be focused on board specific committees—policy,
    4. CATS/News Department:  Cleveland has been notified that if WFHB folks are going to be working with CATS and in the Library then we’d need a dedicated phone line and Cleveland thinks it’s likely to be a deal-breaker.  But their VoIP capabilities might enable us to have a dedicated line.  Joe mentioned the police background check that was raised by the library and their liability concerns, and it looks like the library would take on that burden if that ends up being the case.  Joe would like to know the nature of the checks and what would preclude someone from working there—so that we can tell volunteers what they can expect.  We’re pretty sure sex offenses are the no-no, everything else is too much trouble to enforce.   Markus asked about the library operating hours and Michael White seems to think that getting out of there before midnight (when the alarm system sets) would be fine.  In “value add” terms:  we’re looking to the library for space—constraints in this area have been an issue for the news department for some time.  The size and configuration of the space is yet to be determined.  Off-hour access would be granted through a key-card and we’d have two of those, but it might be preferable to have a policy “if you’re going to work in the library, get there before 9pm, and if you’re going to work past 9pm, get out before midnight.”  Weekday-operating hours conclude at 9pm and it’s conceivable we would just work around those hours.  Sarah discussed a token rent amount early in the negotiations and Michael said that token rent would likely go away soon.  Markus raised the matter of computers  and the centralized, shared server and that’s something we’d need to work out.  Louis mentioned that WFHB has to be mindful of background checks especially since we host Youth Radio—youth are on the grounds on a regular basis and running background checks on folks for sex offenses is something we HAVE to do and is very easy and a good practice to get into.
    1. Status of Development Director Hire:  Joe Estivill recommended moving this topic to the end of the meeting so that Rich and Darin can leave the meeting (and not have to come back) because they are candidates for the position.
    2. Policy Committee – guidelines for governance/bylaws that can be interpreted several ways.  Markus Lowe hasn’t met with William about this yet so it’s a bit nebulous and they’re going to meet up later to discuss this further.  Cleveland raised a question he’s received about the hierarchy of News/Music Directors and the programming committees that they work with/for/under/above?  Lots of different ideas around this and one of the fears would be a new person coming in and changing everything.  Lots of arguments for the committees to be of an advisory nature to the News and Music Directors—it’s not a matter of one being above or below the other, they work in tandem.  Committees would report to the GM as an avenue for arbitration if there was a conflict but the Directors have pretty final decision-making power.  The committees work in concert with the directors and if a conflict came to a head, it would fall to the GM to make final final decision.  Maria noted the distinction between “volunteer run” and “volunteer powered” – we’re volunteer run, but the power doesn’t necessarily reside with volunteers solely.  Rich raised this issue as it pertains to the new DD and it makes sense that this hierarchy would apply to this position as well.  Louis talked about Alycin and her being overwhelmed and her desire to make the job a little more sustainable and for NPAC to take over some of the supervisory duties.  There’s also been discussion about splitting up the News and Public Affairs into two separate entities since they do different things.  Markus also mentioned the fact that the committees seem on the verge of being repurposed from an advisory body to an executing body—which could be seen as asking the volunteers to do the paid staff’s job.
    3. Ivy Tech Green Space – “speakers out front for our sound.”  Paul said he’d talk with the Chancellor.  Joe encourages Cleveland to meet with the new Chancellor.  Both Joe and Markus would be willing to attend a meeting of the minds.  Cleveland said there could be a conflict with the green space construction and the late-night DJs.
    4. Equipment Audit:  Cleveland reports that it’s slow but in Progress.  Joe suggests that we take pictures of everything we have so that at least we’d have a quick snapshot of what we should have on the premises.
    5. Guideline for Making Local Purchases (From Markus to President and Secretary of the Board):  “Whereas Bloomington Community Radio, Inc. WFHB is a local non-profit organization, which strives to add value and benefit to the local community: WFHB should seek to purchase goods and services from local entities where possible, provided that quality and cost are reasonable in comparison to competing entities.”  We were wondering where this sort of guideline would live.  Pam and Markus think it could live in the operations manual.  We’re going to ponder it for another month or vote on it via e-mail.
    6. Marketing Committee Proposal (William Morris):  Tabled until next meeting.  Kelly Wherley has expressed interest in meeting with William and Hondo Thompson was mentioned as another good asset in this area.
    7. Calendar:  Cleveland is going to come up with a July-December 2014 calendar and we’ll look at this next meeting.  Fund Drive discussions came up and we’ve mulled over maybe changing the nature and timing of how we ask: Cutting down hours of the pledging, year-end asks and such.  Joe suggested upping the ask and starting high and allowing folks to go low.  Pam asked about the functionality of our database and what kind of reports it could generate.  Cleveland has had real trouble getting specifics from CivvyCRM (the software we use for donations and the donors that donate them).  Pam said its membership software, not fundraising software.  There are a lot of programs out there, it’s a matter of choosing the best one for us—the problem is the fee associated with these and they’re not cheap.  Pam says we’re wasting our time if we hire a DD and don’t have some kind of supportive software for them to work with.  Markus argues that we need to make sure we know what we’ve got and all the capabilities it possesses before we go out shopping for a replacement.  It seems like this is something that is going to land to the DD to figure out what would be best.  Maria would like it to include everyone who walks in the door as well.
    8. Joe’s New Business:  The person who wrote the ugly letter to Kevin Culbertson has been narrowed down.  Majority vote says we leave it alone.

