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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – October 27, 2014



Hooker Conference Room, #245, City Hall

201 N. Morton St., Bloomington, IN


Present:  Sheryl Mitchell, Darin Bagley, Joe Estivill, Markus Lowe, Louis Malone, Maria McKinley, Cleveland Dietz, Rich Reardin, Richard Fish, Kelly Wherley (recorder).


    1. Following up on the fall fund drive, Cleveland iterated the need to ask a larger variety of people for fund drive.  Joe Estivill asked for clarification of the CPB classification and it is for this year which is why we’re getting the audit done in 2014.  Joe E. asked that Cleveland encourage volunteers to participate in the audit and all the other opportunities for engagement.  The new Volunteer Coordinator is Adriane Pontecorvo.  The audit will be good for at least a year and can depend on the information grant awarding organizations solicit from the station, e.g., “when was the last time your institution performed an audit?”  Rich Reardin suggested the need to coordinate with current underwriters during fund drive and also including their urls in the newsletter we distribute to help publicize their business.  Markus Lowe stressed the need for follow-up with the volunteers and fund drive feedback and the “softer” elements of fund drive.  We are always looking for ways to create excitement and enthusiasm around fund drive and constant work towards that—thanking donors and the like—is always a good thing.  Apparently there were quite a few direct-mailers that didn’t get delivered as well, which was an error we’d hope to avoid in the future.   Kelly Wherley suggested all programmers on air during fund drive pitch regardless of the time they’re on the air and Louis Malone stressed the community mobilizing that can occur during fund drive.  Rich Reardin reiterates the need for WFHB to go beyond the airwaves and really boost the online presence and the coordination of the station along with other community organizations (like Bloomingfoods) since the nature of our radio listenership is too small to generate data.  Maria McKinley suggested publicizing the various and specific ways fund drive money will be dedicated and also some of the success stories that were made possible by the generous donations from our listeners—it’s nice for folks to have tangible evidence of how their contribution helps.  Joe Estivill discussed the merit of placing an ad in the Herald Times, Maria McKinley suggested placing an ad in the IU Alumni magazine.  Cleveland Dietz said any money placed towards advertising should ideally have a lot of crossover with WFHB listeners.  We discussed the need for communication with the volunteer base as well as various forms of incentivizing volunteers to raise the most money they can.  Markus Lowe suggested crowd-sourcing the theme for future fund drives.
    1. Dorothy sent a quick report and Louis Malone commented that the youth education (50K) grant due date of February 1st makes more sense for the station.  Markus Lowe suggested Dorothy Granger send out updates to spot-online as well.  Rich Reardin requested updates from the Development Director so that the board is informed of major spending, get pertinent information, and can contribute their own expertise if applicable.
    1. Executive Committee

i.      Executive committee did approve the change in the budget for the Stampfli audit.  We had budgeted for 3K, and it turned out to be 5K.

  1. Finance Committee

i.      Finance Committee discussed the audit.  They’re going to take a look at the strategic plan and try and list remaining items in terms of priorities.  The Pastor Fund:  Pam Davidson mentioned that a bank could run batches for credit card transactions free of cost for non-profits and Dorothy asked a particular bank but they didn’t do that, so we’ll have to look elsewhere if we’d like to do this.  Our barrier to credit card donations is pretty high with the ACH information we solicit, so we’re exploring other options for an easier online experience and a larger portion of the revenue we’re generating.  We’re marking the calendar for the Sophia Travis grant next year.  We need to look at sponsorship and underwriting opportunities ASAP as we have shortfalls in these areas in terms of budgeting and actuals.

  1. Policy Committee

i.      We’ll address this in new business.

    1. Board of Directors’ Operations Manual

i.      Work has been done on the job descriptions but updates to the operations manual are still in the works.

  1. CATS / News Department

i.      The library is trying to merge the two MOUs and Cleveland is trying to get clarification on certain points.  It’s moving, but slowly.

  1. Equipment Audit

i.      Serve IT has not responded yet to our application.

  1. News Summit Report

i.      Alycin is waiting for reports from a few producers, but it looks like it’s mostly done.  We discussed the News Department mission statement and the replacement thereof.  Rich Reardin discussed the e-mail correspondence he had with Helen Harrell.  The board discussed the podcasting issue with BloomingOUT again.

