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The Sounds of “Taste of Bloomington”


The annual Taste of Bloomington brings together scores of Bloomington’s independently-owned restaurants for an afternoon of food, music, and the coveted waiter/waitress race trophy. WFHB News Director Alycin Bektesh spoke with the organizers and volunteers who help run the event, as well as satiated attendees and a three-month old establishment making it’s “taste” debut, for today’s WFHB feature exclusive.

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Activate! – Middle Way House: Meagan Barnhart


Meagan Barnhart, volunteer at Middle Way House, talks about her experiences working with survivors of domestic and sexual violence and the need for more volunteers to make the Middle Way House mission even more successful. Go to http://www.middlewayhouse.org/ to volunteer.

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FLASHBACK: Firehouse Follies – “An Evening With Border Radio”

Originally recorded live at the Buskirk-Chumley Theatre on March 27, 2009.

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Books Unbound – Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Part 4

James Joyce was a pioneering writer of modernist fiction and poetry, known for his innovative prose style and complex wordplay. Born in 1882 in Dublin, Joyce left Ireland at the age of twenty to study in Paris. Within months, he started his first novel, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Published in 1914, A Portrait established Joyce …

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Volunteer Connection – June 20, 2014

A weekly snapshot of how people of all ages can match their time and talents to local needs. Each week Volunteer Connection brings you the “featured five” – five ways to get involved NOW! Volunteer Connection is a co-production of WFHB and the City of Bloomington Volunteer Network, working together to build an empowered, vibrant, and engaged community!

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Indiana’s Recent Job Growth Loaded with Low Wage Jobs

A report from the National Employment Law Project found that the increasing number of jobs in Indiana offer wages under the federal median annual salary line. As poverty-level paying jobs are on the rise in Indiana, state democrats are pushing to increase minimum wage. Correspondent Sierra Gardner spoke with District 60 representative Matt Pierce about minimum wage and the current …

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Daily Local News – June 19, 2014

Bloomington’s annual celebration of local food fare – The Taste of Bloomington – is this Saturday from 3pm to 11pm, in Showers Common; Monroe County is making plans for what to do with debris from tornadoes or other disasters that could affect the area; The Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority has released their plans for this summer’s Crisis Assistance …

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FLASHBACK: Firehouse Follies – Xmas Plot

Originally aired on Dec. 21, 2008 at the John Waldron Arts Center.

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Daily Local News – June 18, 2014

Plans continue to move forward for Bloomington’s first PRIDE Summerfest planned for early September; Bloomington’s co-housing group is working on building an intentional community on the south side of town, and late last month received City Council approval to move ahead with their plans; The Monroe County Community School Corporation expects to receive more than a million dollars to help …

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Local Educators to Travel to Denver for National Summit

Later this month the union that represents public school teachers across the country is holding a major summit in Denver. The National Education Association will make decisions about what goals to pursue in the coming year. Educators from Indiana will be there to share their experiences and opinions on subjects ranging from standardized testing to school safety. This morning Assistant …

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