Kelly moved that we adjourn at 9:26pm and Joe Estivill second.  All yays, no nays.

Next Meetings coming up (7pm in the Showers Plaza Hooker Room):

August 25th, 2014

September 29th, 2014

October 27th, 2014

November 24th, 2014

Hoosier Darling will be WFHB’s special guest for Saturday’s Child July 12th

Hoosier Darling Promo web

Hoosier Darling, also known as the WFHB Gospel Gurlz from the Firehouse Follies series, will be the guests for the July edition of Saturday’s Child, at 11 a.m. July 12 in the Monroe County History Center. Join us there!

News and Public Affairs Committee: June 19, 2014

Present: Helen Harell, Sarah Ryterband, Maria McKinley, Alycin Bektesh, Kelly Miller and Cynthia R Hall

In preliminary comment section Maria stated that the WFHB board is reviewing governance documents which could effect the number of board members per committee * [by-laws must also be revisited]

7:14 Director’s report

Need to determine if those present wished to continue as committee members. All agreed to do so.

Sarah was unanimously selected as Chair. The decision was made to have a rotating secretary.

Cynthia took minutes to be followed next meeting by Helen.

We will not have regular meeting in July but plan to hold an open house to meet those involved with the News Summit. Tentatively suggested it be held July 11 at the Back Door. Will confirm date through email.

We were given a sneak preview of the set-up for the News Summit, Main categories are Mission, Governance, Programming, Recruitment and Training and Facilities and Equipment.  Week one: Look at where we’re at, week two :What is the ideal, week 3: Action Plan, week 4: Implementation. Alycin requested that each NPAC member volunteer for at least one hour as a moderator during the summit.  All present agreed

Program reviews. Voices in the Street was green lighted. It received 3.6 overall and received mostly 3′s & 4′s. There was some discussion about how to expand the role of the interviewer and the continual need for staff.

Community Public Radio received a 3.7 for quality but ranged from 2′s -5′s in overall response. It was green lighted with the suggestion to still be on the lookout for possible substitutions in the future.

We revisited Market Live and the possibility of moving out of the News Programming arena into being produced by the incoming Development director.

Next regular meeting will be August 21 at 7pm.

Submitted by Cynthia R Hall

WFHB is Hiring a Full-Time Development Director!

Please see below for job description. Those interested in applying for the position should send a cover letter and resume to jobs@wfhb.org no later than 5 p.m., June 30, 2014.


Works with General Manager, Board of Directors, Staff, and Volunteers to raise funds for WFHB. Contacts businesses to solicit underwriting. Identifies, contacts, and cultivates  individuals to solicit multi-year pledges of annual support. Cultivation of business owners and individuals includes tours of the station, engagement of select donors and prospects with volunteer opportunities, speaks in public venues, and other public relation activities. Assist station grant writers with identification of sources and development of ideas. Works with General Manager and Board of Directors to identify, cultivate, and solicit individuals for planned gifts that will increase endowment. Prepares and processes thank you letters to underwriters and individuals. Organizes appropriate donor recognition events including lunches, dinners, annual meeting, and others.


Reports to and under the supervision of the General Manager. The Development Director provides leadership for development activities including underwriting, major gifts (multi-year pledges from individuals), and planned gifts.