  1. Activate Personnel Nominating Committee to produce Policy on nominations and hiring  / General Manager Evaluation

i.      Maria McKinley would like to both be ON the committee and be the person people go to talk about being on the committee.  Louis Malone sent some bullet points to the policy committee with regards to hiring and nomination policies.  Louis suggests that Cleveland’s involvement in the committee center around hiring and not the nomination process.  The personnel committee agreed on the time and place of their next meeting.

    1. Board/Visioning Retreat

i.      We discussed who would we invite and we’re going to shoot for the weekend of December 6th as the best time to hold the retreat.

  1. Audit approval

i.      Addressed in the Executive and Finance Committee reports.

  1. Policy Document Approvals

i.      Policy Committee looked at the governance documents and bylaws.  They re-did the organizational chart.  Special thanks to Richard Fish for formatting and working with the job descriptions and making them uniform.  The board discussed the organizational chart and the job descriptions and, with the corrections and clarifications that came up during discussion, approved all but a few which will be taken up in the next meeting.  Current job descriptions can be found _____________.  We also discussed the grievance policy but tabled formal discussion until the next meeting.  And member can appeal the decisions of the board by submitting a request to the board.

    1. Sheryl Mitchell motions to adjourn at 10:50pm and Louis seconds.  Meeting adjourned.

News and Public Affairs Committee Minutes – October 23, 2014

Members Present:  Alycin Bektesh, Rich Reardin, Sarah Ryterband, Cynthia Roberts-Hall, Maria McKinley

Members Absent:  Kelly Miller

Chair Sarah calls the meeting to Order at 7:12 pm.

Committee Comments:

Visiting Cuban Artists are in town looking for one more mural to paint for around $1000.  The City does not have any more B-Line space for artists.  Contact Cynthia for more information.

Director’s Report:  Alycin

For our live Election Night coverage, we will simulcast with CATS.  We are going to broadcast from the CATS studio this year.  Although not ideal, it does offer a production studio that will give us the best sound however there is no cell phone service in the studio but we’ll be internet-chatting and have a posted sentry outside to let people in the door which leads directly to the studio.  The County Clerk’s office (Linda Robbins) will be emailing updates to the news media.  Half of our interviews are already booked for election night.  Spots at 15 and 45 on the hour will hopefully be pre-recorded which we can play and there will need to be someone here in the WFHB studio to run things. Rich  R says we could use some inexpensive walkie talkies and Cynthia suggested we contact Lotus festival folks to use their professional grade units to communicate with each other, especially the sentry.

“Back in the day” based on what Joe Estivill has told Cleveland Dietz, there was a programming summit after the fall fund drive where  department heads and news committee and music programming members would meet.  After discussion we have agreed to meet on November 19th at 6 pm for this programming summit.  Cynthia will send out a notice about the change in the NPAC meeting for November.  The NPAC committee will meet on Nov 13th to formulate a plan before this meeting so we will not be reviewing programming but discussing our strategy for the meeting on the 19th.

We need 2 members for our NPAC committee, at least a listener or two listeners.  One listener contacted Alycin about negative feedback concerning the H-T news brief in the mornings and she was invited to attend the meeting tonight to consider joining NPAC.  Another volunteer was also approached by Alycin but is non-committal.  Alycin states  we have the best committee.  And we are all responsible for recruitment.

bloomingOut has put together a great crew that has stepped up to produce the show.  Alycin met Jeff and Jeff who have just moved here from Portland and were involved in local gay radio program there.  There will be many changes to the program including a campus report from LGBT IU students.  The show will be live beginning November 6th.

Rich brings up two issues that he will discuss at the next Board meeting on October 27th:  Helen and Carol’s exit from bloomingOut and the grant for $19,000 for the digital board

CATS week review:

This program is a summary of what has happened and discussed in the various government committees and council meetings from the week.  It is written by our Asst News Director, Joe Crawford, and is produced as a video on the CATS website with the video soundbites pertaining to the stories.  We do not as yet have this linked to our station’s website as CATS wants to draw people to their website   We write it based on CATS’ guidelines but we cannot report it as in the context of a news story.  We could begin to editorialize if we perhaps did a 30 minute story in the format of CATS but then added a 30 minute interview show.  The committee votes to give it a “Green light” and commends Joe for his tireless effort in listening to all those weekly meetings.

