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Current person in role: Jar Turner (2015-present)

BloomingOUT – August 14, 2014

An oldies but goodies week on the show with replays of some previous segments demonstrating that the more things change the more they sometimes remain the same. Chair/Instructor of Dine’ Studies at Navajo Technical University Wesley Thomas talks about HIV/AIDS among the native population on an edition of “Navajo Rainbow.” Jim Doud relates another personal life story entitled “Follow Your …

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Daily Local News – August 14, 2014

Acclaimed actor and Indiana University Graduate Kevin Kline will be in Bloomington in September to receive an honorary doctoral degree; A group in Bloomington has organized collective Moment of Silence in recognition of the ongoing protests in Ferguson Missouri in downtown Bloomington this evening; The first woman to serve as chief justice of the Indiana supreme court will begin her …

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Bloomington Beware! – Mystery Suckers

“Secret shopper” companies can be legit — but can also be a nasty scam. Here’s the story of one local lady who has seen both kinds

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Daily Local News – August 13, 2014

The IU Media School tweeted a drawing of the plans for Franklin Hall renovation following last week’s Board of Trustees meeting; According to the Indianapolis Business Journal, IU Health has had a 167% profit increase after price increases and laying off 900 employees last fall; Hoosiers Unite for Marriage has announced that at least 19 amicus briefs have been filed …

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Near West Side Trash Station Plans Revived

A controversial proposal for a new trash transfer station in Bloomington is back after a long delay. WFHB Assistant News Director Joe Crawford has more on that story. If the transfer station does require a zoning variance, JB Salvage would have to go before the city Board of Zoning Appeals. That Board considers public comments in its decisions.

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Books Unbound – Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Part 11 / “Araby” by James Joyce

James Joyce was a pioneering writer of modernist fiction and poetry, known for his innovative prose style and complex wordplay. Born in 1882 in Dublin, Joyce left Ireland at the age of twenty to study in Paris. Within months, he started his first novel, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Published in 1914, A Portrait established Joyce …

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Activate! – First Book and Childhood Literacy: Akola Krishnan


Akola Krishnan, volunteer for First Book and founder of the Monroe County chapter, talks about her passion for promoting children’s literacy and how rewarding the work of First Book is to both her personally and the community at large. Also, literacy volunteer opportunities from the Volunteer Network. Links: First Book First Book Advisory Board Banneker at the View After School …

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Almost 700,000 marked inactive on voter registry

Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson announced an update today regarding the election division’s Voter List Refresh project. WFHB News Director Alycin Bektesh has the report.

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Daily Local News – August 11, 2014

Indiana University Police are currently working on the Emergency Alert System and accidentally set off the warning sirens just before 3pm today; The Indiana State Department of Health confirmed the first human case of west nile virus this season; Riley Children’s Foundation has announced it will give eight thousand dollars to family-focused groups in Bloomington; Registration opened today for this …

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BloomingOUT – August 8, 2014

President of Indy Rainbow Chamber of Commerce, authoress and entertainer JJ Gufreda returns with updates about her performances in Canada and specifically during the Toronto World Pride Festivities.  Helen and Michael discuss the Ebola crisis in Africa.  MSN, RN, CNS, Clinical Assistant Professor at IU School of Nursing Greg Carter discusses caring for LGBT patients and his qualitative interviews with …

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