1. Identifies, contacts, and solicits business for on-air underwriting.
2. Identifies, contacts, cultivates, and solicits individuals for multi-year annual gifts.
3. Works with General Manager and Board of Directors to identify, contact, cultivate, and solicit individuals for planned gifts.
4. Develops marketing materials for underwriting, individual, and planned giving.
5. Provides assistance to station grant writers in identifying possible funding sources and developing ideas.
6. Keeps accurate records of contacts with businesses and individuals.
7. Develops individualized plans to cultivate and solicit individual donors.
8. Provides recognitions for donors and stewardship over donor gifts.
9. Works in conjunction with the General Manager, Staff, and Board of Directors to ensure that all activities are implemented and that follow-up assessments are conducted.
10. Inputs data and maintains data on underwriting and individuals in computer tracking system.
11. Assists the General Manager in developing, implementing, and tracking semiannual fund drives.
12. Keeps the General Manager informed of progress, problems, and possible areas of improvement in fundraising.
13. Other duties as assigned by the General Manager.


Skills, knowledge, and abilities.

1. Evidence of broad knowledge, understanding, and well-developed skills in fundraising.
2. Computer literate. Strong computer skills a plus.
3. Proven ability to communicate effectively through oral presentation, written word, and graphic displays.
4. Mature judgment in analyzing and interpreting financial potential and evaluating prospective donors.
5. Ability to effectively prioritize tasks.
6. Ability to accomplish objectives through individual and cooperative efforts.

Training or Equivalent Qualifying Experience

Bachelor degree in nonprofit management or related field and either 1 year work experience in fundraising or 2 years work experience in related area; or combination of education and experience that provides the equivalent.

Annual Meeeting Minutes: June 7, 2014

WFHB Bloomington Community Radio

Annual Volunteer Meeting, June 7, 2014

Monroe County Historical Society Conference Room

The annual volunteer meeting of WFHB Community Radio is called to order at 12:27 p.m. by General Manager Cleveland Dietz.   The number of participating members present is 54 with an additional 29 represented in absentia for a total of 83 participating members in attendance.  According to the station’s bylaws, 34 participating members need to be present for a quorum based on the percentage of total members.  These numbers are provided by Carolyn VandeWiele who is tracking attendance and will be counting votes.  A quorum is established at the 2014 annual meeting.

Cleveland thanks everyone for their attendance today and also their level of engagement at the station this past year.  He states  each Board candidate will be given three minutes to make a statement and then questions will be taken if directed to a particular candidate.  He asks Markus Lowe to begin.

Markus Lowe: I’ve been a long time volunteer and a former general manager.  I work in IT support at Cook Medical which is really a customer service job.  This is how I come to the Board. How can I help?  How can we make it better?  I look forward to engaging volunteers on that level of participation.  I want to be a representative for the volunteers, to be a voice for the volunteers.  I will be an active advocate for positive change and a voice for the volunteers.

William Morris:  You know me as Brother William - I came to WFHB 5 years ago.  I work with international students at IU and was looking for places to have these students volunteer.  I started volunteering as a desk jockey.  The station means a lot to me.  I treat my volunteering as a job, like a wonderful job.  I would take my duties as a Board director as a job, being accountable. I am an encourager and I believe in the station, in volunteering, in inclusiveness.  I will give the station the best three years of my life.

Maryll Jones:  I am no longer involved with the Friends of WFHB.  I am a recording analyst for Pearson Education.  My biggest strength has been establishing better customer relations when people come for support issues.  I have been able to establish a rapport with customers that didn’t exist before. I would like to utilize those skills in this role as a Board member.  It would be a huge mistake if Markus Lowe and Kelly Wherley were not put in their positions.

Benjamin Loudermilk:  I am a Bloomington native.  I work in the public school system as an educator at North High School.  My wife is a teacher at University Elementary and my kids are students at MCCSC.  I have been involved with the arts community for over 30 years.  I’m an IU alumnus.  I’m excited for the opportunity to be on the Board.  WFHB is part of the community and part of the arts community.

