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Firehouse Sessions – Ed Kabotie


Ed Kabotie joins us for an exclusive Firehouse Session! Ed Kabotie traveled to Bloomington, Indiana in honor of Native American Heritage Month this past November. He is from the Hopi village of Shungopavi in northern Arizona, and the Tewa village of Khap’o Owinge – Santa Clara Pueblo, New Mexico. Kabotie’s music incorporates important messages including the protection of the environment …

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Activate! – Tom Rea: Bloomington Animal Shelter

Tom Rea, a volunteer Adoption Counselor and Animal Handler for the Bloomington Animal Shelter, on how he came to work with the shelter and the fulfillment he gets from his time there. Also, Volunteer Connection offers ways for you to volunteer to help animals in our community. LINKS Bloomington Animal Shelter Help Local Wildlife Pets Alive Kennel Support Uplands PEAK …

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New initiative vows to end homelessness in Bloomington by 2020

Last week the Shalom Community center hosted an event titled “off the streets by 2020″ – a plan to end homelessness in Bloomington. WFHB Correspondent William Morris was on hand, and brings us the long-term strategy to address a long term Bloomington issue, for today’s community report.

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Daily Local News – November 10, 2014

Three teenagers were arrested yesterday in Bloomington for charges of attempted murder , rape with an armed weapon, burglary, confinement, intimidation and resisting law enforcement; Bloomingfoods workers will be voting today and tomorrow on unionizing, according to Scott Barnett, organizing director for Local 700 of the United Food and Commercial Workers, which is the union seeking certification and representation rights; …

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Voices in the Street – Joining the Choir Invisible: What Happens When You Die?

Our ability to ponder our own mortality is one of the things that makes us human.  Even if you’re not particularly religious, you’ve likely wondered about the end of your life and what’s in store beyond.  We wanted to know how our listeners view death and the afterlife. So let’s get heavy Bloomington:  what do YOU think happens when you …

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EcoReport – Jonathan Raff: Hazards of Ozone Pollution

In today’s EcoReport feature, IU Professor Jonathan Raff discusses the health hazards of ozone pollution caused by cars, coal power plants, and nitrogen fertilizers.

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Monroe County Election Results 2014


For live, updated election results, click here!    

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Activate! – Amethyst House: Mike Gavin

Mike Gavin, a long-time member of the Amethyst House Volunteer Board, talks about his recovery and the great work he supports in the Amethyst House. LINKS: Amethyst House Volunteer with Amethyst House Join the Team Advocating for Domestic Violence Survivors – OSA & Crisis Line Shalom Hospitality Volunteers  

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Local opposing chairs address press concerning media and election coverage

Monroe County Republican chair Steve Hogan and democrat chair Trent Deckard spoke together for the first time last week as they addressed the Bloomington press Club regarding local media coverage of the upcoming election. Political reporter Steve Hennifield moderated the talk, here for today’s community report.

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Daily Local News – November 3, 2014

In a recent joint press release, Bloomingfoods and United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 700 announce that through a process of mutual cooperation, there will be an election for workers to determine whether Bloomingfood’s employees wish to be represented by Local 700; The deer debate continues at the Bloomington City Council; The Indiana University Maurer School of Law will …

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