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EcoReport IN Nature – Night Heron

Today’s EcoReport IN Nature features the Night Heron.

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EcoReport – Will Potter: “The Green Scare”

In today’s EcoReport feature: On July 24th, the U.S. government charged two California activists with terrorism because of their involvement in releasing minks from fur farms. But private industries and the U.S. government have been active for decades trying to brand actions taken in defense of animals and the environment as criminal or terrorist acts. In September of 2012, EcoReport …

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Voices in the Street – Celestial Discoveries, New Horizons: What the first images of Pluto mean for planet Earth

The New Horizons Satellite recently transmitted the first clear images of Pluto (a celestial body recently demoted to plantessimal-status due to its size and irregular orbit) back to earth. Pluto resides in the Kuiper belt and we are the first peoples ever to see high resolution images of its topography. In the wake of this mission, costing upwards of $700 …

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State Board of Education to Vote on Reducing Requirements for Teacher’s Licenses

Next Wednesday the Indiana Board of Education is scheduled to vote on new standards for how some teachers get licenses. The Department of Education has recommended lowering the testing requirements for early childhood educators. The mandatory test scores would be reduced in mathematics, science, social studies and English Language Arts. The vote comes amid a teacher shortage in Indiana. The …

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Daily Local News – July 30, 2015

The Indiana Health Department has wrapped up its investigation into Planned Parenthood facilities across the state; U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly of Indiana voted against the Senate’s six-year Surface Transportation Reauthorization bill today after an amendment he and Jeff Flake of Arizona introduced was not picked up as part of the bill; The Monroe County Council debated Tuesday where to find …

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Better Beware – Travel Scams

The Federal Trade Commission is warning about online hotel-booking scams. There are various ways fraudsters prey on travelers; here’s a roadmap to the swindles and directions on how to avoid the potholes.

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Local Live – Slip Me 5

New Board

Lulu, Lucky, Lunchmeat and Ron of Slip Me 5 stop by the WFHB studios to perform some jazz standards. They’re a newly formed band who play swing tunes that will get you out of your seat and moving to the rhythm. 1.) Blue Skies – Irving Berlin 2.) Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby – Louis Jordan …

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Progress Slows for MRF

Progress on Monroe County’s new recycling facility has been slowed down over the last couple of months. Last summer, the Monroe County Solid Waste Management District Board of Directors and the County Council approved the establishment of a Materials Recycling Facility, or MRF (“murf”). That facility is intended to process and sell the County’s recyclables. A budget of a little …

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Daily Local News – July 23, 2015

Yesterday an activist group released a second video depicting a senior Planned Parenthood official discussing tissue donations, furthering claims from some that the organization is illegally profiting from the sale of fetal tissue; The Indiana State Department of Agriculture has launched a new state-wide program to promote farming and consumption of locally grown foods; A Florida-based company continued its campaign …

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Standing Room Only – Citizen Science and Astronomy

Science Café Bloomington recently hosted a discussion with Daniel Cervantes, the director of Bloomington’s Feynman Observatory, about citizen science and the field of Astronomy. Marta Shockett, Science Café organizer, provided an overview of contributions made by citizen scientists through history. Daniel, who is also a Solar System Ambassador for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory at Caltech, gives the audience insights on …

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