Kelly Wherley:  (out of town, Cathi Norton reads his statement which are excerpts from his bio)  I have volunteered for WFHB for over ten years, as a DLN anchor, as a producer for Voices in the Street  and am now the volunteer coordinator since 2011.  I’m seeking election to the Board of Directors because I care about the station.  I’ve seen quite a few changes at the station over the course of my time here and feel ready to assume a more integral and influential role in the discussions, plans and actions that will impact the course of WFHB.

Questions from the audience to specific candidates:

For Brother William:  With over 200 volunteers, we’re not all the same.  If a change was going to be made, could we tailor the volunteer tasks, can we fine tune the volunteerism business?    I’ve sent a lot of younger people to the station to volunteer and they have a different interest in the station than I do.  I wonder if there is a way of accountability, to create teams of volunteers to work together that have the same interests instead of such a large group.

For Benjamin: What do you see yourself doing for the station?  I think fundraising specifically. I would be excited to work through that process.  And facilities management is a traditional fit where I could also help out. 

For Brother Morris:  What would be your way of reaching out to the IU campus when the students come back in August?   Interviewing freshman students as they come onto campus.  Can we give out some of those free CDs?  Set up a table, have informational booklets, send that around the community. We can do a better job of getting WFHB on the minds of those students.  An ad in the paper.

For Markus: How can you reach out to the volunteers who do not come to the volunteer meetings?  Participation.  If you want to be heard and your input received and respected, please participate, speak up.

Cleveland reminds the PMs, that, at this time, if you have not signed in, please do so at the back table and pick up a ballot.  We’ll go ahead and vote now. We will proceed with the regular meeting and will interrupt when they’re done counting.

Board President Joe Estivill Board Report:

Thank you for your attendance today and thank you to all the volunteers. We have an incredible News Department and Music Department.  Thank you to all the people who work on the committees that make the decisions that affect our organization.  We have 3 Board members moving on:  Richard Fish, Carolyn VandeWiele, and Matt Pierce.  Thank you to all of you for your service.

About the Development Director, this is someone who’s job will be to develop our fundraising base.  The job is posted, interviews will start in July and hopefully we will have them on board in August.  We have found three angel donors to donate $5,000 each for 2 years of support.  Please forward to us the names of other donors you think would help with this type of support.

It’s going to be a big year here at the station.  There is new energy, we’re working toward our strategic plan, part of which is hiring a new Development Director.   We would like to have more social events so our participating members can get together, can get to know each other better.

Financial report from Cleveland Dietz:

Fiscal year 2013, we made $255,000 -  $103,000 came from membership donations, $75,000 from grants, underwriting brought in $47,000,  $16,000 from special events, CATS $10,000  and $3,000 came in randomly throughout the year.  We also spent $255,000 so we pretty much broke even.  For expenses:  wages are a little more than half our budget, then health insurance and property insurance, workmen’s comp which covers all of you.  Other expenses come from fundraising, programming, supplies, utilities, and special events.

I’m excited about getting a Development Director.  We’ve been stagnating in terms of revenue for the last five years, hovering around $250,000.  Clearly we need help to get over that hump somehow A Development Director will be of significant help. The good news is that over the last 5 years, we’ve spent about the same.

Our CPB (Corporation for Public Broadcasting) grant – it’s a government grant that supplies a little less than 1/3 of our total revenue.  It’s a significant grant which we rely on and it’s going to be getting a little harder each year to get that money from the government.

We want this year to be an investment year to get us over the $300,000 hump (revenue).  We’re planning our first WFHB independent audit from a third party.  This is good practice but also a really common question when pursuing grants.  A Development Director will provide us an individual who is a constant presence that can follow up with leads and contacts and give us some underwriting stability.

You’ll be glad to know that the furnace and air conditioning unit will be replaced this week and it should be 25% more efficient than what we currently had.

Looking forward, we have an ambitious budget but it allows us to be flexible.

We will be posting on the website my GM reports and the finance reports each month as part of the Board Minutes.

General Manager Cleveland Dietz:

Looking back over this past year, we’ve made some serious efforts on the Board of Directors front.  We have drafted a Board of Directors Handbook.  There is a Board of Directors Commitment Form we’ve worked on and was just voted and approved at the last Board meeting.  We filled the remaining three seats on the Board in January so we’re back up to nine Board members.

