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Current person in role: Jar Turner (2015-present)

EcoReport – Amphibian and Reptile Species in Indiana

This week on Ecoreport, Mike Luurtsema from Hoosier Forest Watch and Sarabeth Clue-Mundy from Indiana DNR discuss the status of different amphibian and reptile species in Indiana.

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Bloomington Beware – Scams On Us 1

A highly suspicious phone call offering “business owners” a highly questionable benefit came in just as this week’s script was being written — what timing!

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Interchange – Beyond Description: Witnessing Historical Trauma


Tonight’s program is one half of a collaboration with WFHB’s Books Unbound centered around a memoir of a first-person eyewitness account written by Wang Xiuchu of the 1645 Massacre in Yangzhou, China, called, in English, An Account of Ten days at Yangzhou. This memoir will be featured this Saturday at 5 pm on Books Unbound. The Massacre at Yangzhou was …

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Local Live – Blind Uncle Harry


Blind Uncle Harry joins WFHB’s Local Live, bringing in a small army of musicians to delight us with their own special blend of hillbilly hippy haiku folk rock action! Originally broadcast on November 12, 2014.

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Brown County Hour – Episode #34 – January 4, 2015

BCH banner

Hosted by Dave Seastrom, Pam Raider, Vera Grubbs, Rick Fettig & Jeff Foster. First aired Sunday, January 4, 2015 at 9 AM on WFHB ☆ In this episode of the Brown County Hour: Musical guest David Bartlett talks about his recent CD, Lead Your Life By A Song, produced by Jeff Foster, and we hear several tunes from the project Cari Ray returns with the second …

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Bloomington Beware! – Bad News & Good News

The internet is coming to resemble something that happened 100 years ago – World War I. But the good guys are fighting back!

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The Top Stories of 2014: Politics and Development in Downtown Bloomington

Our coverage this evening focuses on the rapid growth of apartments, hotels and other businesses in the heart of Bloomington. We looked back at Mayor Mark Kruzan’s attempts to restrict chain restaurants downtown, Habitat for Humanity’s new subdivision in the B-Line woods, Old National Bank’s plans for Kirkwood Avenue and controversy over giving a tax break to million-dollar penthouses. The …

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Local Live – Craig Thurston


Singer-songwriter Craig Thurston revists WFHB’s Local Live to perform and share his love for the iconic folk singers of the past. SONGS 1. Back in the Crazy Days 2. Shine 3. The Fire is Burning 4. Burning Bridges 5. Mad All the Time Recorded live on December 10, 2015.

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Bloomington Beware! – Year End Review

Well, the old year is fast running out. It’s Christmas Eve already, WFHB News is on hiatus this week, and that means Bloomington Beware won’t be repeated in the evening as usual. So listen up and make a special effort to clue your friends and family in on any of this news they might be able to use. We’ve reported …

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The Top Stories of 2014: Follow the Money

Our coverage this evening focuses on major changes to Bloomington’s city government following the discovery of an embezzlement scheme within the Public Works Department. Herald Times editor Bob Zaltsberg joins Joe and Alycin for a look back beginning in March when federal authorities charged former city engineer Justin Wykoff with 24 counts of embezzlement. Wykoff was accused of collaborating with …

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