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Current person in role: Jar Turner (2015-present)

Books Unbound – Frankenstein, Part 8

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley was 18 when she and her husband, Percy Bysshe Shelley, visited some literary friends and got involved in a challenge, to see who could write the most frightening story. Out of a group that included the poet Lord Byron, only Mary’s story of a scientist who goes too far has lasted as a landmark of fantastic literature. …

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Local Live – Nice Try

Local punk/pop trio Nice Try bring us a series of quick, hard-rockin’ melodies and express their love for canned potato chips. Songs: 1. No Good 2. Say Anything 3. Angry 4. Your Hair 5. Feels Right 6. The Worst 7. I Don’t Care 8. Micah CREDITS Jar – Host Jim Lang, Dan Withered, Adam Reichle, Ilsa – Engineers Erin Tobey …

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Firehouse Sessions – Two Man Gentleman Band

Two Man Gentleman Band joins us for our Firehouse Session series for a performance and chat with WFHB’s Jim Manion. Hosted by Jim Manion Engineered by Jim Lang & Dan Withered Produced by Katie Moulton Executive Producer is Jim Manion Originally aired on September 18, 2014.

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Voices in the Street – Philanthropy in action: Supporting Non-profits and charities

WFHB begins its Fall Fund Drive tomorrow—big thanks to everyone who supports community radio! We’re lucky to live in an area where so many people work so hard to establish and support local services that enrich our lives and give a real sense of responsibility to the community. With time and monetary budgets tight for most, we hit the streets …

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EcoReport – Anne Sterling: Society of the United States

In today’s EcoReport feature, Anne Sterling from the Humane Society of the United States talks about the upcoming ballot referendum on wolf hunting in the state of Michigan.

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Bloomington Beware! – Data Breaches

Target, Michael’s, AOL, EBay, Jimmy John’s — there’s been a massive data breach discovered every month this year. Here’s some perspective on the situation and some things we can all do about it.

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Standing Room Only – Get to know your local candidates, Part 1 of 6

candidate forum one

On Tuesday, September 16, in the Bloomington City Council Chambers five candidates discussed their qualifications for public office in Monroe County. The session consisted of expert commentary and Audience Q&A. Candidates for Assessor include Judy Sharp and William Ellis. Candidates for commissioner include Patrick Stoffers Robert LaGarde and David Nakarado. This event was recorded by Community Access Television Services and …

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Daily Local News – September 29, 2014

Jimmy John’s recently announced a data breach that could have compromised debit and credit cards users at over 216 locations nationwide; Indiana is to receive $647,072 in grants from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to prevent chronic diseases; The Indiana Department of Workforce Development recently announced that it will be receiving a one point five million …

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Election Board Prepares for Upcoming Elections

The election board did not receive any reassuring updates regarding poll workers in their meeting last week. WFHB News director Alycin Bektesh has the report.

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Activate! – Middle Way Rooftop Garden: Andrea Jobe


Andrea Jobe, an original member of the volunteer team behind the Middle Way House Rooftop Garden and the Volunteer Coordinator for the project, talks about the importance of the project to shelter residents, their children and those who volunteer – what they learn, how their lives are made better and how gardening is bringing them to a brighter future. Also, …

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