We’ve made communication changes with the help of Markus and Kelly by re- instituting the volunteer monthly meetings that provide an outlet for volunteer voices, and we’ve seen the launch of our new quarterly eNewsletter.  We’re into the final launch of our new website design.  Board and committee meeting minutes are being posted on the website and soon, our financial reports will also be posted as a public display for what WFHB is doing and how we are spending our money.

We partnered with a SPEA class to write a grant proposing a new health show to replace Zorba.  We are still looking for angel donors to support the new Development Director.  Having a Development Director will provide us with significant progress on regular grant writing.  SPEA offers a fellowship program which would give us a 10 hour/week IU student at no cost to us once we employ a professional Development Director.  The new Development Director will give us a constant presence with underwriting sales.  We’ll have better management and use of our donor database and we’ll be able to provide consistent promotion and outreach.

We will be adding upgrades to our facilities this next week – HVAC replacement including AC, and significant technical upgrades for the Internet and the network.

We will be initiating an independent audit from a third party accounting firm.  This is a good practice and it’s been too long since this has happened.  This also better enables us to pursue grants.

Music Director Jim Manion:

(Jim reads the names of all 90 volunteer DJs).

Thank you DJs!  Special thanks to all who sub for their fellow DJs!  Thanks to all genre directors and CD reviewers.  Thanks to the desk jockeys who open the mail daily.

Thank you Acoustic Roots Festival volunteers!

Hondo Thompson, Rick Fettig, Sarah Ryterband , Mike McAfee Jim Manion, Kelsey Lynn Wagoner, Dan Withered, Reina Wong, Erin Tobey, Ryder Timberlake,  Joe Crawford, William Morris, Kelly Kish, Reina Wong, Linda Cajigas, Darin Bagley, Dan Young, Kathy Romy, WFHB MC: Hondo Thompson; Festival Income Manager: Emily Jackson (cash); Cleveland Dietz (online); Merch Area Manager: Catherine Anders; Shift Volunteer Coordinator: Sheryl Mitchell; Recording Manager: Jim Lang; Volunteer Coordinator: Kelly Wherley; Green Room Manager: Tracy Johnson

The latest edition of our DJ guidelines is ready along with the annual DJ contract which needs to be signed.  Copies will be available at the Station and for those who are not here today, they will receive them digitally. These contracts are due back to me. They need to be filled out and signed as part of our FCC and federal guidelines.

Besides the constant adventure of daily operations…. Since last June… Lotus CD 3 was completed with the help of Michael McDowell.  Lotus 2014 brought us an unprecedented 11 Lotus Live sessions, great back line and engineering. All sessions were posted to the website.  Local Live CD 4 was completed with the help of Nicole O’Neal.

There was quite a contentious period last fall and thanks to all, the air time remained positive.   We don’t put our dirty laundry on the air.  I attended 2 powerhouse conferences this year – South by Southwest which has good potential for a live show here; And the WXPN Non-Comm meeting.

Looking ahead: Lotus CD 4 is in production, Adriane Pontecorvo as co- producer.

I am producing a split benefit for WFHB and Community Kitchen to be held on July 18th at the Bluebird called, “Tim and Jim’s Most Excellent Birthday Party.”  Come on out and help us celebrate our birthdays.

This summer’s Library Project – we’ll be doing serious purging and maintenance in the WFHB Music Library.  This is way overdue.  We can use some help with this.

Fall Fund Drive 2014 and Lotus 2014 are coming up.

A technical goal: Find the best way to time-shift 2 hr mp3 recordings of all WFHB Music programs, available to stream for 2 weeks at program schedule page of the website. I heard talk at the meeting about on-air tip jars which brings in $2,000 to $3,000 for some stations.  We should look into this.

A few overall comments:  huge outpouring of support last fall, seems like we had a lot of bad weather friends, you know, the ones who show up in bad times, but – we need you every day.  I would like to see more engagement and less email flame wars and more of an appreciation for our daily station operations.  “I don’t care about the station, I only care about my show.”  I’ve heard that some DJs have said this.  But without the station, they wouldn’t have a show.  We need to improve the general lack of understanding and appreciation of the environment of daily broadcast operations.  Better advance planning is needed while maintaining spontaneous air sound qualities.

I am looking forward to how our efforts will be supported by a full-time Development Director, which I think is an important priority. I hope this includes a hard look at our HR policies and finding ways to improve the employment environment at WFHB.

Next week is our Firehouse fundraiser at the Back Door.