Books Unbound:

An open discussion of this program reveals several areas for improvement:

1.  Put up the number of segments online to identify where you are in the book, i.e. this is Segment 4 out of Segment 7.

  1.  The production is not consistent and not as good in certain segments as it relates to the sound. The show could have better editing due to the audible p-pop sounds.
  2. There is some preference to highlight local banned books but those may not be in the public domain which would add a cost although in some cases that would be minimal.
  3. We felt some disconnect with the storyline due to the week in between broadcasts. Rich suggests we put the entire book online and only read portions on air, directing listeners to the website for continuous audio opportunities.
  4. A book should be read like a book and not like radio theater.  Some of us thought the readers went too fast while others thought it was too slow.   We voted to give the show a yellow light and we want to talk to the new producers soon, then review again in 6 months.

Having completed the agenda, we adjourn at 8:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Maria McKinley

Help Brown County Hour Raise Money for a New Studio

The Brown County Hour has moved its operations into the new Brown County Historical Society building and is happy to have more space to record in, but needs to build a studio space to provide the quality recording that Brown County–and the rest of south central Indiana–deserves. You can help them pay for it by coming out to enjoy some fine Brown County musicians and participating in a silent auction.

November 1

7 – 10 PM at the Brown County Inn’s Town Hall

$10 entry

Finance Committee Meeting Minutes – October 22, 2014

Attending: Mark Lowe, Jean Hollinger, Pam Davidson, Sarah Borden, Cleveland Dietz

call to order: 6:06pm

1. Audit vs transmitter – Audit wins – $5,000. CPB is $70,000+ income

2. strategic items from strategic plan – Cleveland will share list, and look for in kind donations within [todo]

3. Lotus CDs – more money from BCT placement than Lotus Festival store placement $54 and $30

4. Honda Foundation grant – backup for Raymond Foundation, still will pursue – due Nov 1, pick a strategic spend and run [todo]

5. Angel donors – 1 is in second is coming end of month

6. Fund drive – $8000 short

7. MCCF – pass thru fund. Cleveland to look into it [todo]

8. fund drive numbers – discussed strategies to correct

- lapsed donors, year end drive, credit/debit sustaining donations

9. Sofia Travis grant – calendar mark it for august / sept – county council subcom [todo]

10. Looked at current numbers. Noteworthy:

- 92.3% of pledges collected thus far

- short $4500 in underwriting sales this month

- short $3000 in underwriting day sponsors for fund drive

- need to look at sponsor/underwriting opportunities asap

Adjourn 7:10pm

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes – October 13, 2014

Present:  Joe Estivill, Markus Lowe, Cleveland Dietz, Kelly Wherley (recorder).

  1. Agenda was set.  We discussed the details of what needs to happen for the Personnel Committee.  Additionally, we discussed logistics for the retreat.  We discussed some of the different options that we have for having an audit done for the station—the price tag for which is likely to be a bit more than what we had budgeted for.

Brown County Day – 1 – 3 PM, October 10 – Muddy Boots Cafe

Listen In and Listen Up: A Message from Brown County Hour producer Pam Raider

The fall fund drive for our local community radio station WFHB (FM91.3 and 100.7) begins on October 3rd and runs through October 12th.  By definition, this station is listener supported and volunteer powered – nothing would happen without our participation and support.  And I for one am grateful for their varied and entertaining programming from the eclectic variety of music, including live Lotus entertainment, to award winning daily local news.  I have learned so much from their many talk shows, interviews and taped lectures.

WFHB is a connection to the wider world not only through what we hear but because we get to share our stories on The Brown County Hour twice each month (we are into our fifth year of production).  On the first Sunday of the drive, October 5th episode 31 of The Brown County Hour will air at 9 am with two of the team members, Dave Seastrom and Pam Raider, hosting live on the air.  By the way you can also catch this or any of our past episodes on line at browncountyhour.com or streamed from wfhb website.  I hope you will tune in and let the station know you support the show by pledging some amount which you can do by calling 812-323-1200 or on line at wfhb.org.  Let’s keep this signal strong – it takes everyone’s help to pay the expenses.

