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Firehouse Sessions – Lyal Strickland

Lyal Strickland JM shot_crop

In the studio today for a new Firehouse Session is Lyal Strickland. Lyal Strickland is here from Buffalo, MO whilst touring his new album “Balanced on Barb Wire”. Besides making music as a solo artist, Strickland is juggling the pursuits of farmer and touring songwriter. Lyal Strickland unexpectedly (and single-handedly) has taken over his family’s struggling cattle farm. He also discovered that there is no shortage of inspiration in …

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Ins and Outs of Money – Monroe County Energy Challenge

What would it take for Monroe County residents and businesses to cut energy use by 10 percent? Molly O’Donnell of Monroe County Energy Challenge thinks she knows the answer: 5 million dollars. Find out who’s putting up the money, what has to be done to meet the challenge, and how trying our best will benefit us all.

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Firehouse Sessions – Shannon Hayden

Shannon Hayden JM shot_crop

Shannon Hayden is a 23-year-old cellist and composer doing creative and experimental solo performances augmented by sampling and looping technology and digital audio processing. Shannon has also recently been featured on albums and tours with Lily & Madeleine and Carrie Newcomer. Her latest album is Solid State Cello. She performed live on WFHB before her show at The Bishop. Hosted …

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EcoReport – Will Potter: The U.S. Government’s “Green Scare”

This week on Ecoreport, we hear an interview from 2012 with journalist Will Potter, which took place prior to Potter speaking at the I-U campus. Potter has written extensively on the “Green Scare” and the U.S. government’s efforts to criminalize environmental and animal rights activists — and even label them as terrorists.

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Sunday Liquor Sales Still Up for Debate

Indiana has among the most restrictive regulations on the sale of alcohol in the country. Recently, there has been an effort to legalize the purchase of alcohol on Sundays, and a state representative has introduced legislation on the matter. WFHB Correspondent David Murphy speaks with Grant Monahan, President of the Retail Council, a spokesperson for Hoosiers for Sunday Sales, and …

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Daily Local News – January 13, 2015

Indiana Governor Mike Pence will give his state of the state speech tonight; Today was the deadline for lawmakers to file bills in the state legislature; A new Business Directory is now available to highlight minority and women-owned businesses serving Bloomington and Monroe County; Monroe County has hired a part-time employee to help residents buy health insurance. FEATURE Indiana has …

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Local Live – Rusted String Swindlers


Rusted String Swindlers bring us “that high lonesome sound” for another unforgetable Local Live experience! SONGS 1. Winding River 2. John Hardy 3. Your Hand in Mine 4. Rabbit in a Log 5. White House Blues 6. Stockade Blues Originally aired on 12/17/2014.

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Activate! – Shalom Center’s Job Links Program: Victor Harnack

Victor Harnack, founder of the Job Links program at Shalom Center, talks about the rewards of helping people redefine themselves through employment and readjust their perceptions about what work should be. Also, more volunteer opportunities in our community from the City of Bloomington Volunteer Network.

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Research: Black Students Punished More Harshly

There is increasing pressure on K-12 schools to examine their policies for punishing students, particularly because research now shows black students are punished more severely than white students. Correspondent Joe Crawford brings us this story about how local schools are dealing with the issue for today’s WFHB community report.

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Daily Local News – January 12, 2015

Bloomington has its first official candidate for mayor; John Hamilton filed paperwork this morning with the Monroe County Clerk’s office declaring his intention to run as a Democrat in this year’s municipal election; Democracy for Monroe County, has decided to review its mission statement and potentially broaden its support beyond its partisan origins; The hierarchy of the Monroe County Community …

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