News Department Alycin Bektesh:

Today, I’m also talking on behalf of Joe Crawford, the assistant News Director, and Jar Turner who works for the whole station.  Jar posts to the website all of the shows to get beyond their live broadcast times.  I want to thank them for all their hard work this past year.  Last year: Brown County Hour, Bloomington Beware, The Porch Swing and Books Unbound – all came under the News Department.  These shows are all doing better than ever.   Taking on those four additional shows have added an extra load but I’m proud as these shows are at the top of their game. Brown County Hour is monthly and doing well.  Bloomington Beware has a staff of three writers who are getting their show “in” a  week ahead of time.  The Porch Swing is on summer break.  We had two great events at The Bishop and we’ll be setting up a booth for 1st Friday gallery walks, inviting people to stop by to tell a story.  Books Unbound is now an hour long show on every Sunday.  It’s hard to get engaged in the reading when it’s a 30 minute show with all the commercial and announcement breaks so the hour format works much better.  PRX picks up this show more often than any other show we produce.

We were winners at the Indiana SPJ Awards again – for best newscast, best breaking news (Todd Young and climate change), best continuing coverage (shelter and homelessness in Bloomington, no low barrier summer shelter for substance abuse users), best public affairs (Trayvon Martin discussion on Bring It On), best documentary (Hoagy Carmichael special on Interchange).

About the new website & camera – love it!  The video camera allows us to distribute our content in another format.  The website is awesome.  Now, you can “pin” it, “like” it, “love” it, “share” it, watch it, read it, and listen to it.  You need to share WFHB programming.  Use social media to get the word out about our amazing product.

Looking Forward:  The News Summit will be held during all of July.  I have lots of ideas like how to get more exposure on campus, recruitment and training.  Are we representing our community?  There is not any time to evaluate the shows while we’re still producing them so we needed to suspend all 20 NPA shows. We will answer the questions “what do we want to do and how can we do it best?”

A committee has been meeting to plan the organization of the Summit and what we want to happen during the Summit.  Week 1 will be about introductions and to gather information;   Week 2 will be our brainstorming week;  Week 3 we’ll be discussing the practicalities of the ideas we talked about the previous week;  Week 4  we’ll start the  “doing”, the implementation of the ideas.  Going forward, the News Summit can be a week long project that we implement each year to evaluate ourselves.

WFHB Awards:

News Department:         Legacy Award -                         Lucille Bertuccio

News Rookie of the year -          Doug Storm

Newshound of the year –            Drew Daudelin

Music Department:        Distinguished Service Award –    Mike Kelsey

Legacy Award –                                     Nicole O’Neal

DJ of the year -                         Liza Pavelich

Genre of the year –                    Cathi Norton


Board Member of the year -       Joe Estivill

Volunteer of the year -               Dan Withered

Congratulations to the new Board Members:  William Morris, Markus Lowe, Kelly Wherley

Public Comments:

When are we going to get a new digital Board?

Cleveland:  One of my goals with the Raymond Foundation Grant is to engage Harmony School students and to connect them with Industry Standard Equipment

Markus:  Reminder, the 2nd Friday of the month:  6-10 pm at the BackDoor  (volunteer meetings are held from 6-7 pm)

Richard Fish:  We’ll be running some new wiring at the station – I’m on the IT committee, next Saturday, June 14th, we could use volunteers to help with this project.

Alycin:  Volunteers are needed to moderate discussions during News Summit.

Have you come up with a method to log in volunteer hours:

Cleveland:  The volunteer committee has worked to come up with a solution as to how to log in volunteer hours.  We’re going to place a laptop in the lobby that has a spreadsheet to log in your hours. You can also log in your time remotely.

On Sunday mornings, I would like to have a little less “live” reads.  And can we take a look at how we do our regularly scheduled items, i.e. calendar, PSAs?

Cleveland:  We can take a look at that towards the end of the year.

Can we change the wording from the underwriting scripts as there can be awkward phrasing and word choices?

Cleveland: Let me know if you’re having a problem so I can take a look at it and possibly fix it.

Nicole O’Neal thanks everyone for helping her throughout her time at the station.

Joe Estivill asks for a round of applause for our new GM Cleveland Dietz.

A volunteer asks for a round of applause for the awesome WFHB staff.

The June 2014 annual meeting ends at 2:15 pm.

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