It is important to continue to support unique local endeavors that keep community strong.  WFHB is a training ground for citizen journalists who learn how to report on critical issues in their own backyard, this is community empowerment, something we could use more of.

During this fund drive week in October, you will have another opportunity to show your support by coming out to Muddy Boots on Friday October 10th where we will be broadcasting live from 1 – 3 pm, and Kade Puckett will be performing at 1:20 p.m. and the Indiana Boys will be performing at 2:20 p.m.  You just might get on the air yourself as one of the proud supporters of WFHB.  Where else do you have a chance to actually participate in a radio station?

Since our pledges are votes for programs we like, we actually help determine on air content.    So step up and keep this signal strong by supporting us during this fund drive.  I think you’ll be glad you did.

Saturday’s Child: 20th Anniversary Special!

October 11, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Monroe County History Center

Saturday’s Child, WFHB’s longest-running live music broadcast, is 20 years old this year and we’re having a party. Join us for a super-special two-hour broadcast Saturday, Oct. 11, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Monroe County History Center when Saturday’s Child and the WFHB Fall Fund Drive join forces to bring you some of Bloomington’s premier musicians: Carrie Newcomer, Grey Larsen & Cindy Kallet, Jason & Ginger, and Tom Roznowski to celebrate our birthday and the fall fund drive.

As always, the bagels, coffee, juice and music are on us, and the show will be broadcast live on your community radio station, WFHB.

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – September 22, 2014



Hooker Conference Room, #245, City Hall

201 N. Morton St., Bloomington, IN

Last month’s minutes—include link to them here.

Present:  Cleveland Dietz, Dorothy Granger, Rich Reardin, William Morris, Joe Estivill, Alycin Bektesh, Sheryl Mitchell, Pamela Davidson, Markus Lowe, Kelly Wherley (recorder), Louis Malone, Darin Bagley, Joe Crawford.

    1. Called to order at 7:05.
    1. Dorothy Granger discussed various ideas and priorities that have been discussed with her since coming aboard which were enumerated in her handout.  We discussed the importance of underwriting and programs to inform businesses and outlying communities of WFHB and the possibility of getting Dorothy an office—but she’s quite happy where she is for now.  We are all very excited for Dorothy to help the station and we welcome her whole-heartedly.
    1. Alycin says that the 48 page report is almost ready.  She had a small packet for folks to read which outlined attendee data, Big Ideas attendance and participation, volunteer training tracks, and governance model.  Also discussed was department structure and the organizational chart was distributed along with the established training tracks—some of which have solidified recurring dates and others need to be established.  The distinction between news and public affairs was discussed throughout the summit and Alycin thinks that having two separate departments might be the route to take.  Activate and Volunteer Connection have been merged into one segment, and the Daily Local News and its format/focus were also discussed.  It’s clear that not just the staff but also volunteer producers are over-extended in terms of their involvement.  Alycin’s conclusion/recommendation would be to split the News and Public Affairs Departments and make a producer position a part of the staff. Joe Crawford added that the opportunity for feedback on the news shows was a real benefit of having the summit.  Sheryl asked about the departure of Helen Harrell and Carol Fischer and the status of BloomingOUT and Alycin says KBOO out of Portland, OR is a potential partner in that. There are a lot of philosophical questions surrounding the shows, their production and what shows receive priority.  Markus Lowe asked about the process for decision making as it pertains to all of the questions facing the News Department and there are no easy answers.
    1. Some changes were made—Pamela Davidson helped Kelly Wherley couch things with more posterity in mind, purchase guidelines were included as they were read, and last names were included (Joe Crawford vs. Estivill, etc.).  Pamela Davidson moves to approve and Sheryl Mitchell seconds.  Minutes pass.
    1. We discussed Lotus Live CDs and stocking them at the Lotus store and we noted the need to have plenty of CDs on hand for the Sunday concert as well as all the others because the pickings were pretty slim by Sunday.  Pre-drive notices have been sent out and checks have begun to come in.  The News Room got approved at the August 26th meeting.  Cleveland is going to put off pursuing outdoor speakers because of the cost involved—Markus suggested submitting a written proposal regardless of cost or priority.  CPB notified that WFHB has been reclassified from a class-b station to a class-d station.  Cleveland is not entirely sure of the ramifications of this reclassification but it brings their donation to us from 72K to 57,580 plus incentives.  Also, in 2016, in order to retain the CPB money, we’d need to be a station that makes 300K without that support.  Cleveland will talk to Debra and send updates to the board.
    2. Cleveland submitted the full application to the ServeIT folks to get the list of things we wanted done with them and he’s confident the spring semester will find progress on these.
    3. The move of Jim Hightower did not produce much of a reaction from the listening audience.
    4. We ended up with about 40 tickets left over from Lotus Fest.  Lotus was not willing to buy them back.  There are things we can do for next year—which might include reappropriating some of the costs of fund drive to other initiatives, like sponsoring a stage or bringing in some big-name artists to the Acoustic Roots Festival.  Markus suggests re-evaluating what we did this year to account for the lack of sales rather than scrap the incentive altogether.   We also need to make sure our communication/relationship with Lotus is strong—Lotus has a brand new director and change has been afoot everywhere.
    5. Sexual Harassment situation:  Joe Estivill wants to make sure that we have proper documentation for the situation and have followed proper protocols.  Cleveland notes the need for a grievance policy and a separate sexual harassment policy because the aggrieved didn’t know the proper channels to report the incidents.
    6. BloomingOUT iTunes situation:  The BloomingOUT folks have left the station over an iTunes podcast dispute.  Cleveland reports that the account has been fixed and Joe Estivill stresses the need to inform them that this is the case.  Markus reports that he wasn’t informed of the problem prior to August 1st of 2014.
    1. Executive Committee

