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Rally to Protest Need for Homeless Shelters

Photo by Drew Daudelin

Last night hundreds of people participated in a rally, march, and candlelight vigil at the Monroe County Courthouse Square in support of Bloomington’s homeless population. of who have no safe, legal place to rest until the Interfaith Winter Shelter opens back up in November. The shelter closed for the season yesterday. Correspondent Casey Kuhn was on site to bring us …

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Daily Local News – April 2, 2014

Nearly seven hundred people have signed a Change DOT org petition against a proposed Bloomington City Council ordinance that would allow professional sharpshooters to cull the deer population at the Griffy Lake Nature Preserve; Voters can use temporary IDs at the polls during the upcoming primary and general elections. Monroe County Clerk Linda Robbins clarified that point during a County …

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Bloomington Beware! – Tax Scams Part 1

Every year, some people try to avoid paying at least some of the taxes they owe. It’s always been stupid, and it’s getting stupider every year. Here’s how NOT to get in trouble with the gummint.

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The Strike Mic: Conference Unites Faculty & Students From Across the Country

Strike Mic for website

This week on The Strike Mic, a conference brings together faculty and students from across the country to talk about common struggles and their plans for the future.

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Ins and Outs of Money – Indiana Legal Services

Jamie Andree, Director of the Low Income Taypayer Clinic, is back to help clear up some confusing tax questions and help make sure your filing is as painless as possible.

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Local Live – Steve Boller


A little Jason Mraz a little James Taylor… Steve Boller has singer-songwriter pop in the bag with his upbeat songs and melodic fingerpicking style.

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Energy Efficiency Program Dissolved

A new law in Indiana will undo a program that sought to save energy across the state. Governor Mike Pence chose not to veto the measure on Friday. Although he didn’t sign the bill either, Pence’s lack of action allowed the bill to pass automatically. Assistant News Director Joe Crawford spoke to Tim Maloney from the Hoosier Environmental Council about …

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Daily Local News – March 31, 2014

The Bloomington Board of Public Works will take a closer look at expenditures in the wake of an embezzlement scandal in the city; The subzero temperatures this winter could take a toll on Bloomington’s park facilities; Monroe County’s trash collectors have no one to pay the bills for the next two months; The Interfaith Winter Shelter will close for the …

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Activate! – Monroe Lake: Kara Hall

Kara Hall, Bloomington-based Indiana Department of Natural Resources volunteer, on her experience’s in the Adopt-a-Shoreline Program and the Eagle Observation Project at Monroe Lake.

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Hola Bloomington – March 28, 2014

Our community’s only Spanish language public affairs show, right here on WFHB.

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