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Standing Room Only – Alternative Voice with David Barsamian Part 2

On April 10th in Bloomington Indiana Alternative Radio’s David Barsamian spoke about his lifetime of work as an independent media producer, and the convergence of media, capitalism, and the environment. The second part of this presentation begins with American foreign policy and the media. Mr. Barsamian and Dr. Martha Crouch were the primary speakers and the event was recorded on …

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Daily Local News – June 11, 2014

A New Report Co-Authored by Indiana University Chancellor’s professor of public and environmental affairs John Mike-sull concludes that government corruption is costing tax payers; Southern Indiana is about to have a new area code; An Indiana resident has tested positive for the chikungunya virus after traveling to the Caribbean; The Ellettsville Planning Commission approved a rezoning petition June 6th for …

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Indiana is Losing Health Funding over Tobacco Use

Indiana will no longer receive a portion of its allotted tobacco settlement funds, beginning this year. WFHB correspondent Susan Northleaf talked to State Senator Mark Stoops to find out why the funds have been withdrawn and what this means for Indiana, for today’s WFHB feature exclusive.

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Bloomington Beware! – Vacation Scams

Going away to have some fun? Don’t let a dream vacation become a nightmare. Here are some tips on the latest ways fraudsters are trying to separate you from your money when you’re traveling.

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Local Live – Thee Tsunamis


Ladies, rock n’ roll, and everything you need in life. Songs: 1. Haunted House 2. Spellcaster Lounge 3. I Know 4. Kill Kill Kill 5. Female Trouble 6. Psycho 7. The Jitters Producer/Host: Nichole O’Neal Engineers: Jim Lang, Dan Withered, Ilsa Executive Producer: Jim Manion

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Governor Pence Visits Bloomington

Indiana Governor Mike Pence was in Bloomington today to speak with the Chamber of Commerce. WFHB Correspondent David Murphy attended the event and asked Pence some questions about the Healthy Indiana Plan two-point-oh proposal, for today’s WFHB feature exclusive.

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Daily Local News – June 10, 2014

Travel time to a verified trauma center from Monroe County is almost double the state average of 36 minutes; The Ellettsville Town Council discussed changes to an ordinance regarding mass gatherings June 10th, altering some language to coincide with the State of Indiana’s mass gathering statute; Next week, bicyclists on a country-spanning race will be trickling through Bloomington. FEATURE Indiana …

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Daily Local News – June 9, 2014

The state wants to shift responsibility for – and associated costs of – maintaining some state roads to county administrations, including Monroe County; Before Interstate Sixty Nine construction ever makes way up State Road Thirty-Seven, the Indiana Department of Transportation will be addressing issues of aging roadways between Bloomington and Martinsville; More than ninety percent of water utility customers use …

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Indiana Legislators to Study Medical Device Industry

This summer a committee at the Statehouse is asking what it can do to help one of Indiana’s largest industries, medical device manufacturing. The move comes at the request of State Representative Terri Austin from Anderson. Assistant News Director Joe Crawford spoke with Austin about what she wants to see from the study committee for today’s WFHB feature exclusive.

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Activate! – Habitat for Humanity: Meagan Niese & Wendy Goodlit

habitat (2)

Meagan Niese and Wendy Goodlit from Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County talk about the Habitat volunteer experience and how you can become a part of the effort. To sign up, go to http://www.monroecountyhabitat.org/involved/volunteer.

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