i.      Guidelines and classifications from CPB are coming shortly and we’re going to need to pay for an audit of the station.

ii.      We’re looking into whether or not the Development Director should be on the Finance Committee.

  1. Finance Committee

i.      Mostly looking at clarifying small discrepancies in budgeting numbers.  Cleveland is happy that we’re on budget for the year.

ii.      We curious about the details for the CPB audit.

iii.      They were working on ways to turn the extra Lotus tickets into

iv.      The Fundraising goal is 45K plus an aggressive underwriting focus of 18 potential buyers.

v.      The Finance Committee was handed a list of names to call to encourage them to donate and to “tell ten!”  Please make the calls by Friday, September 26th, 2014.

vi.      Cleveland requests that if anyone finds out that an active Participating Member is no longer participating, please tell Cleveland.

  1. Policy Committee

i.      Policy Committee has been working on revising the governance document.  Markus distributed drafts for review and the next meeting will be in three weeks and edits/comments to Cleveland Dietz for consideration/inclusion.  Items will include revised organizational structure and job descriptions.  Markus is hoping to be able to vote on the changes at the October 27th Board Meeting.  Please have comments submitted by Friday, October, 10th.  They’re also drafting a revised grievance policy.

    1. Board of Directors Operations Manual

i.      No updates yet.

  1. CATS / News Department

i.      MOU:  Cleveland has asked Michael White about the $1200 annual rental fee and whether in-kind donations of underwriting would cover that fee or if it included some other service and has not yet received an answer.  Michael White had indicated that once Sarah retired the nature of the in-kind contributions may revert to only use of space, but Cleveland doubts this would turn out to be true.  Clarifications are forthcoming.  We have discussed the possibility of having a board member sitting in on those discussions.  With the completion of the news room addition we may not be in need of space from the MCPL but it never hurts to explore these options.

  1. Equipment Audit

i.      Cleveland has finished the application and we’re waiting for the IT folks to make a move.

  1. Marketing Committee Proposal

i.      William reports:  He hasn’t been able to give it the time that he would’ve liked.  He would like to reach out to a number of constituents, and focus quite a bit on the youth and impoverished areas, but after his conversation with Dorothy (who indicated incorporating William’s ideas into her gameplan) he thinks these kinds of initiatives should probably live in an already existing committee.  Markus suggest the finance committee could take on some of these priorities as well.

    1. Fund Drive

i.      There are catching shifts available and pitching training is required for on-air personalities.

ii.      Things that are changing:  There are not going to be show goals—every show has a goal in the context of the whole day goal, but not every show has a goal.

  1. Visioning Meeting

i.      Joe Estivill would like to plan a Saturday or Sunday in October or early November so that folks can come together and help envision what WFHB can become in the future.  Distinctions between vision/planning/mission were had.  Dates were discussed and nothing was set in stone—late October through early December were all potential.  William Morris asked about taking out an ad for the NAACP convention program which is taking place in Bloomington this year:  according to William, ad space was $60 for a half-page ad and Cleveland indicated that we could afford this.

  1. Joe Estivill’s administrative note:  If committee meeting dates are going to change, please ensure these changes are reflected in the online meeting calendar.
  2. Activate Personnel Nominating Committee to produce Policy on nominations and hiring  / General Manager Evaluation

i.      Open Session Meeting:

  1. Organizational Chart:  Pamela Davidson asks if the organizational chart is a draft (yes) and she suggests using dotted lines for lines from the directors to the committees over which the directors have no actual authority.  Additionally, Pamela floated the Sophia Travis fund as a potential funder for some of the radio station’s initiatives.  Cleveland is working with Dorothy on these types of things and Pamela reminds us of the importance of, in addition to raising funds for the station, raising funds for particular causes (which benefit the station as well) are also important.

ii.      Cleveland states that the Personnel committee could use another member (and to have potential members for the board ready early for election in June) and also to solicit Rich Reardin’s feedback as his experience as an applicant for the Development Director position would be valuable to this committee.

Finance Committee Minutes – September 17, 2014

Attending: Cleveland Dietz, Jean Hollinger, Joe Estivill, Mark Lowe

Call to order 6:10pm

Old Business

  1. Audit vs transmitter question

    1. Audit is critical now. CPB funding requires Audit, so Audit is required this year

    2. Need to clarify dates for Audit requirement (and length of years)

    3. Need to clarify the re-classification

    4. Station will need to raise $300k per year to get back to full CPB funding. $208k current budget so would need additional ~$98k to reach Level B

    5. Bring to board – What is bare minimum for CPB, and what is required minimum for grants? [Cleveland]

  2. Development director

    1. Joe – does development director need to be on Finance Committee?

    2. Mark – let Dorothy know where numbers are and ask if she wants to be on the Committee

  3. Lotus Fund Drive recap

    1. Received $9k, but up $1k (estimate)

    2. Cleveland to make call to Lotus tomorrow and get with Jim on how we can get rest of tickets off our hands.

  4. Development Director update

    1. Dorothy Granger hired and working. Meeting and greeting everyone.

    2. Lotus CDs at Spring Hill and BCT Box Office ($6/$4 split, $.90 to make)

    3. Weekly 1-1 meetings for a development plan.

    4. Participating in conversation with Youth Services Bureau grant

    5. Raymond Foundation grant too

    6. Honda Foundation grant

  5. Audit vs Translator from board (see #1 previous)

New business / Strategic

  1. Credit card: Mark – look for better CC with better rates and incentives

Review monthly statements

  1. Analyze current finance

    1. Good chance of meeting budget for Membership Inc and Underwriting

    2. Follies brought in $550

    3. More than 55 people so seems the tickets were sold at less value (?)

    4. Development director money has not appeared yet

    5. Expense issues

      1. Advertising = Joe Lamantia work from last year

      2. Internet services = verizon account not yet closed

      3. Dues & Subscriptions = old bill from last year PRX

      4. Accounting = budgeted for audit

      5. Engineering = power supplies

      6. Building = HVAC

      7. Computer supplies = Grant money from BCCF for equipment for BC Hour

      8. Office = Printer expense and toner

  2. Highlights for board

    1. Cleveland – Close to actual budget on a very ambitious budget

    2. Mark – Concerns on angel donors bringing in money

    3. All – Concerns on audit – need details, etc. to make an informed decision

    4. Mark/Joe – Flip Lotus tickets into a positive – give to vols, donors, partners, etc.

Adjourn 7:10pm

Donate to WFHB and Receive Lotus Festival Tickets


Click here. Thank you so much!



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